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The "Dear Boss" Letters
Day 19

Tibalan's letter below is written in Taurahe.

Quote:Dear Mother,

I haven't seen you in a while now, and I'm sure you're wondering why neither I nor the girls haven't written you back. The reason is because I have been rather busy, mostly in helping the elf woman you were angry towards. But Mother... please understand she is danger and in need of help. I am sure you will come to love her now as she has taken in much of our culture and even started to learn some phrases in our language and customs. She even made her own Shu'halo dress. She is learning to become one of us, except she is still an elf.

We will be coming to Thunder Bluff tomorrow to tell you what has been going on. I hope we can arrange a meeting with the rest of the Earthhand Clan. We have a warlock problem... and I hope we can come together to face him.

We'll tell you the details when we meet in person.

With love and faith in the Earthmother, your son


Quote:Hey, Red

Change of plans. Torr will be going ahead and heading straight to Thunder Bluff. We were en route to Ratchet when we came across the high elf priest Aryeon you warned us about. Torr recognizes him as the man who accompanied Jami when he first spotted her. He'll have to stay separate from us from now on.

We'll be holding up in Ratchet with you, along with Anaka and Saya. We'll be meeting you sometime tomorrow morning.


Quote:What a disappointment. I was hoping he'd elaborate more on this plan he has with Saya. And to see his face.

Quote:Torr says he'll write us a full letter on his instructions on what to do next. Right now, focus on resting. I got us some healing potions if you need any.


Please don't do this. Come back. Don't make me send Jof'waz over there to fetch you.



I will be going ahead of Thunder Bluff. I came across your "friend" Aryeon while I was on my way to Ratchet. I remember him from when I found Jami, and indeed, you are right--he glows with the Holy Light, and is a force I'd rather not face directly.

I have instructions for you and Bastos in regards to Saya and our confrontation with Jami and the Earthhands, but for now, do me a favor: do something to deter Aryeon from entering Mulgore. Maybe mail him a letter. We came across him in Stranglethorn Vale, so it's likely he hasn't made any plans yet to go to Kalimdor.

I don't know your relations with him, or his to Jami's. Do something to get him away.



I found Torr. He seems to be up to no good again, this time chasing down a training priestess he hopes to capture. I'd probably do something except this priestess would rather not do anything with me. And she looks like Aereal.

I'm in Tirisfal Glades. We'll meet near the Ruins of Lordaeron.

[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Quote:Dearest Jami,

The news of Bastos' death is... unexpected. I suppose I too pitied him, and while I could have done without him butting into our lives, I never wished death upon him. Alas, now he is but another victim of Torr.

It is excellent that you have greatly recovered your arcane abilities in your time away, though! Hearing that has made me the most happy I've been in weeks. But, please, Jami, do not face Torr down without me there to help you. You do not have to tell me you are strong, I know you are strong, you have always been strong, but you can not tell me you will stand against this bastard warlock and not let me be there with you. Come to Ratchet, come somewhere that I can meet you all, and let me help fight Torr if it has come down to it. With my help as well as Aryeon's, we can surely garuntee our victory if Torr is to finally come out of his hole!

I can not wait for the approaching day where we shall be reunited. Once we are, I'll never let anything come and separate us like this again, no matter the stakes. Please keep safe until then, my sweet.


Your dear Heart

Quote:You do not honestly expect me to believe this tale, do you? You're a terrible liar for someone so adept at stabbing men in the back. Regardless, you must be up to SOMETHING, so I will meet you at the front gate. I suggest you be there, lest you earn more of my ire than you've already had.

Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Day 21

Quote:Dear Grandpa,

Where are you? Are you with the Ashrunes? I come back from training for my Om'Riggor, but you're not home. Where have you gone? I haven't seen you in weeks now. I hope you're okay.

Please write me back. I'm at home now.

Your granddaughter,

Quote:Dear Boss,

Do not send Jofwaz. I meet your friend Muhentush Blindthunder. We are in Thunder Bluff. I meet my mother. She is gathering Earthhand Clan here to face Torr. The meeting is tomorrow. I meet Muhentush and his troll friend there. We get to know each other.

Jami knows Muhentush. Muhentush is from Horde clan that help Jami in Orgrimmar. Jami trusts Muhentush. Muhentush former old Horde warlock. Muhentush help us plan for Torr.

We will plan for Torr attack. We will be okay.

Light guide you.



If you're going to get Mahen'Tosh to help launch an attack against Torr, get the rest of the Ashrune Pact to help. I am a friend with another orc there, and I believe Jami befriended many others. Still, I would rather you not fight... but you seem insistent on this. I will not stop you.

I'll only pray the Elements will guide you.

Your Boss and friend,

Quote:Bastos and Urameil,

I am in Thunder Bluff. I was able to ride there on my Dreadsteed until a good distance, where I had to walk. The taurens are keeping close watch of suspicious folk such as myself. Right now, no one suspects me as I am. Be careful once you do come here, though, as I have learned there are guards who are anticipating my presence.

I met up with an old friend there, Madugo. He's a shaman troll, with three out of eight (now nine) children whom I take care of in their parents' place. I don't know how long he intends to stay here, but I would rather delay the attack until he has left. You will not harm him or the children. If you see them, let them go.

I came across Tibalan in person. I am... rather surprised of this character. He is a large heavyweight, yet he is so painfully shy he continuously hide behind his hat. Even his calf sister is more extroverted. I have "befriended" him now, so to speak. I told him I know his boss personally. When I told him of my associations, he brought me to Jami. Indeed, she has been practicing her arcane, and she bursts with more confidence that she will defeat me. The fight will not come to them. I have a plan, but first, I want to hear what the Earthhand Clan has for me.

Stay low for now. Urameil, I had Bastos carry with him a bag full of healing potions; I expect you to be fully healed enough to at least have the energy to summon demons. Bastos, ready your smoke bombs and poison daggers. Have Saya and Anaka ready for tasks tomorrow too. Anticipate a big move. I may have you start travelling to Bloodhoof Village tomorrow.

Be ready and wait for my next word.


Quote:Dear Mahen'Tosh,

I hear you and my employee Tibalan met in Thunder Bluff. How is it going? We haven't seen each other since our chance meeting in Booty Bay. I've been working out since thanks to Rhozak. I'm still feeling woozy and weak on occasion since my kidnapping, but I am doing much better now. I do miss meeting with other orcs, though. We should meet again some time, maybe catch up on old times.

I pray your days be well and the Elements smile upon you.

