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Tales of Okasan
These are all drafts, meaning they're not finalized publishing. The reason I decided to write is because I needed a creative outlet. Feel free to comment.


              For many a time, the Sun and the Darkness kept to Their separate ways. The Darkness could not look directly towards the Sun, for Her blazing light would burn His eyes. At the same time, the Sun could not look directly towards the Darkness, for His endless blankets of black showed nothing to see. For this reason, the Sun and the Darkness looked away from each other, never saying a word, never acknowledging the other's existence. Both wandered for many years across an empty void that made up the universe.

              By happenstance, both the Sun and the Darkness found a gem lying in the center of the universe. The gem was round, and it was smooth to the touch. Its center was hot, and its surface was rough and barren. Both the Sun and the Darkness were fascinated with the gem, and They fought over it. The Sun would scald the Darkness with Her light, and the Darkness would blind Her with His shade. This war between the two went on for thousands of years, all for this strange gem.

              At last, the Darkness won. He crippled the Sun, forcing Her to no longer be able to move. For a time, the Darkness held the gem to Himself, but after seeing the Sun no longer able to move, He grew to pity Her. Feeling sorry for Her, the Darkness offered to share the gem with the Sun. The Sun's light, as it turned out, was too bright for the gem, and should She hold it, the gem would burn. The Darkness then rotated the gem, and He would move around Her so the two can exchange different sides.


              The Sun loved the gem, but She was unhappy. She could not move, and not long after the Darkness promised to share the gem, She grew bored and restless. She could not explore the universe any longer, as She was stuck with just the gem and the Darkness, who bound Himself to Her for the injury He gave Her.

              "I grow weary," the Sun admitted to the Darkness. "I am stuck here with nothing to see but You and the gem. I long to explore the universe."

              "I can try to carry You," the Darkness offered. But it was no use--though the Darkness managed to cripple the Sun, He still could not look directly at Her. "I cannot carry you."

              "Then let us do something about this gem. Perhaps We can make something great from where we are."

              "What do we do?"

              "Let Us create. Close Your eyes and lay with Me, and I will bear a child to dwell upon this gem."

              It became so. The Darkness laid with the Sun, and She bore Him a child, whom She named Liwa'a'nag. It walked upon the gem, rotating the gem in Its Father's place. But even with the Sun and the Darkness, Liwa'a'nag was alone, and the gem was still rather empty.

              "Come," the Sun would say to the Darkness. "Close Your eyes and lay with Me again. I will bear more children."

              It became so. The Darkness laid with the Sun, and She bore Him twins--Langi'it and Lu'upa. Langi'it was evermoving, never staying in one place. The Earth, on the other hand, was lethargic, and It stayed in one place. Still, with only three children, the gem seemed rather empty.

              "Lay with Me a third time, so We may have more children."

              The Sun bore another pair of twins--Tu'bi'ig and Apo'uay. Tu'bi'ig found peace with Lu'upa, and Apo'uay travelled far with the Langi'it. Though the gem then had five children dwelling upon it, the Sun felt there needed to be more.

              "Lay with me a fourth time, so we may have more children."

              The Sun bore a third pair of twins--Li'intik and Kapan'gi'han. Lightning shared with Its siblings Langi'it and Apo'uay, and Kapan'gi'han shared with Lu'upa and Tu'bi'ig's domain upon the gem. Seven were children born to the Sun and the Darkness. They were pleased.

              "Let us grant them gifts so that they can rule and care for the gem that We share," said the Darkness. "This gem is Theirs, and We shall watch over them. Our gifts for Them are the domains They rule." And so, the Sun and the Darkness gave the gem to the seven Children, and the Children divided up domains for Them to rule.

              Liwa'a'nag was granted the Gift of Light. It collected the light of the Sun in a basket and dotted stars upon the Darkness with them, and It created a lamps called moons to hang so that the gem can be visible even when not facing the Sun.

              Langi'it was granted the Gift of Sky. As It moved, the air would move with It, and Its siblings would breathe comfortably.

              Lu'upa was granted the Gift of Earth. It laid its spirit across the gem, and It made beautiful mountains and soft soil, which were pleasant to walk on.

              Tu'bi'ig was granted the Gift of Water. It sat on the gem with Lu'upa, and It kept the gem cool from the heat of the Sun's light.

              Apo'uay was granted the Gift of Fire. It was hot to the touch, but It brought warmth in the nights of cold from the Sun's absence.

              Li'intik was granted the Gift of Lightning. It was energetic and loud, booming loudly and creating music for Its siblings to enjoy.

