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[TLE] Love Has Sunken
[Image: Janeiro%27s_Point_Cataclsym_Trailer.jpg]

Announcements were posted in whatever bulletin boards in inns across Azeroth survived the Shattering...

Kapre Wrote:

              I am afraid to inform you that our clientele has suffered not only a third wipe, but the complete obliteration of the business itself. I do not have your profiles, announced matches, or counsellation notes, nor do I have the funds, supplies, and means to fulfill your romantic and familial needs. The reason for this is because The Love Boat, and everything inside, has sunken in the sea in the wake of the great Shattering of Azeroth. In addition, I have lost my wife, and thus, cannot put into mind to recover what is lost of the business at the moment. I will step step down as Administrator permanently and not return.

              I still have contractual ownership rights to the business itself. If you are interested in buying the business, please mail us in the company mailbox.

              Please forgive us all for not being able to assist you in your times of need. May the Light, Spirits, Ancestors, Loa, Elune, Earthmother, and Shadow watch over you all.

              --Kapre, Former Administrator and Head Matchmaker of the Love Exchange

Kapre Wrote:

              Forgive me for being a bad boss. I have mailed to each of you the payment I have owed you all these months with you as my associates. I'm afraid, however, that we cannot keep up with the business itself. The Love Boat has sunken, and with it is not only our office, supplies, and business materials, but especially our home. In addition, Xanthe has gone missing. I will not be able to be your Boss anymore.

              I have stepped down permanently and set up the ownership rights for sale. If you wish to keep working for The Love Exchange, please note that you will have a new boss probably very soon. If you wish for me to stay around to help you recover from the crises that has afflicted us, then I will provide you aid. Just please understand that I may have lost my love and wife a fourth time, this time to something greater. I will not accomodate all your needs on a timely manner.

              It's been an honor, a privelege, and a joy to have been your boss. I do genuinely care and love you all, and I am sorry I did not help you in everything I could. Please watch out for the new Boss if you can. You can mail me at anytime to keep in touch.

              May many blessings and happier times befall upon you all,

              Your friend and former boss,



Oh, my god, Immy!! What has happened to TLE?!

Don't panic, guys, I'm not abandoning TLE nor actually "selling it" OOC. I am, rather, providing changes to better fit the tone of RP for Cataclysm as well as seeking for some more help in running the guild.

TLE is still a social/family/romance-centered guild focused on fostering social roleplay. However, up at front, it will seemingly stop true neutral RP. Why is that? Here are the reasons listed below, which are the main changes to the guild and future server events:

  •               1.) The Administrator will change completely from that of a completely faction-independent and neutral hippy to a racial/faction purist. That's right, TLE's new boss doesn't care for interracial or even interfactional matches--he'll even discourage it, in fact. He is still relatively faction neutral (specifically, Alliance-friendly/Horde-neutral), however, and he is willing to partner with Horde for the sake of business. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to be branded a traitor, so divisions will not be publically acknowledged.

                  2.) Courtship, dates, and matches will be done differently. Previously, matchmaking was slow and a challenege to do due to low server population; often times, clients would find love on their own and withdraw their profiles anyway. We can safely say that the profiling system is a failure. Thus, in order to keep up with the business in love for players still seeking love interests (and disaster dates), we will employ an Adopt-an-NPC system. Details will on this will be provided later as the system is fine-tuned.

                  3.) With the Love Boat sunken, TLE will have no HQ at the moment--and thus, no company-sponsored housing. Members of the guild (the workers) who lived in the Boat as their home will have to find a new one. If you all wish to remain a community in which TLE will provide for your housing needs, you can all gather to search for a new home as a new storyline until the New Boss comes in.

                  4.) Due to the server switch, inactive former members of the guild (Bezington, Ishani, etc) will be removed from Kapre's employee listing (absent from the guild list OOC). In addition, you will notice that Kapre's assistants, Kantado and Tibalan, are also gone. Kantado has left TLE permanently to focus on druidism and recover from the death of Isolia, who was also a worker. Tibalan has left to help his family in Mulgore from the sieging Alliance. In addition to Kapre stepping down, I will only help TLE run OOC until I get the new Boss approved. Until then, you do not go to Kapre, Kantado, or Tibalan for anything TLE-related. Kenny and Tibby are no longer TLE, and Kapre is no longer a matchmaker or boss.

For those who work in TLE, I am listing their current statuses. If you still hope to stay in TLE, please report to me your character's status and if you are interested in helping the company's remains recover until the New Boss arrives:
  • Kapre: Stepped down as Administrator and Head Matchmaker. Putting the business up for sale.
  • Xanthe: Missing Found now.
  • Jof'waz: Confirmed alive and safe, albiet aching and celebrating the murlocs on the Love Boat are dead. Wait...
  • Noria: Unknown
  • Yatana: Unknown
  • Kantado: No longer returning. Quit.
  • Tibalan: No longer returning. Quit.
  • [Other members confirmations pending]

So what's going to happen now?

At the moment, TLE RP will be focused on relief and recovery. Dates, matches, romance, and events will come once the New Boss comes in. Everyone and anyone is welcome to RP with us, not just TLE workers and clients. While Kapre searches for Xanthe, he will use whatever resources he has left to make sure the people under his care are provided for.

I am working on the new Boss' profile, but because he is a noble, he cannot be RPed right away. Thus, I will take the time until he is approved to build up his introduction. Until then, I would like to request some help and assistance in getting the lore and story straight for Lord Willelm-Anthony Salsborough.

Wait.... that's all?...

Actually, no! But that will be elaborated in due time....

Many hugs, love, and kisses to all.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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