Your friend,

Quote:Dear Kapre,

I am doing fine. I'm afraid I have been ill for some weeks, but I too have been recovering. I decided to speed up my recovery by doing some walking. One day, I just kept walking. And walking. Next thing I knew, I was exploring the Barrens. I kept going and going until... heh, I arrived in Thunder Bluff. Lucky me.

I have been reminiscing on our days since Draenor. I met this pair of orc lovers and thought of Ka'Wal. I met my troll friend Madugo and his children and I thought of my own. I even thought of when you first met Mahaala, and when Saya was born. I still mourn for my love and children, though my granddaughter Mana'Gal has been filling that void. You run a matchmaking business, yes? Why don't you help her find a mate? I have been encouraging her to start her own family now that she is of mating age, but she still has that mindset that boys are icky. Ah, children.

We surely should meet up one day. Perhaps sometime soon. Very soon.

May the Light guide you and ease your mind, dear friend. Spirits watch over you.

Your friend,
Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder

Mahen'Tosh choses to ignore his granddaughter's letter for now.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Day 22

Quote:Dear Grandpa,

Please write back to me. Are you hurt? Are you sick? I can't even find anything like a note telling me you're gone. Please answer me.

I'm going to look for Thragash and Kagrune and those other orcs you hang out. Please, write back. I'm worried for you.

Your granddaughter,

Quote:Dear Aryeon,

I have news to tell you, news I have delayed until I have gathered enough support to put this plan through. Long story short, Bastos indeed has discovered us, and we are certain Torr knows about us too. However, an incident happened and Bastos was killed. Tibalan, his sisters, and I have decided to gather the rest of the Earthhand Clan and come up with a plan to lure Torr out and deal with him once and for all. But we will need your help.

We have not done it yet, but once you're here, the Earthhands will make it known that I'm here. They'll also make it known that Bastos is dead. Torr is probably on his way here, but by then, we'll be ready for him. A friend of mine from the Ashrune Pact, Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder, volunteered to keep track of any possible incoming fel presences that could possibly be Torr. Once he's picked up, we'll lure Torr to a trap the hunters within the Clan have set up for him. And we will defeat him.

The Earthhand Clan is very large and diverse. We have Druids of the Claw and Druids of the Talon, a good handful of shamans, some hunters, and even a spirit walker in the clan matriarch, Tibalan's mother Vakah. In addition, I have been brushing up on my arcane spells; I just recalled how to create an arcane missle. For the first time in my life, I am no longer afraid. We'll beat Torr once and for all. He'll be sorry.

Of course, we could certainly use your help. The Earthhands are aware of how potent the Light can be against warlockery. For sure, Torr will come with thugs to replace Bastos. If all possible, you can probably focus on Torr himself while the rest of the Clan keep control of whatever chaos Torr may attempt through his demon spells. Please come here as soon as possible, Aryeon. I have faith in you and the Light.

We'll also be anticipating the arrival of the Ashrune Pact. Mahen'Tosh said he'll be the one to mail Thragash and company. This will be an exciting battle. I can't wait until all this is over.

We'll be awaiting for when you come before we release our plan.

Your friend,

P.S., be careful how you talk around near Elder Crone Vakah. She has very little trust around elves and still dislikes me. Also, she's really mean to Tibalan at times. Maybe you can come through to her once all this is done, because she does seem like a good mother, even though she's super strict.

Little does anyone know except Urameil, Aryeon would be too far to come to Thunder Bluff in time.

Quote:Dear Boss,

We have a plan. We have a trap set up for Torr. We will lure him to mountains. Muhen'tush and Areon and Ashrune Pact will help the Earthhand Clan.

If this goes well, Jami will come home. Pray to the Elements for us. Have Kantado pray to Elune too. Wish us all luck.


Quote:Bastos and Urameil,

The Earthhands have decided upon a plan. When Mahen'Tosh warns them about an incoming fel presence, Jami will be released to the mountainside west of Thunder Bluff. Supposedly I will follow Jami there, or at least send my thugs (you). With Mahen'Tosh hot on my trail, the Druids of the Claw will face the supposed thugs while the Druids of the Talon track me down. They will chase me to a strategically set traps the hunters have set up, and from there I will supposedly be disabled and destroyed. It's a very well thought out plan, especially since this will be done on Tauren ground. However, they do not know that I am in full knowledge of not only the plan, but even where the traps are located.

Enclosed is a map of where the traps will be placed.

Bastos: At 1 AM tonight, I want you to disarm the traps I have marked with circles and then relocate the ones with squares to the arrows I've drawn. The square traps are all simple leg traps. They work differently from spell-based traps so it should be safe for you to move them around. Be careful and discreet, as there will be Talon druids and hunter pets on the lookout (marked by X's on the map). To keep the pets away, have on you some steaks or pieces of meat to throw them off. Be careful as you do this. I want all these traps disarmed by 3 AM. The next phase of the plan will be in place.

Urameil: Summon a felguard ahead of time and stay your distance as Bastos disarms and moves the traps. By 3 AM, have Saya rush along the road with the felguard chasing after him. The Earthhands know by now that Tibalan works for a draenei whose son Torr knows about--this should throw the tauren off, especially while Tibalan is present. Keep your eye on Saya, though, and make sure your felguard stays with him. As the felguard raises hell, summon a rain of fire to disperse the tauren. Stay hidden while you do this. When this happens, Bastos should make his next move.

Bastos: When you see Urameil summon his rain of fire (you'll know as his hands seem like they're burning), throw your smoke bomb. Jami, during this whole time, would be located near Tibalan, who stands out among the Tauren males since he's never without that hat. This is your opportunity to grab her. If the Tauren spot you, this is where you stab with your poison daggers. I will provide my Doomguard to assist you during this time.

Once Jami is grabbed, fall back. Go along the path I provided with a dotted line--if Bastos relocated the traps well, the Tauren may fall into them themselves. At the end of the path will be a teleportation circle I set up ahead of time. We will teleport to the lake across Bloodhoof Village, and from there, we will flee.

Do not lose Saya during this time, as I still need him. Once we have Jami, we'll think of what to do next. Right now, get ready. The Earthhand matriarch is a haughty one, thinking the Tauren ancestors will guide her about an orc they don't know about. Let her pride and arrogance be her downfall.


Quote:Dear Mahen'Tosh,

I am indeed a matchmaker, but I cannot personally enter Horde territory. Tibalan can probably be the one to help Mana'Gal find a mate. He's a shy one, but he has a good heart and is a very dear friend.

