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Stupid Children
Quote:While kids in Europe and Asia are working hard, studying and maturing into well-rounded young adults, our kids will grab the nearest six-pack and get drunk, high, and have children before they're even eligible for college.

It's interesting, because in Sweden we have the same complaints, saying that kids should be more like the asians who all work hard. . . Though they do have some proof, since the nineties math proficiency has decreased a lot among Sweden youths, many blame that the state gave the responsibility of education to the communes (like American states, but smaller and with less power). Every commune decides how much money they will put into the schools from their budget, which obviously will give us drastically different quality in different schools.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Mmmm...the way I rationalize the declining state of the young population is that it is the inevitable result of a completely stratified post-capitalist society. By post-capitalist society I mean that America (I don't know how to classify the other countries) has moved beyond it's traditional Capitalist state (Which stressed the ideals of the Free Market and lassieze-faire) and now has evolved into a globalized model in which both public and private spheres work in unison for the continual advancement of the bourgeois. What I mean by this is that both the Government and Business are no longer working in the interests of the general population, but are solely working for the elite.

Critical thinking, individuality, and rationalization are destroyed to make the population more stratified and divided for the interests of labor exploitation. Capitalism has encroached onto so many aspects of life that we are no longer allowed to formulate our own identities. Every single medium of the market is working to make us all more dependent on something, whether it be on the teets of the public sector (Government) or the private (Business).

Think about it this way. Look at the average high school. How many children are individuals? Were you one? I'm sure many would say "Yeah, I was a total individual in high school! A beautiful unique snowflake not bounded to any clique!". But that's completely bullshit. Your hair style, your clothing, your personality, your mentality, your physical build.....there were forces at work to shape nearly every aspect on these. Sometimes without you even being aware of it. I guarantee you that regardless of what you were as a High Schooler, someone was working damn hard to sell that generalized image to you and made a profit off of it.

Now then, why do we do this? Because so long as you keep a population stratified, ignorant, uneducated, and generally helpless, you can effectively manage the labor to achieve whatever specialized goals you can. We don't want smart children. We don't want critical thought. We simply want individuals who see things as a "There is no viable alternative to the way things are now", and will be content on working in a cubicle for $40,000 a year while the CEO of their company reaps in hundreds of millions. Ignoring the ever growing disparities and flaws within the socio-economic hierarchy.

As for why children are being molded into little sluts and pimps? That's simple. The entertainment media's sole existence is to continually reap in profits and expand onto new markets. America as a whole has had centuries worth of sexual stigma, with a rocky sociological history ranging from the sexual revolution of the 60's to the counter-sexual revolution of the 80's. This continued stigma we associate with sexuality makes it a taboo, sensationalist subject that very few are comfortable with. The culture screams "Sex is evil, wrong, and naughty! ABSTINENCE ONLY SEX ED IS THE ONLY SEX ED WE NEED!" while nature tells us otherwise.

Thus....the entertainment media sees this dilemma and uses it to its full advantages. Reducing the natural course of human reproduction into another commodity. If we were more comfortable with the idea of sex and open about it, I guarantee you we wouldn't be so bombarded with it in advertisement.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
Maulbane Wrote:It's ridiculous how the treatment and bringing up of children is so contradictory these days. Everything in schools (At least in ones I know, 'eh) is so sterile a surgeon would blush deep crimson, but when kids get home they're bombarded with all this Twilight, iCarly and new cartoon rubbish. It's surprising these days that seven year olds don't already know about the berds and the beese yet. Or do they?

Anyway, I'm grateful I grew up just as actually decent TV was only starting to be phased out, I remember shows like Cat and dog, as well as Rocko's facts of life (?). Oh, and there was tiny toons, the show with that one episode that almost made me have a heart attack.

I mean, even spongebob is decent, if only for the style that manages to engage me even as I hit 15 years old. Creeeepay.

[Image: StupidKids.gif]

Oh, and for those wondering, yeah this was a pointless post. I needed to write pointlessly though, so I feel good at least.
Me and my sister grew up on Cat and Dog! Well, since I Nostalgia'd my brains out, time for some Youtube! And yes, even Spongebob gets to me at times, and I'm 15 also! Although, at least it teaches kids something about being nice, and respectful.

Also, Hannah Montana, I've heard her mentioned a few times. My sister now watches, and listens to her religiously. Countless times I've tried to tell her that she's a horrible role-model. I mean, have you SEEN the shower picture she took for one of them Jonas Brothers? I think that the show is actually incorporating some kind of brain-washing technique other than "HURR DURR SONGS ABOUT GIRLS WITH WILLPOWER DURR". I guess her songs COULD be seen as inspirational, but the actual person is just a disgrace. And now I've lost complete respect for anyone who buys her paraphernalia, or promotional garbage, since they're obviously too stupid to realise that they're giving the spoilt b***h more money.
Jeneal jumps into the water. "HAHAHAHAHA!" She turns into a seal.
Jeez >.>

I just wanted to rant about bulls with udders.

Look what you guys have mutated my rant into. :P
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Don't ever entrust CotH with your bulls and their udders.
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Hehe, where there's a genetic mutation, there's tons of reasons in today's politics and culture, it seems.
Just for that, I blame you Kiffles.