              By the time the Sun and the Darkness came to Kapan'gi'han, almost all of the gem's domains were given away. Instead, the Siblings shared a little of each Their power to Kapan'gi'han's own. Kapan'gi'han, then, combined the elements and created Itself the Gift of Force. It could create sound, warmth, and all other things for it to enjoy.

              With everything in place, the Sun and the Darkness were pleased. They named Their Children collectively as the Ka'mi--the Gods. The Gods, in return, called Their Parents the Ba'tala--the Titans. The Sun became known as Oka'san, and the Darkness as Kura'yami. They granted the gem itself a name. It is known as the World.


              Though the Ka'mi lived happily by Themselves among the Ba'tala, once more, They were alone. Liwa'a'nag created more stars. Lu'upa created more mountains, and Tu'bi'ig created more seas. Apo'uay created more warmth, and Li'intik more music. The Ka'mi created and created, but They had only Themselves and the Ba'tala to judge Their creations. Soon, They all grew restless, for though They appreciated each others' work, They had no one to share with but Themselves.

"Close Your eyes and lay with Me," Kura'yami says to Oka'san. "Let Us bear one more--a companion for the Ka'mi who can dwell upon their creations."

              The Ba'tala lay together. Oka'san bore one last child--a small one, so small that Everyone had to bend down to see it more clearly. The little Ka'mi was named Bu'hay. It was brought to Tts elder sibling's world, and It beheld the world Its siblings created. Liwa'a'nag showed Bu'hay Its basket, Its moons, and Its stars. Langi'it showed the cyclones and the skies. Lu'upa showed the mountains and the hills. Tu'bi'ig showed the oceans and the seas. Apo'uay showed fires and flames. Li'intik showed flashes and music. Though Kapan'gi'han created nothing, It showed Bu'hay mastery of Its own gifts by combining them all. Bu'hay was very impressed, and It grew to love creation. But before long, It became sad.

              "What is wrong, Little Sibling?" Liwa'a'nag asked Bu'hay.

              "The World is grand. The World is beautiful. You all created something great. But I have no power of My own, and I wish to create too," Bu'hay answered.

              "Little Sibling," the larger Ka'mi said. "You were born too late. The Ba'tala have no more gifts for You. Kapan'gi'han was granted bits of what power We have left. But fret not. We will create for You. We will care for You and love You for what You are."

              Still, Bu'hay was not satisfied. One day, when the other Ka'mi and Ba'tala were not looking, Bu'hay would steal one of the Liwa'a'nag's stars and a piece of Langi'it's sky. It shaped the star and sky to beings with their own heads, bodies, arms, legs, and tails. Bu'hay then created the star-being a man and the sky-being a woman. Bu'hay made them husband and wife, and they birthed their own children--a son and a daughter. Bu'hay named the man Ga'bi, the woman Ar'aw, the son Ta'kip, and the daughter Liway'way.

              Bu'hay presented Its own creation to the Ka'mi and the Ba'tala. All were shocked upon the created Bu'hay made on Its very own. Bu'hay granted Itself the gift of Life, as It was the one who created the first family of the World.


              Bu'hay was seen by the Ka'mi and the Ba'tala as the one with the greatest Gift--the Gift of Life. They were drawn by Its creations as Bu'hay created more and more. It created beings to live in the sky. It created beings to live in the seas. It created beings to live on the earth. More and more, the gem was filled with living creatures, making the World a beautiful place.

              But one Ka'mi grew jealous--Kapan'gi'han. Kapan'gi'han was angry that It was not granted Its own Gift, and It was especially jealous of Bu'hay's own. Kapan'gi'han plotted and plotted to ruin what Bu'hay created. It turned to Kura'yami with a crafty smile on Its face.

              "Father," Kapan'gi'han said. "I believe Bu'hay is creating too much. Soon, the World will become crowded, and We will have no place to live on."

              "Then I will undo Bu'hay's work," Kura'yami says. "I will see if I can remove some of Bu'hay's Creation and lessen the numbers." But when Kura'yami approached Bu'hay's Creation, Bu'hay stood before Him in defiance. Kura'yami, who had only concern for Creation, told Bu'hay, "Someday, the World will be flooding with Your Creation. If You feel there is too much, let Me know so I can take some away."

              "I will let You take them away when I am ready," Bu'hay says. And so, Kura'yami, who loved Bu'hay dearly, let Bu'hay in complete control of His Creation. This made Kapan'gi'han even angrier.

              Once more, Kapan'gi'han plotted and plotted. It then had an idea.