I have mourned for Mahaala and Saya for many years, my friend, and in many ways I still do. But now, my days of sorrow are ending. I have a new mate now, Celes, and we just learned she is expecting. She is lovely and kind, so full of energy. She is the light of my life. She does remind me of Mahaala in some ways, especially in the fact they have similar body shapes (except Celes' chest is bigger, heheh). But she is fearless and strong in many ways Mahaala was not. She has no fear of the fel, like I do. Perhaps she is the one who will help me overcome my fears, especially since I was nearly tainted some months ago. You have to meet her someday, Mahen'Tosh. Her and our future children. I am happy now, and I pray you are too.

I'll certainly help Mana'gal find a mate, but Tibalan will have to be my eyes and ears for that to work. Perhaps once the situation in Thunder Bluff is over, we can work on finding a match for her.

Spirits bless you, old chum.

Your friend,

Quote:Dear Mana'Gal,

Worry not for me, I'm all right. There is no need to send the Ashrune Pact at all for me. In fact, let them be. I believe they will be disbanding soon, I don't know. We can still meet with them and find some strapping young men that any one could be your potential husband. But for now, just train for your Om'riggor.

I expect you to be adept at either the spear or axe, as you told me you're practicing with unless you changed your mind. Remember, the elders will be judging your kill by tasting the blood you'll be smearing on your face by the time you've made your solo kill. If you use any fel magic to assist yourself, you will taint the blood and you could be punished. I'd rather you not do that. In fact, leave behind your practice of warlockery. I know you, Mana'Gal. You are a curious one as well as a lonely one. Demons are not your best friends, even once you do master them. Let Gago the Imp go. Ignore that succubus, Mabaha or whatever her name is. The Doomguard is especially dangerous. You must leave behind the life of the fel and follow the path of honor. Purge any fel you have absorbed in your body. You can go to Orgrimmar and request assistance from the shamans there.

I will return in time to help you prepare for your rite of passage as well as to look up potential mates for you. Do not expect me back until probably the end of this week. I'll be fine.

Stay safe and take care, my beloved granddaughter. Spirits be with you.

With love,
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
While resting at the settlement of Hammerfall, Aryeon receives new mail and replies...

Quote:Dear Jami,

So at last that fool who so pursued you all these years is dead, is he? What a shame and a waste of life. I will be glad to assist you in this valiant stand against Torr. If he is going to emerge from his hiding spot, then I shall let him feel the full might of the Light and bring him to justice. I may be a few days before I arrive, however, as I was called away to the ruins of Lordaeron for some business, business that will have to wait. Please be patient until then.



Something has come up, a Tauren family is rising against Torr and I'm being called to assist them. They're certain they've lulled him out of his hiding spot, and I am to help defeat him. Whatever you needed me for at the ruins of Lordaeron will have to wait, for now.

If you want, come along. You said Torr disappointed you, so if you've no further interest in him, then you could perhaps lend your talents in disposing of him. Assuming Torr's crimes that you investigated into still stir any sort of emotion in that stone heart of yours, anyway. I'll be in Thunder Bluff in a few days.


P.S. should you choose to come, try and control that reek of fel you carry with you. The Tauren are sensitive to its presence, and the matron of this clan hates elves. I'd rather you not cause more problems.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Something a little new. Gonna post each new post with some music for ambiance.

Read the letters below with this music playing:

Day 23

Quote:Dear Tibalan,

We are surely all praying for you. Kenny even requested some of his family members pray for you. I didn't tell my sister, but I travelled to the Exodar so I can pray within the Light of the Naaru and to the Spirits atop the mountains. You are in our thoughts and in my mind. Please write back to me as soon as it's all over. I hope to see you and Jami again.

Please be safe, my dear friend. Spirits watch over you. May the Earthmother watch over you.

Your Boss and friend,

Quote:Dear Grandpa,

I think I am able to do my Om'riggor without having to abandon the fel. It's not like this ritual didn't occur when warlocks were more common, right? I won't use fel magic when I actually hunt, though. Maybe. Can't I at least get Gago or Mahaba to lure the beast to me and hold it down while I kill it? I'm sure they won't bleed or something.

Your granddaughter,

Time skips two days...

Day 25

Quote:Dear Tibalan,

How is it going? Has the Ashrune Pact arrived there yet? What about Areon (Aryeon?)? I haven't heard from any of your yet. I'm getting worried now. Please write back.

Your Boss and friend,

Quote:Dear Grandpa,

It's the end of the week now, and you neither answered my letter nor have you come home. Where are you? Do you need me to pick you up? Did you get lost? Did you crap your trousers? Again?

I'll get Mabaha to find you. Maybe she'll pick up your aura someplace.

Your granddaughter,


Where are you? We have Jami now, but you're still missing. My Doomguard is the one who had to run off with her, but you disappeared somehow. Has the Tauren gotten you? Report back to me at once if you're still alive. For real.


Quote:Dear Mana'gal,

Do not summon Mabaha. Do not summon any demon. It's bad enough I try to stay away from the fel, and I have far more experience than you. I want you to focus on purging the fel from your body, not to use more of it. I want you to use your hands and a weapon to prepare for your rite of passage. No magic, no fel, nothing. Not even I had to use any sort of magic to partake my Om'riggor. The name of Blindthunder came later, when I was a shaman. If you want to use any sort of magic, pursue the path of shamanism instead. But please. No more fel, my dear one. It is a path I regretted taking, as it tore me away from my home, my friends, and now, slowly but surely, my sanity. I don't want the same to happen to you, my beloved granddaughter. Please stay away from the fel.

I know I said I'll be home by now, but I'm too far away. Don't search for me. I'll come home eventually. I'll even bring boar meat, your favorite. We'll prepare it just the way you like it.

With love,

Quote:To Mr. Kapre:

This is Vakah, Tibalan's mother, matron of the Earthhand Clan, Spirit Walker. A real shaman. Unlike you.

I understand, from my daughters, that this horrid mess you brought upon my family is all because of you. Ever since my son started working with you, disaster has only but befallen on him. Now it is shared with us.

I am unsure if my son ever told you of this plan my family agreed to, but regardless, it failed. That high elf priest never showed up. The Ashrune Pact never showed up. Torr and his demons attacked us the night of arranging the plan. Our traps were even disarmed and some even relocated, disabling four different members of my family and seriously injuring two others. My little baby Karekarie disappeared, as did Tibalan himself. And apparently, Jami as well.

We do have your blasted son, though. Saya, right? Eight-ish year old boy with dark skin and silver hair? Take him. We'll be sending him to Ratchet, where he will be responsible for heading to the Exodar or wherever you demon defectors live. In return, I demand compensation for what you brought upon my family and for the harm you caused on my son by poisoning his mind. You will also terminate his position in this disgusting business of yours. Making profits out of love. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, and your people call yourselves holy and pious.

