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I dont know if anyone has posted ANYTHING like this but:

First of all I would like to thank all of the GM's for making CoTH possible. I am glad to be here and glad to have such great people working on this, for not only their enjoyment, But most of their hard work benefits us more then them. As of a week or two ago they began working on upgrading to WotLK which.. most private server wont do it as succesfully as we will!. Thank you all for keeping the heart of CoTH beating.

Secondly I would like to thank the Heroes of CoTH for working on upgrading and testing it for us. I am sure they will do much much more in the future and I will be glad to see there work in action. Congradulations to all of you!

I would like to thank EVERYONE at CoTH for making it such an enjoyable server, For sticking with us while the server is down for improvement.

And last but not least. I want to thank Kretol for keeping the server up and NOT pushing the big red destruction button.
(( Dont get any ideas....))

To all of you that are here and continue to RP. Thanks!
Here, here!
I second this notion!
Thank you Kaelvan for having the guts to post this, when no one else did. (myself included). I'm sure we can all agree that Kretol, the GMs, and the Heroes all deserve this thanks!

Thanks guys and gals!
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"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings" - Lewis Carrol

To the bride and groom- I MEAN, GMs and Heroes! Cheers! *chugs down his champagne* ... This isn't juice...

EDIT: (And to everyone on the server of course. )
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

I claim two numbers, I wouldnt say that I was the only one who had the guts but the first one who thought of the idea.
Everyone deserved a nice and big thanks.

Setting up a server alone is irksome,

Setting up, debugging, adding custom content, and setting aside an entire computer dedicated to said server is mind blowing :P
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Sixth, the said notion. It really is a great server. The only reputable role-play private server and the only one I would ever play on. Seriously guys, you are great. Keep up the awesomeness! Seriously.
Seventh! The lucky number so mine must be the best!

First let us start with the GM who I believe has had alot of pressure on them and must have had to sacrifice alot of RP to do her job. Qaza. Thank you so much Q, I remember you telling me that you are the only GM who can fill out tickets and now you are handling questions, introductions as well as some people whining and complaining about not being approved.

Now a message to the other GM's. You all stink! Hahah! Just kidding! You all do an amazing job and must also have to sacrifice so damn much to deal with all of these people. Also can I just say it is amazing how someone can ask a question and BOOM! Two seconds later it's answered with references to a location as to where a detailed answer is while providing an answer of your own. Wow... Just wow guys... No not the game.

If I don't get to RP with you in the future know that no matter what you all do is 100% amazing and ugh.. It's just amazing how much patience you must and what you must sacrifice to put all that you do into this little RP server.


Yes, thank you very much GMs for all that you invest in this server and in upholding an RP based mission, it means a lot to us. I was actually just thinking today how you guys can do it, fitting in the responsibilities of a GM as well as juggling real life (I'm assuming you do anyway).
'O happy race of men
If Love who rules the sky
Could rule your hearts as well!' ~ Boethius

I must give you my thanks because I wouldn't do it even if I could! You're definitely awesome and deserving of praise!
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I got two results for the same answers >.>

Huge thank you to everyone involved in this server.
Eleventh!! I agree with everyone here, CotH, you give a euphoria of like-minded role-players, for which there is no equal. I wish I could shake the hands of all the GMs and heroes that work with the rest of us to maintain this delightful paradise. THANK YOU!!!! I HOPE THAT YOU GAIN AN HOUR OF LIFE FOR EVERY HOURS YOU POUR INTO THE COMMOMUNITY FOR NURISHMENT, MAY YOU LIVE FOREVER.
Eleven and a half!. I was hoping to get lots of people to post but we all know that everyone agree's with us, I am glad that you all posted on how much we ALL appreciate the people here at CoTH
Twelve and a... er... half... thirteen... or just twelve? I don't know.
Coth is without peer. The singular greatest RP server I have ever seen in my entire life. To go back to other servers after seeing this one in all its glory is... frustrating, to say the least.
Paint. (It's red now!)
Onehoundrededandelleveneth borthday! :mrgreen:
I mean Thirteen.

Thanks Kaelven for reminding us.
I think we all feel that same way, but just havent posted it yet.
Great to have some one like you, both in and out of the server

Though I recently joined, every GM and Hero should be proud of him-/herself for the hard work each puts into this great server, and be proud after reading the last thirteen (and more to come) wonderful posts, recognizing and praising the hard work done for the good of the community here. Superb work!
"Good Always Wins Over Evil - But Not Without Sacrifice" - The Paladin Knight

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