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Tales' Feedback Thread
Alright so I guess I'll conform as I'd like to see what kind of feedback I get, I haven't been very active in-game recently but I plan to return once I get a stable Job and such. As for my characters you would know me as the following:

-Highlord Lazarus Chandler, Leader of the Lambent Sovereignty
-Magister Tandis Ayares, A ambitious Blood Mage who used to hold Political parties.
-Lord Galcien Driscol, A uptight noble who doesn't care about anyone but himself.
-Lord Adalric Grandale, Son of Gerald Grandale; he is a young paladin of the Lambent Sovereignty.
-Kul'thur of the Frostwolf Clan, a young Shaman who leads a small pact of Frostwolves.
[Image: classic-76561197997915481.png]
I am really quite very unusually surprised that nobody has responded with any feedback to you at all.

Well yes Tales, it's always nice to RP with any of your characters. The amount of fun and good story episodes so to say is huge. The most notable thing achieved would be Stromgarde, which brought in so much interesting RP while it was being taken over and later on when it got rebuilt.
Obviously it's positive feedback. It's been like this ever since we first RPed. I guess all I can say now is for you to get things fixed in life and get BACK HERE TO RP MORE!
Tandis was a focal point for my RP at one point. He was just so....devious to me. He really pulled me into Silvermoon RP (Which I didn't like until I met Tandis ) The entourage you had was the perfect icing on a solid character. I didn't know if Tandis was Pro Rommath, But I always assumed he was and never liked him Icly.

OOC I was always fascinated by how he interacted with everyone, his attitude and his royal air that he had about him. Tandis is the only character that I have met of yours, and it was more than enough to say you are a RP beast ha. I had Tandis in one of my failed backstories as being someone who I wanted to over throw >.> <.<

He has always left a lasting impression on my Char. Well played toon, sir.
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