I expect at least 5 Gold by tomorrow night. That should be enough to cover expenses for my family's recovery.

Good day to you.

Quote:To the Honorable and Venerable Matron of the Earthhand Clan,

From the bottom of my heavy heart, I give a thousand and one apologies that misfortune has fallen onto you and your family. You have no idea how sorry I am this has happened. I will provide the compensation you ask.

I'm afraid, though, that this assumption of the boy you are sending me is mistakened. My son, Saya, is surely dark-skinned and silver-haired, but he died some two years ago... and was a grown adult. He was 27 years old. I still talk and think about him like he's a child, but I suppose that happens when any parent loses one reagardless of his age. 27 is a very, very young age for us draenei... but nevertheless, I'll take the boy in.

May the Earthmother and the Spirits watch over you all and ease your suffering.

[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Having no word from his wife on the plan against Torr for some days, Hrodebert sends an inquiry...

Quote:Dearest Jami,

How goes the plans for standing against Torr? Has Aryeon arrived yet? Please, it has been nearly a week now since you've told me of your plan, but I've heard nothing from you since. If there is anything I can do to help, then please let me know right away.

Loving husband,
Your dear Heart

Aryeon arrives in Mulgore, and soon learns of what has happened during his trip there...

Quote:Dear Hrodebert,

It is your good friend, Aryeon. I suggest you prepare yourself for grim news before you read this letter, I'm afraid.

Three days ago, I received a letter from Jami asking for my assistance to lull Torr out of hiding and defeat him. I was at Arathi at the time, on my way to investigate something in the ruins of Lordaeron. I quickly traveled to the zeppelin towers and traveled across the sea to Orgrimmar, where I set out for Mulgore. When I arrived, however, to meet with the Earthhand family, I learned that things have taken a turn for the worse. Torr had caught onto the plot and ambushed the Earthhand family before I or the Ashrune Pact could arrive. Torr escaped, and many of the Tauren are hurt, with the one called Tibalan missing, as well as a child. But, there is more.

Jami is gone too.

They say Torr has at last gotten ahold of her. I am sorry it has come to this, my friend. I will do all that I can to find her and bring her back to you. I will not rest until Torr's tyranny on my friends is destroyed. For the time being I am still in Mulgore, gathering information on the incident and preparing for the hunt. But soon, I shall set out. There will be justice, mark my words of that.

Sincerely your friend,


Meet me in Ratchet as soon as possible. This bullshit has gone on far enough. You want to hunt Torr, you're going to need a professional hunter to help you. I'm done waiting. It's time for action, no matter how dangerous.



I shall be there within a day. Just let me finish my investigation while I can, because you can not do it yourself.


Aryeon also sends another letter to someone else...


Somehow, Torr knew of the plan to attack him, and sprung his own attack before I could arrive to help. Now, Jami is missing, captive of the bastard warlock.

I sincerely, and heavily pray that you are not in part responsible for this. Light have mercy on the both of us if I find out you are. Light. Have. Mercy.

You can terrorize my life, Urameil. Your continued existence is an eternal thorn in my all-too-drawn out life. Simply you being alive is a suffering all on its own that I endure.

But, I endure it willingly. My own misery is nothing. I have long since stopped being hurt by you, Urameil, much like I'm sure you stopped being hurt by me. But, you will NOT hurt my friends. You will NOT hurt the ones who are dear to me and interfere with their happiness! You will not destroy them for your own benefit! Ruin my life all you will, but you. Will. NOT ruin others.

Should I find out that you played a part in the misery of Hrodebert and Jami, you will regret it. I promise you this. And you know as the Light is bright that I always make good on my promises. You destroyed our family. You won't destroy this one.

Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Day 26

[Tibalan's letter to his mother is in Taurahe]
Quote:Dear Mother,

Do not worry for me. I'm alive and well, resting in Malaka'Jin. I gave chase when I saw an elf flee from the sudden ambush. It turns out, this man is the real Bastos, the thug we thought we killed. It turns out the man who found us some time ago was the other warlock, Uramel. He survived too, and he helped Torr.

Torr's Doomguard is the one who took Jami. I have Bastos here, trying to find his way back to his boss but I caught him. I will be holding onto Bastos myself until I get back, for I have an idea.

I have a feeling I know how Torr found out about us--through the orc warlock Mahen'Tosh. He was Kapre's friend, he was Jami's friend... he was using his relationships with those people to take advantage of them. That's how Torr knew about the attack. But Torr is missing a thug, a thug who can talk. I'm going to bring him to Areon so Bastos will tell us everything.

I won't be going home just yet. I'm going to find Areon so we can get Torr once and for all. What Torr doesn't know, during his time spying on us, is that I have information on him that will lure him out no matter what. But I must do this away from home. Please don't get angry or upset over me, Mother. I'll be home soon, and all this will be over.

Earthmother walk with us.


Quote:Dear Areon,

I chase Bastos and Jami. I saw Torr's demon has Jami. Bastos was leaved behind. I caught Bastos. I have new idea.

I know who the real Torr is. Torr is a friend of Jami and my boss Kapre. Torr break Boss and Jami in heart. I will do the same. Torr is a grand father with a grand daughter. He wants grand daughter to be married. I have Torr's trust. I will use trust to lure Torr out.

I am coming to Ratchet. I will tell you plan in person. If you have friends, get them. Maybe Jami's husband help too. If you see Kapre, please do not tell him what happened.

I will be in Ratchet in two days.



Torr and Anaka are looking for you.

I think Torr is hiding someplace in Desolace. I'm not quite sure, I lost track of the Doomguard and Jami.

I am done with Torr for now, so you will not meet me anywhere. Not yet, at least. I've discovered the truth about Torr... and now, well, I have my own plans on what to do from here. You, on the other hand, must go back to Anaka, or else you will regret it.

Good luck.

Quote:Dear Grandpa,

Can't I just suppress my fel magic until after my Om'riggor? I just don't want to leave my friends behind.

Your granddaughter,

Quote:Dear Muhentush

The attack happened too soon. Everyone is hurt. Jami is missing. My family search for her. I am too hurt to help. I am resting in Ratchet.

Are we still making a matchmaking profile? We can do this while we rest. Kapre will be here. We will recover together.

Your friend,

Quote:Dear Mana'Gal,

I told you. Demons are NOT your friends. Not Gago, not Mahaba, not even.... him. Especially not him. I don't care if he says sweet nothings to you at night, I especially don't want HIM to be near you. I am in control of him, not you, and even then, my control over him is weakening. I intend to banish them all through the Twisting Nether. When you're done with your Om'riggor, take up studies in shamanism if you wish to remain practicing with magic. Just... not warlockery.

