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Tercamuldo Skullstomper [Orc]
Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Tercamuldo Skullstomper

Character In-Game Name: Terc

Nickname(s): Terc, Grunt, Recruit, You, Meat, Nincompoop, Twit, Elf-Scalper

Association(s): The Horde (And proud of it!)

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: None notable, however you could say he excels in chair caning, but he'd never let anyone find out.

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: 450 Lbs

Height: 7'1

Usual Garments/Armor: Terc wears heavy leather, lined with plated bits.

Other: Has a necklace made of Night Elf ears that he's rather proud of.

Personality: Terc is a vehemently loyal member of the Horde. He loves Orgrimmar and the people that live there, and has vowed to do his best to protect it under the watchful gaze of the Kor'Kron Lirshar. Often employed with trying to keep the elves in Ashenvale at bay, he's developed a deep racial hatred for elves, as well as most other Alliance races.

Often the type to pick a fight, Terc is always ready to rumble. If he thinks you're doing something that could potentially conflict with his outlook on life, he'll call you on it. Most notably when it comes to the interactions between the Horde and the Alliance. He holds the view that any true member of his faction wouldn't cavort or relate with anyone from that OTHER faction, and often verbalizes this and welcomes any challenge that comes from that.

Terc does have his sensitive side. As a hobby, he likes to put weaving into chairs, something he doesn't get to do often as that would require him to have downtime. He also has a fondness of drinking, and talking about finding Mrs. Skullstomper (Or someone with an equally awesome deedname as him, he states that he'd like to have a woman who is "strong".).

History: Terc was born in one of the Orcish internment camps. His father and mother suffered from the lack of bloodlust that his people felt, no longer having hope or the will to fight. Terc's childhood was rather uneventful. He never fought with other children, always minded the humans, and never made a peep when something went the other way than what he intended, even when his mother and father died. However, he felt as if a major part of his being had been taken away from him, but as it was a feeling he'd never felt, he was always clueless as to what it was.

Then, when he was roughly Thirteen, Thrall came along. He watched as his people transformed from foppish layabouts with no direction, to wonderful warriors, capable of bringing down humans, and escaping the camps. Being too young to really know what to do with this knowledge, he happily followed along to freedom, to Kalimdor.

It was there he trained for years, trying to become a warrior and follow in the footsteps of his people. He had gained a purpose he'd never felt in his life, and it felt good to him to have this purpose. It drove him to try and become a fierce warrior, and to eventually ask to serve under another person who was in the camps with him, Lirshar Goresight.

Lirshar, being the warrior woman and Kor'kron that she was didn't want to handle the fresh and eager recruit herself, so she handed him over to the Warlord Teztez. He put Tercamuldo to many physical and mental tests, training him to become a Grunt.

With the aid of a Shaman, Teztez set him up for his Om'Riggor. Terc was tasked with going to Ashenvale, and retrieving the tusk of a tainted boar from the area, as there was known demons near there. Terc, went off to prove his worth, and after a few days came back, with some fresh wounds, smeared blood on his face, a bunch of elf ears and the tusk of a large tainted boar hanging from his neck. The shaman went over to the young Orc, and touched his face, smiled as he looked at the blood, and proclaimed him to be a man of his race.

Since then, Terc has served the Goresights as a Grunt, doing things from surveying the area near Ashenvale, to helping with the new disturbance they've encountered, trying to get Duron's shattered soul back together. During the first mission to help find Duron, Terc earned his deed name directly from Lirshar, despite it being a somber victory that felt more like a loss due to the fact Duron's body was intact, but his soul was not.

The mission involved exterminating the last of an Orcish warlock coven that had been messing with the Goresights for a long while now, and had kidnapped poor Duron. Terc joined his compatriots, reveling in the fact that he was able to kill many of the Warlocks and demons on his own, and after receiving a sword to the thigh, still continued to fight by stomping on the head of one of the Warlocks. Lirshar felt this warranted him getting the name "Skullstomper."

Currently, however, he's probably sleeping in past the beginning of a mission, dreaming about that future Mrs. Skullstomper.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

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Wikified! (As Terc; there is an old pace for Tercamuldo, when that was his in-game name in the past. Just making a note about it here.)

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