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Stabbed In The Back [RC]
Tana never stood a chance. The warlocks made up their mind, they were going to use her as part of the summoning to bring a Doomguard into the Realm of Shadows. She had already fought them off once, but now suffering from hunger and thirst, she couldn't put up enough resistance to escape a second time. Their Fel-Fire and other arcane powers was enough to bring her down. Physical beating occurred to make sure that she was knocked out. Her soul was used, along with three others, to summon the Doomguard. However, the said demon was killed by the great amount of wraiths that were drawn to the summoning.

Tana spent the remainder of her time in the Realm of Shadows as a shade. She assisted in the killing of Adel, one of the warlocks that ended her life, and generally attempted to hinder the fel-users when she could. However, the survivors found a way out of the hellish realm, and Tana had her body carried by Karin so that there could be a chance Tana could live once more. When they entered the Realm of Existence, Tana's body was dropped off into one of the many rooms of Booty Bay, the shade of Tana disappearing, awaiting resurrection.


Short Term
- Her entire gear and items have taken by goblins.
- Headaches.
- Memory lost.
1. Doesn't remember the names of the people in the Shadow Realm.
2. Newer faces/names/places.
- Physically weak.
- Immune system is very weak.

Long Term
- Body is slightly weaker.
- Immune system is weak.

- Immune system will remain below average.

Resurrecter: Luelin
Killer: Tavren and co.
...Hiccups. Those were the first things that echoed through the dimly lit room. It was a simple one - after all, it belonged to a dead body, which now lay sprawled on the only table in the middle of it - and barren of decor.

The second things that broke the silence were the pitter-patter of soft shoes and clinking of armored robes, whilst the third was a voice. "...You're lucky I remembered your name and looks..." Luelin said to the corpse. She shrugged.

"That's life for you, I suppose." she sighed. "You know, I always get... giddy?- Is that a good word for it?- before resurrections." the Priestess shook her head. "Ah, well. I suppose I'll cut the monologue short, this time."

Luelin eyed Tana over. "Mmh. No major visible injuries. I suppose this'll be easy, then." she smirked. "And not just that, little cupcake, it'll be quite satisfying." she chuckled.

A more solemn look took over her face, though a smile - endlessly serene - continued to grace her angled features. "It is fitting..." she began, and raised her hands to her sides. "That we give life to one, in a dark room, in a dark place, wherein there is little light."

The priestess' hands were set ablaze with a searing white light. The walls themselves seemed carved in ash-white etchings of eldritch symbols. "For here..." Luelin moved her hands over the corpse. Lines of the holy energy trailled from her fingertips, injecting themseves into the body of the dead girl. The carvings on the walls slowly started to crack open, revealing something... beyond them. Something too bright for eyes to perceive.

"...The Light burns brightest. At the heart of darkness. In the very soul of evil..." the Priestess raised her hands towards the heavens, smiling brightly. Her very being seemed diffuse in form, her contours blurred. The ceiling seemed to be pale with the same energies as the rest of the small room. "We will light a torch... To guide the spirits of the faithful..."

Luelin yanked her hands down, pressing them to the corpse. She exhaled and from the whiteness, a blurred, bright something became one with the body once more. The walls' own cracks bathed the resurrection in their glow. "Back to the living." the girl said and smiled.

Pulse. The first sensation of reawakening.

The Light dimmed down, though did not fade. Luelin set a foot on the table and propped the newly-resurrected rogue up to a sitting position. She smirked at the girl. "...I don't want to say I told you so, but... I told you so. That's twice now..."

(( So, Luel' did the rezz ))
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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Finished! Thanks to flammos200 for the rez. :3

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