I urge you this from the bottom of my heart. Do not follow the path I take.

I should be coming home in a three to four days. I'll be making a stop in Ratchet so I can resupply our home and visit a friend. By the time I arrive, I expect the house to be clean by then.

With love,

Quote:Dear Tibalan,

I'm very sorry misfortune has happened to your family. My heart goes out to you and especially Jami. I pray she will be all right.

Perhaps we should form a search party. I'll be arriving in Ratchet to discuss this, as well as for that matchmaking profile. I look forward to see you again, especially Kapre.

Your friend,
Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]

I will meet you in Ratchet, then. I hope you can shed some light on this disaster.



The Tauren who was watching Jami, Tibalan, has a plan that can lead us to Torr. He will meet with us in Ratchet, so let us wait for him to arrive and hear what he has to say.

Your friend,

Quote:He goddamn well better. He promised he'd protect Jami, and every day we take before we act is a day longer Jami could be in danger or even hurt!


Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Day 27

Quote:Dear Tibalan,

Please write back to me if you're okay.

Your Boss and friend,

Quote:Dear Boss,

I am okay. Everything is okay. I find Torr soon. You stay in Exodar.



Please tell me what's going on. I have a child whom others thought was my son. He's still with me.

Your Boss and friend,

Quote:Dear Boss,

The boy is Saya. He called himself Saya when we meet him in Thunder Bluff. He says Torr had him for a long time. He misses you.



This child is not my son. Saya was 27 years old when he died. I know this boy isn't mine.

His name is Laaki. He lost his parents in the Exodar crash and himself suffered so much trauma his guardians couldn't take care of him. The Night Elves of Azuremyst Isles offered to help him ease his mind by showing him around Ashenvale while in the company of his guardians. Laaki wandered far from Astranaar is when Torr stole him away. That is how Torr got his hands on him. Surely, his story is similar to what Torr's letter told me, but... he's not Saya. The boy has gotten through so much pain and suffering, he was willing to allow himself be killed when he was released in Thunder Bluff to distract you. An eight year old child. That is how sick, malicious, and evil Torr truly is.

The boy is weak and emaciated from repeated soul-draining; right now, the boy can only think of the dungeon Torr kept him in. Whoever this Torr is has no qualms with hurting a child. He showed no hesitation in tormenting me, he surely will not hold back once he gets his hands on Jami and her unborn child. Tibalan. I know what happened. Your mother told me everything. I'll even be paying for the costs of care your family is receiving from the incident. In addition, your mother wants me to terminate your job in The Love Exchange, or at least convince you to quit.

All this has been a nightmare, and I feel partially responsible for it all if not wholly. You don't have to leave The Love Exchange, though you can do so temporarily if you must--I'll happily take you back when you're ready. I can be the one to search for Jami and Karekarie--you've done enough. I have Laaki to tell me where to look. He knows the location of Torr's hideout, and we will plan a rescue mission.

Your Boss and friend,

Quote:Dear Boss,

I don't want you to face Torr again. You suffer lot too.

I am strong. I promise Jami's husband I watch her and I failed. I will find Jami. Laaki can help me.

Please sit down. I have news that is bad.

I know who Torr is. Torr is Mahentosh. Mahentosh was at my family meeting. Mahentosh advice my family. He tell us about traps. He even has map. He plan this for a long time. Mahentosh also capture you. He knows you. He knows Jami. He is the reason you suffer. Mahentosh is not your friend.

I will be in Ratchet tomorrow to meet Mahentosh. He will pay for taking my sister and Jami.


Quote:Tibalan. I can't believe you.

Mahen'Tosh? You think Mahen is Torr just because he's a former Old Horde warlock? Horseshit. I've met Torr in person. Granted, I never saw his face, seeing how it's hidden under a hooded cloak, but I know for sure Mahen'Tosh is not Torr.

For one, when I met Mahen some months ago, his fel essence was unnoticable, even almost non-existent. Torr's, on the other hand, was overwhelming, even unbreathable, nauseous. Torr may be an Old Horde warlock, but he is certainly one who is active in practicing the fel. Mahen'Tosh, however, is not.

Secondly, even though orcs remain strong even throughout old age, Mahen'Tosh is perhaps the frailest orc I've ever known; the only times I've known him to have great strength is when he's furious, and trust me, Mahen is very slow to anger. Mahen was frail when he was young, he's frail even now. The only instance I know as of late he showed a great bout of strength was when he slammed a grown centaur onto another repeatedly, but that incident resulted in a thrown back that took Mahen'Tosh weeks to recover. I'm fairly certainly he would think twice of lifting my weight just to transport me.

Thirdly, Mahen'Tosh knew Saya--he was there when he was born. If Mahen'Tosh is the one responsible for Laaki's kidnapping, he'd know better than to kidnap a child almost 20 years too young. His granddaughter is older than Laaki. Kidnapping a very young child and passing him off as my son would make little sense.

I cannot believe you would make this assumption. I will only forgive you for the fact you and I are both stressed and that we still have very few leads on who Torr is. But if you confront Mahen'Tosh and do anything to harm him, not only will I sack you, I will hurt you MYSELF. And trust me, friend. I may be a coward... but cowardice does not equate weakness. And I make good on all my promises, including my threats.

Your Boss,
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Day 28

Prior to the next batch of letters being sent, the following occurs (in RP):

