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Tanna Sunsinger [Blood Elf]
Player: Holycowman

Character Full Name: Tanna Sunsinger

Character In-Game Name: Tanna

Nickname(s): None, although she does use several different identities.

Association(s): Herself.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Whisper Blade (Rogue)

Skills and Abilities:

The Whisper Blade, using training and magic, can scale any wall using their hands and feet. They cannot climb the ceiling.

The Whisper Blade can, instantly, hide any weapon or tool they were using on their person. They conceal these weapons in such a way that prevents them ever being found without the aid of magic.

False Face
The Whisper Blade can, using magic, morph their features and clothes to mimic a living organism. They must conserve their mass (An orc cannot morph into a gnome and vice versa) and they cannot morph their voices. Any clothes they create using this illusion magic, from robes to full plate armor, function as cloth armor. The illusion lasts for five hours or until dispelled by magical means. The Illusion requires fifteen minutes to be created.

Shadow Meld
The Whisper Blade is capable of concealing themselves in any large, stationary shadow, using magic to render themselves invisible to physical detection.

Using magic, the Whisper Blade is capable of extinguishing all physical light sources –torches, light bulbs and lamps- in a single room.

The Whisper Blades are masters of crafting poison, often adding magical elements to it to give them strange, unknown abilities.

Acrobatics and Weapons
Tanna, while unable to directly engage foes for more than the time required to flee, is a master of daggers and acrobatics, as to be better able to escape or kill depending on the situation. She is also excellent at throwing the knives she almost always keeps on her person. However, she is useless with any weapon larger than a shortsword, ranged weapons aside as Tanna is proficient in Archery and Marksmanship. As mentioned above, Tanna cannot fairly fight any sort of trained fighter and will be defeated in any sort of confrontation beyond a brief clash.

Age: 361

Sex: Female

Hair: Naturally black, but prone to change depending on what Tanna

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 108 lbs

Height: 5’2”

Usual Garments/Armor: Tanna will wear whatever is currently required. For example, if she is required to fit into a fine dinner filled to the brink with nobleman and magisters, she will wear fine robes and gowns. Likewise, if she must enter a slum undetected, her clothes will be of exceptionally poor quality. However, she does have a set of fine leather armor crafted for the rare case where an assassination requires her to climb and sneak in darkness. When not on a job, she simply wears a comfortable tunic and pants, neither fine nor poor.

Other: Tanna is extremely fit, although due to her size she isn’t particularily strong. She generally keeps her hair short and above one eye, although she is willing to change the style when the need arises, either magically or normally. Her body is scar-free, as she pays money to remove any blemishes that might arouse suspicion. The only bodily marking she allows herself is a small tattoo of a black sun on the back of her neck. Her body is slightly underdeveloped, with less curves than your average grown female.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Tanna has developed multiple personalities. This is not to say that she truly has more than one. Instead, she has created several personas that she can take on, much like a voice actor has a true voice as well as several he can use at will. Tanna’s true personality comes across as a slightly bored, apathetic young woman. Behind this seemingly lazy appearance lies an intelligent, cunning mind, one that always looks for the best scenario. Tanna is not easily provoked, simply ignoring most insults. If one did manage to anger her, they would find themselves berated by an onslaught of sarcastic comments. When conducting business, Tanna appears completely emotionless and cold, the epitome of a poker face. As an assassin, Tanna obviously has no qualms killing others, no matter how underhanded the method. However, she does enjoy working with herbs to make alchemical concoctions with which she can poison her target. The young woman is extremely adaptable, able to understand what’s happening and make the best of the current situation extremely quickly. Tanna is also adept at manipulating people into doing things for her. Tanna also, somewhat surprisingly, loves Dragonhawks. This isn’t to say she would risk her life to see one from being hurt, but she enjoys simply watching them fly about.

History: Tanna was born to a quiet mother, one Liliel Sunsinger. From the moment she popped out into the world, what she was to be had been decided for her. Her mother, a trained and skilled assassin, had decided that it was time for her to pass on her skills before an accident occurred. And who better to pass them onto than her daughter? Liliel only knew Tanna’s father for one night and never learned his name, leaving the drunken fool in his bed at the bar she had met him in. Tanna grew up in the streets of Murder Row. That isn’t to say her mother was poor. Far from it, in fact. The two lived in a quiet, small, nicely furnished room on the district. Tanna’s guardian could have easily moved to a nicer district, as she was successful at her chosen business. However, Liliel judged that the best place for the girl to learn about their art would be where it had its origins.

And so Tanna grew, walking to the public school in Silvermoon everyday, where she learned social skills. However, she learned little of academic matters in this school. Where she truly received her education was at home. She was taught to read and write at an extremely young age, her mother beginning her true training the next day. Every day, she learned some new combination of herbs, a new way to hide, a new way to kill. She was trained to be cunning, lack morals and always exercise extreme judgement. She was taught the ways of the nobleman, the ways of the beggars and every class inbetween.