It's your fault the bulls have udders. Why would you do such a thing? Why?

Por quÃÂeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
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[Image: I_like_where_this_thread_is_going.jpg]
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Come to think of it, my generation had Biker Mice from Mars, and Street Sharks.

But noone can take away Bucky O'Hare or The Toxic Crusaders from me. NOONE.
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△Move along.△


Give me the good old days.

I grew up with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and the rest of the Warner Bros. crowd, as well as Mickey Mouse and the Disney crowd.

Those are cartoons as they are meant to be.
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Rensin Wrote:Come to think of it, my generation had Biker Mice from Mars, and Street Sharks.

But noone can take away Bucky O'Hare or The Toxic Crusaders from me. NOONE.

I have bad news Rensin. A while ago I saw a "new" version of the good old Biker Mice from Mars. Yes it's still the old fashioned biker violence of old, but their new mechanic looks more like a hooker then someone that you'd want to touch your bike.
I remember I liked Biker Mice from Mars a lot.

Today when I was making breakfast I turned on the TV just to see what's going on on the only channels I still watch despite being by law, an adult. Cartoon Network, Jetix, Disney Channel. Usually I turn them back off or switch to Discovery Science ( <3 ) but there are some cartoons I do like, and some that bring back memories.

But anyway, to the point. Today I saw a new remake of Ironman that made me so sad. From what I understood, Ironman is now a teenage boy in high school who looks like a "cool". In some moment one of Ironman crew said "dude, today my mom was suspecting something" or so. So... yeah.

It looks like so many television shows are changing to what's popular as well. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I am just speculating here. From middle-aged men, batman, ironman, spider-man (if not yet, they will do that soon), and even x-men, the television shows change them to students attending high-school. Bring all the heroes to the age that most watchers can see as closer to their. (What I don't like as well is that many heroes brought down like that are teased by school cheerleaders and all that.)

For once, I think that makes the stories less realistic. Why? Because how could a teenager construct a damn ironman suit!? I understand a 30/40 year old guy, after university education and with building experience, but a teenager? Meeeeeeh!
Here I found the link to wikipedia article about that show -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Man:_A...Adventures

Stupid television >_>.

And yes, I so agree with Werewolf. If parents spent more time with their children instead of sending them to kindergartens when they're small and leaving them to watch television when they're older, they probably wouldn't grow up into morons who make the world a worse place. Starting from some politicians.

EDIT: Now I went to read the article myself. "When his industrialist father Howard Stark dies in a plane crash after refusing to weaponize the Earth Mover at Obadiah Stane's behest, 16 year old genius Tony uses a high-tech suit of armor he has constructed and investigates a charge that Stane may have been involved in his father's death." I'm too tired from reading this stuff. It's too much =/.
[Image: dE74.gif]
I can't help but laugh at the fact that this cartoon has a villain known as A.I.M

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angorianka Wrote:What I don't like as well is that many heroes brought down like that are teased by school cheerleaders and all that.

Tony being teased by cheerleaders? how wrong can that be? the Tony stark I know would sleep with them instead! oh yeah... not helping the children really...

All right so Iron is being redone into some teenage nerd and Biker mice from mars have a showgirl for a mechanic. Any other childhood memories they are corrupting I should know of?
First I'd just like to say that this in no way is meant to be taken offensively.

I find not enough blame is placed on the individual. Everything begins with choice.

Let me explain:

I was born, raised, and still live in an area that is far from being the number one choice for raising children. We have gang bangers, sex offenders, wife beaters, junkies, drunks, prostitutes, you name it, and despite this fact there are still a handful of children who have been raised in this environment and went off ( or will go off ) to create a better future for themselves through hard work and willpower. True, parents should be the primary source of this strength, but where I live that's quite rare. In fact, the overwhelming majority of at least one of these children's parents belong in one or more of the categories mentioned above. Most kids here show signs of following their parent's footsteps and as horrifying as it sounds, a few of them appear to have accepted this as their only option. But if all these kids are being raised here under the same or so similar of circumstances that the difference is negligible, why is it that a good portion of them have the strength to break the cycle while others do not? I refuse to believe that a person's circumstances at birth or their life experiences determine who they will become. It's themselves.

The same idea can be applied to the media's influence on young minds.

I've been enjoying some pretty violent/morbid/illiterate music, movies, and video games since my youth and still do, but I'm not or ever was a violent/morbid/illiterate person. Even at that age I knew that it was just something to be enjoyed, not a model to build your life around. I could see what kind of lives those who -did- model their lives around it led and I knew that wasn't where I wanted to go. I know I'm not alone in this. The opposite holds true as well. Being sheltered and exposed to purely wholesome and intelligent entertainment doesn't guarantee the child will grow up to be wholesome and intelligent.

My point is that parents and the media have no influence over what a child thinks or how he acts. In the end, it's their choice. We decide who we are, not our parents, not the media, not our environments. Us.

TL;DR: Why are some kids ( and adults ) stupid? They choose to be. *shrug*

Edit: Just like to make clear that I'm not saying I live in this OMG wicked bad place, but restricting it to my general area and talking about those people specifically, not everyone in the city.

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