Tibalan 's hooves clop heavily as they scrape along the road since he's shuffling down the hill, not bothering to lift his feet. He's visibly tired, especially as he's gripping rope with Bastos attached to him.
Bastos 's hands are tied up around the thumbs behind his back while the rope wraps around his upper arms. He's grumbling now as he follows Tibalan, both of them covered in dirt and their clothes ragged, as if from nonstop travel.
Aryeon puts his arm around Hrodebert's shoulder.
[Aryeon]: I'm sorry it came to this, my friend.
Hrodebert says nothing.
[Hrodebert]: Is that him down there? I see a tauren.
[Tibalan]: Al...most....here....
[Aryeon]: I believe so. I'll go greet him.
[Bastos]: You said that miles ago, you bipedal beast of burden!
[Aryeon]: Tibalan?
[Tibalan]: You're...the...burden.
Tibalan looks at Aryeon, panting and trembling from exhaustion. He bows his head, tipping his hat. "Good....eve...ning. Ar...e...on.... been... long...time."
[Aryeon]: It has. We're meeting inside the building on that hill ahead.
Bastos sees Aryeon. "Aww, sonovabitch...."
[Aryeon]: You can rest there.... who is this with you?
[Tibalan]: Bas....tos.
[Aryeon]: ... I thought he died??
Aryeon looks at Bastos.
[Tibalan]: Mis....tak...ened.
[Aryeon]: Can hardly recognize him from last I saw him.
[Bastos]: Blow it out of your ass, ya wrinkly old frilly coot.
[Aryeon]: I am not in the mood for your horseshit, Bastos.
[Aryeon]: Do not make me fill your mind with spiders.
Aryeon will not hesitate to mindrape tonight.
Bastos raises his tone mockingly. "Oh, no! Spiders! I'm so scared!"
Tibalan grumbles. "Not...so...bright."
Aryeon glares at Bastos for a few seconds, and suddenly Bastos would see himself being covered with spiders and bugs, crawling into his eyes.
Bastos has only one functional eye! OH GOD, THEY'RE ENTERING HIS SKULL!! He collapses onto the ground and convulses violently, kicking and screaming while still tied up. "AAAAAAAAH, LIGHT!!!! THEY'RE GETTING INSIDE!!! GET THEM OFF!! GET THEM OFF!!"
[Tibalan]: ......
Aryeon averts his glare after a few seconds. The horrors cease instantly.
[Aryeon]: Like I said.
[Aryeon]: Not in the mood.
Bastos pants, staying on the ground. "You grandmother fucker...."
[Aryeon]: Let's go.
Tibalan nods.
[Aryeon]: We have a guest, Hrod.
Tibalan tugs on Bastos' rope as he follows Aryeon. He sees Hrodebert up ahead and bows his head, tipping his hat again. "Hao.... Hrod....ber."
[Bastos]: .....awww, HIM TOO?!
[Hrodebert]: .... just Hrod-
[Hrodebert]: ...
Hrodebert glares angrily at Bastos.
[Hrodebert]: YOU??
[Hrodebert]: You're NOT DEAD?
[Bastos]: Obviously, I'm immortal.
[Aryeon]: Like I said. A guest.
[Aryeon]: It would seem you are hard to kill.
Hrodebert socks Bastos in the abdomen.
[Bastos]: I'm lucky that way.
Bastos flinches from the punch! "URGH!!"
[Hrodebert]: Not lucky enough.
[Hrodebert]: Inside.
[Tibalan]: We talk... inside?
[Hrodebert]: Alright. We're all here, now.
Tibalan drags Bastos along, yanking the rope again. As soon as they head upstairs, he shoves the rogue elf onto a corner. "Sit."
[Hrodebert]: Tell me what that bastard is doing here.
Hrodebert points at Bastos.
[Bastos]: Oof! Fucking cowman...
[Tibalan]: He knows... about....Torr. He... still work.. for him.
[Aryeon]: Bastos was interrogated before. I doubt he'll say much.
[Aryeon]: It would seem you made a poor choice, going back to Torr, Bastos.
[Bastos]: I got my reasons.
[Hrodebert]: Goddamn stupid ones.
[Tibalan]: Bastos....name.... of other....elf....fall.... off of...mountain.
[Bastos]: You mean Urameil?
[Aryeon]: I thought that was-
Aryeon stares Bastos down.
[Aryeon]: Did you say Urameil?
Bastos blinks. "Well, shit."
[Aryeon]: Urameil -WAS- involved with this, then?!
[Bastos]: .....yeah, somewhat. I lost contact with him, though.
[Aryeon]: ...
[Aryeon]: Just....
[Tibalan]: Ura....meil.... the one.... fall off... mountain. I.... thinked.... he was.... Bastos.
[Aryeon]: Urameil tricked me. He asked me to go to Tirisfal.
[Bastos]: Good thing too. I still it's funny you piledrived his ribs. Tell me, did they crack?
[Aryeon]: On my way there to see what he wanted, is when Torr attacked.
[Tibalan]: Like..... toothpicks.
Bastos cackles maniacally at you.
Aryeon glares angrily at Bastos.
[Aryeon]: Shut up.
[Bastos]: Pffft.
[Tibalan]: Urameil... send you...Tirisfal...why?
[Aryeon]: Irrelevent. We may hate each other, but occasionally we will confide with one another over certain issues.
[Aryeon]: .... but we're not here to talk about Urameil.
[Tibalan]: Yes....
[Hrodebert]: Then let's get to topic.
[Tibalan]: I find..... Bastos.... fleeing.... to Des...olace....border. Bring...... him.... to Stonetalon. Torr... may have....Jami.... in either.
Bastos grumbles audibly.
[Tibalan]: Torr.... also.... have....sister.
[Hrodebert]: Desolace is pretty goddamn empty. It'd be hard to hide there.
[Hrodebert]: But, between the dangerous wildlife and the centaur...
[Hrodebert]: It is a haven for warlocks. He could possibly have slipped in there.
[Tibalan]: I have...plan..... to lure... Torr out.
[Bastos]: This has got to be interesting...
Tibalan turns to face the two standing men. "Torr.... has..... granddaughter. Granddaughter.... is lonely. Torr... want granddaughter.... to have husband. But.... granddaughter.... too stubborn.
[Tibalan]: "Torr...will have....match....making profile interview.... in her stead."
[Aryeon]: ...
[Bastos]: ....wait, what?
[Aryeon]: It's simple, you idiot.
[Aryeon]: Torr shows up to give a profile for his granddaughter. When he does, we'll jump him.
[Hrodebert]: One problem: Torr knows who Tibalan is. Kapre too.
[Hrodebert]: We'll need another matchmaker. Or even a decoy.
[Tibalan]: I.... already...invite....Torr. He... is coming... to Ratchet.
[Bastos]: .....well, you're fucked.
Aryeon points at Bastos.
[Aryeon]: Shut up.
[Hrodebert]: He'll suspect a trap, won't he?
Tibalan lowers a knapsack slung around his back and opens it. He searches in it some before pulling out a letter. It's the last one sent to him from a Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder.
