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Teztez [Troll][Pre-approved, major changes in personality and histroy]
Player: Spiky

Character Full Name: Teztez

Character In-Game Name: Teztez

Nickname(s): Tez

Association(s): The Horde

Race: Troll

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities:

Superior strength; Due to his size and the fact he is one of the largest races in Azeroth, Teztez is, to say the least, very strong. This is only enhanced through his many years of physical training with both simply but hard, mundane tasks, or hours spent practicing with his weapons.

Exceptional weapon skills, brutal with almost any weapon.

Ignorant fury - When Teztez enrages, after prolonged combat or suffering wounds, his furious mind sets ablaze, blocking out feeble feelings such as pain. In his mind there is only his enemy and the need to destroy it.

Simple minded destruction - When enraged, Teztez is so focused on the moment of the battle, the fury and rage within, that his mind is nothing but a blank sheet, making it exceedingly difficult to mind corrupt or control him, or otherwise mess with his head.

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Red

Eyes: Orange

Weight: 326 lbs.

Height: 9'6"

Usual Garments/Armor: Plate armor reinforced with bone, painted in traditional troll symbols.

Other: N/A

Alignment: N/A


A hot headed, young yet experienced fighter, Teztez is quick to anger, more often than not grabbing the axe rather than solve problems through rational thinking and diplomatic ways. Teztez takes pride in what he does, and is somewhat ego centered.

He views himself as superior to others at times, not passing up a chance to show this if in any way possible.

Teztez acts differently around men; viewing them as either peers or inferiors. It takes an act of proving to him that you’re his superior before he will accept you as one.

Around women, Teztez shows off even more than usual, especially if he fancies said women. He likes women, and he shows this when he can. He does, however, like both sexes and can surprise by advancing on males as well, because he’s grown up with the thought of males as the superior sex, and nothing but the best is good enough for Teztez.

He shows little emotion, as he sees it as a sign of weakness. He showed desire and feelings once, and got rejected. He won’t do so, so lightly again.


In his childhood, Teztez grew up in the old, traditionalistic society of the Darkspears. His family large, consisting of roughly four to five female mates, chosen and replaced whenever possible for his father. Hence, already from a young age, Teztez viewed women more as an object and status symbol than as other people.

His father being a great warrior in the tribe had Tez grow up with great expectations on his own achievements. He would not disappoint, if only they had all been around at the time.

He quickly grew to a rather large size, earning him a clear advantage in straight on fights, more than happy to display his strength whenever possible, trying his hand at gaining his own mate rather early, failing however, as the owner of his would-be prize was much more experienced and skilled than he, a youngster was at the time.

When the murlocs attacked, Tez was out alongside the younger hunters, no idea of what was happening before they were evacuated off the islands, losing his family in the confusion and mayhem. The loss of his father took greatly on him as a person, and he sought a place to be in his new life, wherever the boats would take them.

Kalimdor, it would seem.

Here it was, that the Horde would offer the Trolls allegiance, and a place to stay; The Echo isles. Here his life carried on, trying to get used to the new way of things, their alliegiance with the horde causing them to change their ways slowly, women gaining rights, and losing their status as “objects” in most males eyes.

Teztez never took this change lightly, as it was what robbed him of his change to gain a mate of his own, when instead the woman he desired chose to leave the village and become someone on her own within the Horde.

Furious, Teztez trained ever harder, his intense training and loathing only disturbed when Zalazane betrayed them, ‘causing them to flee the isles, and yet again look for a new home upon the southern coast of durotar, raising Sen’jin Village, in honor of their old leader.

Now infuriated by this, another home lost, as well as the rejection of the female, made Teztez try his own luck, leaving the village behind, travelling to Orgrimmar to server by the sword. During the wars, Teztez had proven his worth through daredevil tactics and a no tolerance policy for aborting a mission. His zeal and perhaps, hot temper and stubbornness earning him the mantle of Warlord within the horde, the path to this title covered in blood, friend and foe alike through his brutal warfare.

Granted a runed greatsword for his service and title, the weapon inscribed by a runemaster for enhanced durability and harm of the elements, rendering it unable to rust and wither with age, or shatter in combat.

He now waits for another call, beckoning him to the banner of the Horde once again. Wandering the continents in search for ways to improve himself or put himself to use.
Feedback Thread.

Common Sense; Questionable, still there.
Edit: ...Ignore me.
(11-03-2011, 05:49 AM)Delta Wrote: Edit: ...Ignore me.

I was checking through the Heights and everything with Xigo, and Teztez would have to be 8'1" as a Troll male otherwise he'd be going over the 1.1 scale.

Make that one change and you should be good to go.
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
....I had a hurp a durp moment. This is fine. xD (Yeah. Special profile=special height.) Way to go Mouse.

[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]

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