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Support for Profile Creation?
Hello there!

I joined the community a while ago, but it is only now that I want to really get stuck in. The problem is that I am working full time as a nursery teacher 5 days a week and modeling at the weekends, so my allotted time for reading the novels and catching up on lore is quite minimal. I love to role-play, and I just want to log on now and again and engage a few folks in some random scenarios.

So, my question: is there anyone out there would like to help me write my profile/character biography. I can write, but I don't have a lot of time to acquaint myself with the lore to a standard that would see my profile accepted.


He pointed then, the path to take,
To leave this forest dell.
I promised him a vow I'd make,
About this place I'd never tell.
Well, I guess most would help you out. However, in the end, you'll have to write the thing by yourself. We can provide you with constructive criticism, but not much more.

I'd be happy to help, though. Drop me a line with what you've got in mind.
The best way to do this is check out the workshop thread for profiles. In there you can post your incomplete profile and get help from the player base to make it fit and when you're done you can post it like normal. Good luck!
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There is no board-of-peeps to help out, but I've helped a few others from the past with characters and I'd help you with yours. Vrahn mentioned the Workshop, and that's a good idea, assuming people will reply to it with some criticisms/tips/etc.
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