Tibalan hands it to Aryeon. "This is... Torr's reply... to my.... invitation...here."
Aryeon takes it and reads it.
[Aryeon]: .... this name.
[Hrodebert]: What is it?
[Aryeon]: Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder.
[Tibalan]: Real name... of Torr.
[Bastos]: Huh. So I was right... he was an orc. That IS an orc's name, right?
[Aryeon]: It is.
[Aryeon]: But....
Tibalan looks at Aryeon curiously.
[Aryeon]: I've seen Mahen'Tosh a few times. Never spoke to him though...
[Aryeon]: But, he's a member of the Ashrune Pact. And is also very frail and old.
[Aryeon]: I find it hard to believe this is Torr.
[Hrodebert]: The Ashrunes were the ones who were watching Jami before the Earthhand family, right??
[Aryeon]: Correct.
[Tibalan]: Yes....
[Tibalan]: And..... he was... in Thunder Bluff...too....when I meet... with my family... to talk of plan with Jami.
[Aryeon]: How are you certain this is in fact Torr?
[Tibalan]: He... was there. In plan. He... is also... friend... of Kapre.
[Tibalan]: Friend of... Kapre. Friend of.....Jami. Knows.... a lot.
[Tibalan]: Warlock....very powerful. Has.... big.....powerful...demon.
[Tibalan]: Old... Horde.... warlock.
Tibalan nods.
[Aryeon]: But, Tibalan...
[Aryeon]: A warlock that powerful would stentch up the room with Fel.
[Aryeon]: Mahen'Tosh hardly carries a fume of it.
[Tibalan]: Mahen...tosh...uhh...
Tibalan waves his hand as he tries to search for the word.
[Hrodebert]: Uhh... ?
[Aryeon]: Maybe Mahen'Tosh is being manipulated? Being used as a mole, or something.
[Tibalan]: "Hide"? He... hides...fel?
[Aryeon]: Hmm...
[Hrodebert]: Can you even -do- that?
[Aryeon]: I.... am not sure.
Tibalan turns to Bastos. "You...."
[Bastos]: Me.
[Aryeon]: Even I carry the smell of Fel with me, and I took in only a minimal amount of it back in the Third War.
[Tibalan]: Can....fel.....hide?
[Bastos]: Uh.... from what I know from Urameil... it can be suppressed. I think that's the word you're looking for.
[Hrodebert]: You smell of Fel? I can't tell.
Hrodebert sniffs Aryeon.
[Aryeon]: Only those sensitive to the Fel can feel it.
[Aryeon]: Priests, paladins...
[Aryeon]: Certain races, like Tauren and Night Elves.
Tibalan nods at Aryeon.
[Aryeon]: I'm sure you can feel it, Tibalan.
[Tibalan]: ....not well. I.... did not know... man...at mountain... was warlock.
[Bastos]: Well, that's Urameil for you. He's only discreet when he wants to be. Though I'm curious how the hell you ran across him in the first place...
[Tibalan]: Torr....suppress....fel. He... becomes..... Mahen'Tosh.
[Tibalan]: You... see Torr's...face...yes? Bastos?
[Aryeon]: Urameil surpressing his Fel surprises even me.
[Bastos]: Cowman. I never saw Torr's face. It was always hidden under a cloak.
[Bastos]: All I do know is that his fel fluctuates.
Tibalan blinks. "What is...word?"
[Aryeon]: Fluctuate?
[Hrodebert]: Fluctuate means it changes.
[Hrodebert]: Sometimes big, sometimes small.
[Tibalan]: Ah...
[Tibalan]: Torr....Mahen....change....fel?
[Bastos]: The hell I know. I'm no warlock.
[Hrodebert]: Seems to be that way if you're right...
[Bastos]: I only know enough of the fel to siphon it. And then the smell lingers some.
[Aryeon]: If it is true...
Aryeon lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
[Bastos]: Torr does reek of it strongly. At times, though, especially at night when we're sleeping along the road, Torr's fel essence is superficial.
[Aryeon]: Superficial??
[Aryeon]: What do you mean?
[Bastos]: I guess we're talking someone who -really- knows how to control his fel.
[Bastos]: Well... like it's barely there.
[Bastos]: Like I'm next to someone else entirely.
[Hrodebert]: ...
[Aryeon]: Ah...
[Tibalan]: Ura...meil... you know...him...Ar...eon?
[Aryeon]: .... I do.
[Aryeon]: Have for a very long time.
[Tibalan]: Talk...to him?
[Aryeon]: And ask him what, exactly?
[Tibalan]: About...Torr.
[Aryeon]: Urameil tells nothing to anyone.
[Tibalan]: He... talks...to Bastos... it seems.
[Aryeon]: He lies, and then he lies about his lies.
[Bastos]: Yeah... he's confusing that way.
[Aryeon]: You have no idea.
Aryeon frowns.
[Aryeon]: .... besides, if I meet Urameil now.
[Aryeon]: I'll more likely try to beat the shit out of him.
[Tibalan]: ?
Aryeon glares angrily.
[Tibalan]: Ah..
[Aryeon]: I can try, though...
[Aryeon]: But no promises.
[Tibalan]: ....
[Tibalan]: Wait.
[Hrodebert]: ?
Tibalan turns to Bastos.
[Hrodebert]: What is it?
[Tibalan]: You... call...Urameil.
[Tibalan]: Here.
[Bastos]: ...you're kidding, right?
[Aryeon]: What would that accomplish? The problem isn't getting Urameil to show up.
[Bastos]: We may work together, but he hates my guts as well as I hate his.
[Aryeon]: It's getting him to speak the truth.
[Tibalan]: You... not know... how... he speaks truth?
[Aryeon]: Urameil has a history of backstabbing, manipulation, and lies.
[Tibalan]: How... about...to Bastos?
[Bastos]: .....well, he's fairly straightforward. Until he changes his mind without you knowing. Nope. Sorry, can't help you there.
[Bastos]: He's only honest when he wants to bed.
[Aryeon]: Trust me, Tibalan.
[Bastos]: If you're going to properly prepare for a warlock, you best ask another one.
[Aryeon]: I know Urameil better than anyone.
[Aryeon]: And despite that, I hardly know him at all.
Aryeon frowns.
Tibalan sighs.
[Tibalan]: We.... just prepare...for Mahen'Tosh.
[Tibalan]: I... am certain... it is...him.
[Bastos]: Good luck on that. Care to let me go since you'll be getting him?
[Aryeon]: No.
[Tibalan]: No.
[Bastos]: Well, you don't need me anymore!
[Bastos]: ....not ever, if anything.
Hrodebert stares Bastos down.
Bastos stares Hrodebert down.
[Bastos]: Hiya, short stuff.
[Hrodebert]: You're lucky we don't string your ass up.
Bastos lifts his arms the best he could. "Close enough."
Hrodebert punches Bastos in the jaw.
[Hrodebert]: Shut up.
Bastos crumples up on the corner. "OOGH!!"
Tibalan glares at Bastos. "Torr.... has sister....as well... as Jami. Not... going.... to let...you go. Yet."
