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The Book of ThePharaoh
Just a collection of the writing I've done here. More for my own personal use, I like to keep track of these things and re-read some things for fun sometimes. They're fun to create. Plus all collected stories will be easier to share just in case someone besides me likes to read any of the stories.

The Beginning

Think this if the first IC post I made on the server about the Character Maku Bonethunder and the Far Wolves.

Maku Bonethunder II - IC Bird Training

The First trapped on the Island event I ran. It was really fun. Became the jump off point for the Ordonis Storyline

Death From Above

My Very first attempt at storyline/party/adventure Idea which I am very tempted to Revamp. First attempt to actually log RP.

Kyjael's Quest

The Ordonis Story

Very well could've put the First Zeppelin here but it was the first time I had decided to use in game screen shots as well. Here is the second zeppelin/boat crashed, Island event.

Return of the Curse

Ordonis Odyssey was my alliance Storyline based of Raphael Ordonis. To me this storyline was significant because it was the first time I mixed In Game screen shots with video game music and sound effects. Some of my personal favorite posts are in this thread.

The Ordonis Odyssey

A poem about Raphael Junior's Surrogate Aunt, and Raphael Senior's best friend Alexandria (at the time ) Steamfizzle. Raphael was 11 at the time. Also marked the first Cross over I had with my storylines. Bringing the Novalight Organization "Kings of the Cosmos" to interfere with the Ordonis family as they were the captors of Raphael junior at this time.

My Aunt Lexi

My Failed attempt at trying to stir up more Ordonis RP with the antagonist from the Zeppelin/Boat Crash events Duncan Forrester

Forrester's Revenge

Miscellaneous Writing

A highschool Zombie/demon/apocolyptic horror story based off some kids from school and neighborhood. My friend that I grew up with wrote half of this as we went back and forth with 'chapters' and written in first person from certain characters perspective similar to The Stand There is -so- much more to this story.

[Raw Material Work In Progress]

The Pharaoh's Colosseum was just a way to make an appropriate literary transition from one continuity onto the next. There were a few others that had made creative posts about ending chars lives or moving on. I decided to do the same, by making them fight to the death. The First one remains to me as probably one of my favorite things I've written especially because of the characters involved and all the RP I had received with them. I think people also enjoyed seeing the characters they played who interacted with the combatants in the stands. It was fun to connect the server in that way. The second one was fun to write yet different since my alliance side wasn't as strong last restart.

ThePharaoh's Colosseum

An Idea original proposed by a Cother named Diethe, he had a thread where each post were rumors or hearsay throughout the goblin towns or taverns throughout the city. It served as a way to get the word out about what was going on in the world. I liked the idea and figured it needed to be resurrected since the old thread wasn't used often and was in the archived threads. I just changed it to periodicals or news clippings for reasons I am unaware of. Apparently it worked though.

Interesting World News

An idea similar to the Colosseum posts but based around music which I love. I figured it'd be also lulzy to see our characters singing songs we love or parodies of them. My original draft took place during the brief time Jidaeo was Nova, I lost it some how and decided to re write it staring Zariel. The purpose was to have others make up songs with their chars.

ThePharaoh Presents: Eversong Woodstock

This was another attempt but my most succesful and latest attempt at trying the classic DnD/Final Fantasy quest/class adventure. The Tales of Destiny was the storyline of the Flames of Destiny event chain. There was a system in place to have stats for each class and race plus a leveling system. I've went on many adventures and progressed the abilities of characters I've enjoyed playing but for some reason I'd really like to do it with leveling up, skills and stats. Nothing too over complicated where battles take 3 hours and require Algebra 2. I just want a simple system to encourage participation and give a sense of growth in class/strength -and- story.

Tales of Destiny

This was the storyline I made for Bovel's Draenei Pilgramage, staring my vulgar druid Chione 'Umbra' Jadeleaf. She was also a combatant of the Pharaoh's Colosseum.

[DP] Feral Ecstasy

The Novalight Story

Started out ironically very similar to the Event Planning thread for the Novalight/Seregon War. Except this was between two organizations, The Light of Nova and The Shadow of Nova ran by Jidaeo Novalight and Renorien Novalight respectively. After the original Renorien got banned the storyline lost most OOC pressence and focused on telling the story. I think the Idea was sparked on Kyjael's Quest with the 'episodic content' and became more of a story which I feel improved on with the Ordonis Odyssey thread. -Very- Happy to be able to read the story that started it all ( Thanks Kretol! ). This is more or less the tale of the 'Original Jidaeo Novalight' revered in the current storyline. Although classes/locations/and terms very the idea is the same. Also was a large learning experience.