When the girl was but the age of 19 Liliel decided it was time to see if she had what their art required. She was sent on an easy job, to assassinate a young man with a wife and three children in a small house just outside Silvermoon. Tanna didn’t bother asking who had ordered the contract: She knew her mother wouldn’t have given her the answer. In reality, there was no money involved. Liliel simply wanted to see if the girl was able to do it. At night, when the moon couldn’t be seen in the sky, Tanna spirited into the mans house and cleanly slit his throat with a dagger while stabbing him through the heart. It was quick, painless and bloody. Tanna watched emotionlessly as the targets blood seeped from the fatal wounds she had given him. Her only thought was that she could have done a better job as she slinked back to her home in the Row. Upon arriving back at their home, Tanna was intercepted by Lilien before she could return to her bed. Once told that Tanna had successfully killed the mark, Lilien took the 19 year old to a tattoo parlor that happened to be open all night. Tanna had the black sun inked into her neck. They then returned home once more. As Tanna drifted off to sleep, her mother told her that she was now one of them, and her true training began tomorrow.

Upon awaking, Liliel explained several things to Tanna. The first was that she was no longer a simple murderer. She was a Whisper Blade, or would be one. Therefore, she had to play by their rules. Tanna was informed that no longer could she simply steal into her targets home and slay them as they sleep. Rather, she could, but she had to as of now inform the target that she was coming for them. She didn’t have to state any information. She simply had to inform the mark that they were indeed marked. Tanna didn’t question this. She had learned not to question her mother. As Liliel promised, Tanna’s true training began. Tanna stopped attending the public school offered in Silvermoon. She instead spent all of her time with her mother, learning the tricks of the trade. She continued her sneak, herb and social training. However, her mother added some new elements to her tutoring. She learned how to efficiently use daggers, both wielded and thrown. She was trained in archery and marksmanship, as well as acrobatics. She learned information about all other cultures, in case she needed to work amongst other races. She also learned to speak the language of the Dwarves and the Night Elves.

She began to learn the signature spells of the Whisper Blade. The first spell she learned was the ability to scale buildings with magic. Her other skills quickly followed. As she trained, she was given more difficult targets. She was tasked, for instance, to assassinate a nobleman in his own keep, surrounded by guards and magi. After several days of discussing options with her she decided to poison the nobleman, using several poisons that were only effective if taken together to get them past the kitchen’s taste testers. After a hundred years or so of training and assassinations, Liliel judged Tanna to be ready to take her final test. Liliel was nearing the end of her life, and the test required an extremely skilled target. Liliel told Tanna the next day that the young womans final target was her mother. Tanna, while surprised, accepted this and left. Within a day Liliel’s body was found, almost lovingly placed, amongst a beautiful grassy hill outside Silvermoon.

Tanna took up where her mother left off, contacting those who hired her mother and letting them know that she was her replacement. This continued unabated through the first war, and indeed through the second, which Tanna took no part in. As soon as the Second War ended, Tanna decided to use her contacts to extend her business beyond Quel’thalas and into Alliance lands. She improved her disguises of other races and made a large amount of coin doing assassinations in Stormwind and other Alliance cities. She was unfortunately in Silvermoon when the Scourge attacked. She didn’t stay, but quickly fled the city. However, she was surprised to find that the destruction of the Sunwell affected even her. She, like the rest of her people, took to draining creatures of arcane to sustain their magical addiction.

When Rommath returned form Outland, touting a new way of easing the Elves addiction, Tanna took it along with the majority of her people, her eyes turning a brilliant green. As the Magister’s began to rebuild Silvermoon, Tanna began to set up shop yet again. She traveled, taking out targets of all different races, meditating to temper her addiction and draining when meditation wasn’t enough. She only cared about the cleansing of the Sunwell because it reduced the strain of her magical addiction. She has simply done what she’s best at since that time.
Quote:Liliel only knew Tanna’s father for one night and never learned his name, leaving the drunken fool in his bed at the bar she had j.

The suspense is killing me! j?

Quote:And so Tanna grew, going to the poor excuse for a school the Row offered, where she learned social skills.

I've always thought Murder Row to be more of an alley than a recognised district. With a bar and a coven of Warlocks, I'm of the belief than one wouldn't establish a school down there.

Quote:When the girl was but the age of 14 Liliel decided it was time to see if she had what their art required. She was sent on an easy job, to assassinate a young man with a wife and three children in a small house just outside Silvermoon.

I would say fourteen is a tad too young for her to've been doing what she did.

Quote:She also learned to speak the language of the Dwarves and the Night Elves.

As it stands, we're not allowing characters to learn languages they couldn't naturally understand. She could've studied them, but if someone insisted that Tanna wouldn't be able to decipher what their character was saying, that would stand.

I'd like to second opinions on these points, if any of our 'rooftop' readers would like to speak up.
Quote:She also learned to speak the language of the Dwarves and the Night Elves.

Erm...How in the -world- would a blood elf be able to learn Darnassian and where would they draw that from?

That seems...very, very odd to say the least.
Sanity? Of course!
Changed everything, although I don't think a character learning languages not their natives would be so strange. I think that at least a few people would work to allow translations, making learning other languages not impossible or illogical in the slightest.
Quote:Once told that Tanna had successfully killed the mark, Lilien took the 14 year old to a tattoo parlor that happened to be open all night.

You missed a spot!
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
FFFFFFFFFFthank you.

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