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Storm Peaks Combat Lesson One: Don't mess with the Coldwinds
In some far away place in the Storm Peaks, there was a camp full of Dwarves and their guns. They were known as the Coldwind Expeditions, led by an old, and known dwarf named Grenalin Coldwind.

This old dwarf and his dwarven crew had been pinned down for several months by Ironrune Dwarves, only able to secure periodic supply drops as a means of surviving, and reinforcements whenever the lines fell to low numbers. Their objective was the nearby Titanic complexes, and that objective was thwarted until the eternal firefight could be stopped.

That's where the adventurers came in. A distress call was sent, and posters were put up.

Coldwind Expeditions in Storm Peaks: Opportunities for Employment

The Coldwind Expeditions, stationed in the Storm Peaks, is looking for able-bodied mercenaries and willing people of all races to join its cause for the exploration and discovery of many artifacts and ruins of the long-gone Titans. Adequate payment will be provided to all those that help in either short-term or long-term agreements. For more information, contact your local Expeditions representative (In neutral towns, and major Alliance cities).

OOC Stuffs:

I'm hoping to begin the event chains for the Coldwind Expeditions: Some random player-made faction in the Northeastern parts of Northrend. We'll begin when I feel necessary, but the events will be kept to the close embrace of the weekends.

Obviously, I won't always need the help of our glorious GMs, and I hope to introduce for Dwarves and all races an epic struggle for the good of Azeroth.

Until I get this started, good day.

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