War of the Cosmos: The Battle of the Super-Novae

The event thread for the Novalight/Seregon war. Had some story elements into it. It was very fun to help run and I appreciate all of the participated. Eternity's Dynasty being a combination of Grogloki's Death of the Cosmos: Eternity's End and my Heir to the Cosmos: Novalight Dynasty

War of the Cosmos: Eternity's Dynasty

The Novalights by this time were only three people. Jidaeo ( myself ) Renorien ( Permabanned ) and Naveria ( Cressy ) Jidaeo was my main off retail so he was who I made just to enter the game. I always wanted a DK and I liked the masks in-game but never had one, they ultimately became Jidaeo's signature attributes. I never intended on Jidaeo to have a family but Renorien ( the player ) liked the character and wanted to Renorien to be his brother. Naveria was created as a plot mechanic to put the word out about a 'New Nova' which was Jidaeo's nickname at the time. Ironically she appears in the new storyline in the same way as the 'New Nova' just Nova being the title of the Patriarch/Matriarch. It was fun to come back to the Novalight Storyline with a fresh start and the ideas I had learned from the Ordonis Odyssey.

Heir to the Cosmos: The Novalight Dynasty

This was a Cross-over Idea that I tried to do. To me still a good idea but the Ordonis family has lost relevance since I haven't played them in a while. 'Legacy' was referring to, I gave both of my mains children. This was from their point of view

The Novalight-Ordonis Legacy

This was the Prestige Thread for Jidaeo's Tormentor training. I liked how it was going because it was fun to write. Then prestiges got canceled so the story was unfinished as the system was scrapped. The story is still cannon and can pretty much be pieced together by what is there.

The Ballad of the Nightmare Knight

This was a subplot of the Novalight/Seregon War story arc. It revolved around IC forum RP during Zariel's trial. The evidence could've been stronger but it was just fun to do and got a lot of good participation. Even on bad evidence he only one by a couple of votes lol.

The Trial of Zariel Amaru Novalight

The Most recent thread to date ( 12/27/11 ) It is about Jidaeo as a tormentor taking on two apprentices. It may also expand into his search of the Talah'dorei (Children of the Dead) Haven.

Tormented Souls

Also pretty recent, this is the beginning of Forum Rp between myself, Brisalis, Sadron and Reigen about Jidaeo's four children speaking to the Novalight Family's elder council about their proposition.

The Novalight Shin'ari: The Elder Council

Sanguis Sunfire with The Lost Minded/Seregon Family

The Novalight Storyline was fun to write but at points became too light to me with some of its honest adventurous overtones. I was looking for something a tad darker, something to expand on when I came across Sanguis. Originally he was a paladin I rolled who worked under Jidaeo during his first incarnation. I decided to re-roll the character with a new concept. Which caused him to become Sanguis Sunfire, the half brother of Reigen. This was fun because the Lost Minded were huge at the time and I didn't get a lot of RP in. It was fun to have a character involved in something. This was based off the crazy Sunfire Siblings. Sanguis and Reigen. The story also went on to cover his side of Seregon happenings during the Novalight/Seregon arc.

Sunfire Tears: The Blood Children

Somewhat of a stand alone story staring the Troll Shadow priest 'Kah'Jin' who is hell bent on reviving his fallen ancient nation. it ties into Sanguis as the two characters eventually begin working together. They pose as antagonists and characters to develop rivalries with for some of the other stories.

The Unforgiving Sands

This was a storyline I wanted to bring to the Lost Minded guild in honor of Reigen's kill streak. During 'Act I' of the Heir to the Cosmos, thread Jidaeo and Reigen had a conflict in which Jidaeo sent probably 16 - 20 player characters to kill her. Which she surprisingly survived. This storyline was about some of those characters and other skeletons in Reigen's closet coming back to haunt her.

As is the Matron, is the Family

These are the notes of Sanguis on his experiments which he calls Skin Children. Progression has moved a tad slower than expected but the RP that has come from it has been enjoyable. I do plan to move to the conflict phase and wrap this loose end up, but it has served as a nice overbearing problem for characters.

The Family Files: Notes of a Madman

This started as a teaser thread to the Skin Children posts, the mysterious attacks of doppelgangers throughout Azeroth. I used it after the Family Files to show what happened to the failed experiment Hu-38

A Sad Soul

The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200

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