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Teammates needed!
So, coming January I'll actually have time to come back, and I'm of the intention of holding a storyline when I do.

For this, however, I need people! Namely, two people. To partake my super-special event surprise extravaganza. Yes, fancy name, I know.

Point and case, I need people. You're people! Give me a hand. Please?

Anyway, I've but four requirements, here.

1- People I've never RPed with before. That'll add something special to the characters.
2- People that are going to be active come the month of January for it's entirety.
3- People that are willing to roll a new character.
4- People that posses some sort of instant-messaging device for easier contact.

...There was another reason but I forgot, I'll post it there if I remember.

Anyway, give me a hand, yes? Please?


This said, there's no "specifics." There's no particular character race, gender, faction, personality, or archetype in any shape or form. Those are to be discussed when I actually find the two people.
I could volunteer, I have never RP'd with you, atleast I dont know I've been.

Drop me a PM if you're interested.
[Image: OwlPsy2.gif]
Steel and Killazer will be helping me, then.

We'll have fun.

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