              Kapan'gi'han approached Its other siblings, the Ka'mi, and warned them about Bu'hay's Creation. "Siblings," It started, "Bu'hay is filling the World with Its Creation to the brim. Their numbers are growing, and soon, they will form an army that will overthrow us. Their feet will taint the seas, and their mouths will breathe foul air. They will stab Us, they will curse Us. Behold--they swarm in numbers we cannot count, and soon, they will destroy Us all. Join Me and cull their numbers before they seek for Our destruction."

              And so, the other Ka'mi fell for Kapan'gi'han's ploy. Tu'ubig created waves and floods that drowned those who near the seas. Lu'upa creates quakes that swallowed those who stood upon the earth. Apo'uay created fires that burned those who were trapped in Its flames. Li'intik created storms that struck lightning upon those beneath It. Disasters fell upon Bu'hay's Creation, and Creation suffered greatly. Meanwhile, Liwa'a'nag stood idle, watching in horror of Its Siblings' wrath while doing nothing to stop.

              Bu'hay cried in fear and anguish over Its Creation. It ran to Kura'yami and pled to him in tears. "Father, Father, please end their suffering, for they do not deserve the pain My Siblings are unleashing!"

              Kura'yami took pity upon Creation. With one great swoop of His hand, He took upon Creation who were struck by the other Ka'mi and laid them to rest. Kura'yami grew angry with Liwa'a'nag for Its idleness as Its Siblings created great pain upon Creation. "Liwa'a'nag," Kura'yami commanded. "Put an end to this madness, for I am angry, and soon, so will Your Mother."

              Liwa'a'nag obeyed. It took the stars that speckled across Kura'yami's being and threw them upon Its Siblings. In doing so, however, the light caused the World to break. Cracks formed within the earth, and the heat within the gem's center poured all over the surface. The World broke into pieces, and all Creation suffered once more. Kura'yami wrapped His hands around Creation and laid them all to rest.

              Oka'san saw what the Ka'mi has done. She was very angry.


              Oka'san was furious at Her Children. With the World destroyed, She and Kura'yami worked together to press its pieces back together. However, the World was imperfect; it is a lesser beauty than it was before.

              "Fools!" Oka'san bellowed. "What have you done? You have not only destroyed Bu'hay's Creation, you have destroyed the World on which you were given. You must all be punished for the great sin you have committed." With one swoop of Her hand, She struck down seven of the firstborn Ka'mi. They were thrown into the center of the World, where they are trapped.

              Bu'hay cried and cried. He approached Oka'san to plead on Its siblings behalf. "Be angry not, Mother, for it is My fault my Siblings became angry. They were threatened by Creation, which I created too much. Please have mercy on them all, Mother, as it will not happen again."

              Oka'san laid Her eyes upon Bu'Hay. "Creation is now resting within your Father; as You have created Life, We have created Death. There is nothing left of this World now. Let it be and We shall try again."

              "No, Mother, no," Bu'hay begged. "I shall breathe life into them again, and they can live upon this broken World. They may live among the Curses of the Ka'mi, but they will be granted Their Gifts as well. We may not completely fix what is broken, but We can make the World beautiful again."

              "Then I shall let it be. Bu'hay, take the souls of Creation from the Darkness, and they shall be given rebirth."

              And so, Bu'hay threw Itself to Kura'yami to retrieve the resting souls. It fixed their broken bodies and breathed life back into them. But because so many departed were brought back all at once, Bu'hay became exhausted. It, too, fell into the center of the World to lay and rest. It fell asleep, never to be seen again.


              Creation prospered upon the World. Though they were granted Gifts, they were granted Curses too. Disasters fell upon Creation from time to time, and soon, many would die once more. Creation managed to populate on their own with Bu'hay's Gift of Life. However, peace would not be had among them.

              Kingdoms were formed. Empires rose. War broke out. The people separated. They spread across the broken World, crossing seas and crossing lands. They formed their own languages and customs. They told each other different stories. They developed their own ways of life.

              This is how the world came to be--how the Ba'tala gave birth to the Ka'mi and how Bu'hay created Life. It is how Death was introduced. It was how Rebirth was created.

              This is the world Creation lives upon. They are watched by the everwatching Oka'san, mournful of the sins Her children made. She is comforted by Kura'yami, who shares her anguish over what has become of the World.

              Oka'san still watches. She awaits Bu'hay's promise to make the World beautiful again, even with war and disaster plaguging the World. She watches what goes on in the World. She tells what She sees to Kura'yami, Who cannot near Creation again or else Death shall be brought upon them once mroe.

              She tells Him stories. She tells him tales. Oka'san and Kurayami wait. For now, as They await Bu'hay's promise, Kura'yami will be listening to the tales of Okas'an.

Once more, these are just drafts. There is actually more to 'Tales of Oka'san' than the Creation Myth. Oh, much more. But I probably won't be posting them until a long time to come.
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