[Tibalan]: We.... bring down....Torr. Then... you take....us.... to Torr's...hiding..... place.
[Bastos]: ....the hell I know where it is! Guy's got around a bajillion hiding spots or something!
[Aryeon]: Once Torr is utterly defeated, then we will let you go.
[Bastos]: I had to move the space blueberry as many as four times before he was found. I don't know where Jami or your calf sister is.
[Hrodebert]: Then you'll take us to a bajillion places.
[Bastos]: Well, shit. For all I know, he could have gotten a new one.
Tibalan goes back to his bag and searches for another letter.
[Hrodebert]: What's that there?
Bastos glimpses at the contents of his knapsack. "...damn, you got a lot of papers."
[Tibalan]: .....you have...very stuffed....pant pockets.
[Hrodebert]: ...
[Bastos]: Torr likes writing. What can I say?
[Tibalan]: ....
Tibalan grabs Bastos and holds him upside down.
[Hrodebert]: ...
[Hrodebert]: You've got a big goddamn mouth.
Tibalan shakes Bastos repeatedly until he gets his trousers loosened. He removes Bastos' pants and drops him on the floor in his underwear.
Bastos takes a nasty tumble. "Hey!! Give me back my trousers, you mad cow!"
[Aryeon]: .... You could have just shook the letters out of his pockets.
Tibalan holds up the trousers. Whew, they smell!
[Tibalan]: ....I know. But this... makes me... feel.... better.
[Bastos]: Well, f**k you too!
[Aryeon]: Ah.
[Aryeon]: Heh.
[Hrodebert]: Just get the letters out.
Tibalan shakes the pants and then removes the rest. They're all letters from Torr.
[Hrodebert]: That's a loooooot of writing.
Tibalan shows the same handwriting from Torr compared to Mahen'Tosh's. "Same....writing."
[Bastos]: We almost never meet in person. That tends to happen.
[Bastos]: Now give me back my pants!
[Tibalan]: No.
[Bastos]: It's fucking cold....
[Hrodebert]: He's just gonna keep bitching until you give them back.
Tibalan rolls his eyes and throws them at Bastos' head.
Hrodebert laughs.
[Hrodebert]: Good arm.
[Bastos]: Oof! HANDS, guy!
[Tibalan]: Thanks.
Tibalan goes back to looking through Bastos' letters. Among them is the detailed plan of the ambush.
[Tibalan]: ....
[Aryeon]: What is it?
Tibalan shows it to Aryeon. "Mahen....Tosh.... plan...hurt....my family....take...my sister."
[Aryeon]: ...
Aryeon reads it.
Tibalan | The plan was extremely detailed, showing not only the steps on what to do and what time to do it, but even a coordinated map of where to relocate maps and what trail to flee.
[Tibalan]: ...
[Aryeon]: Well...
Tibalan looks at Aryeon.
[Aryeon]: It really does seem like there can be no other possibility.
[Tibalan]: So you see...who Torr really is?
[Aryeon]: Aye...
[Aryeon]: So... we lure Torr out. Then what?
[Tibalan]: Defeat him. Kill him.
[Bastos]: Pffft.
[Aryeon]: I meant specifically.
[Aryeon]: We should have a plan that is more indepth than "shoot at him with bullets and magic".
[Tibalan]: I punch his face.
[Tibalan]: Warlock... powerful... but body....looks weak.
Aryeon lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
[Aryeon]: You're not good at this, are you?
[Tibalan]: Good at...what?
[Aryeon]: Planning.
[Hrodebert]: We need Torr alive to bring us to his hideout.
[Tibalan]: Bastos... take us.... to hideout.
[Bastos]: Pffft.
[Tibalan]: ...oh... and...
Tibalan remembers the letter he was getting from his own pack of papers and pulls out a specific one. He squints his eyes to read. "....Laaki. Draenei...boy."
[Aryeon]: Laaki?
[Hrodebert]: Bastos is unreliable. He doesn't even know where Torr is now.
[Bastos]: Draenei boy? You mean Saya?
[Tibalan]: Not..... Saya.
[Bastos]: That's what Torr kept calling him.
[Tibalan]: False....Saya.
[Bastos]: The hell I'd know, and I really don't care.
[Hrodebert]: That's Kapre boy, right? How do you know he's not the one?
[Tibalan]: .....
Tibalan holds up the letter without giving it to Hrodebert and Aryeon, as if afraid to hand it over. "Saya.... 27...years old... when he died. Boy... is... 8."
[Hrodebert]: .... ah.
[Bastos]: ...well, shit then.
[Tibalan]: Torr... .drain..... Laaki.
[Tibalan]: Torr... drain...Kapre. Torr... will drain....sister... and Jami.
[Hrodebert]: ...
[Tibalan]: Need.... to beat... Mahen. Need.... to get.... Laaki.
[Aryeon]: I can only wonder what Torr needs all this draining for...
Tibalan turns to Bastos. "Do... you know?"
[Bastos]: Something of a long-term plan. He only wants innocent-minded souls so he can break them then drain them.23:29:16 [Bastos]: ....but he ain't gonna drain Jami. Just your sister. Maybe.
[Aryeon]: He's not??
Tibalan glares angrily at Bastos.
[Hrodebert]: Then why the HELL has he been targetting her so long??
[Bastos]: Torr says he got Jami for me. For helping him for so long- ....I said too much.
[Hrodebert]: ...
Hrodebert is not sure if this makes him more angry or not.
[Tibalan]: What... have you done... for Torr?
[Bastos]: The hell I'd tell you!
Tibalan grips Bastos by the throat and starts dragging him along the floor.
[Bastos]: HGGG!!
[Aryeon]: Tibalan.... !
Tibalan grips Bastos over the balcony and starts dangling him.
Bastos kicks furiously as he holds onto Tibalan's wrist while he's dangled!
[Aryeon]: Put him back, Tibalan! You'll get nothing out of this!
[Hrodebert]: The fall isn't high enough to kill him anyway.
Hrodebert says this flatly.
[Tibalan]: ...Fine.
Tibalan slams Bastos onto the ground and places his hoof over his head and throat.
[Aryeon]: It doesn't matter what he's done in the past.
Bastos lies down before you.
[Aryeon]: What matters is-
[Aryeon]: Tibalan!
[Tibalan]: Sister... can be... killed!
[Tibalan]: Friend... nearly killed!
[Aryeon]: And you killing him won't stop any of that or change it!
[Tibalan]: Family... ambushed!
[Aryeon]: You are not the only one hurting here, Tibalan.
[Tibalan]: Torr... take Jami.... friend... to reward....this monster.
[Tibalan]: What....did you do.... to have... friends... hurt.... as.... your reward?
Bastos struggles under the weight of the hoof. "NNGFF!"
[Hrodebert]: He's not worth it, Tibalan. He's just scum.
[Tibalan]: Your wife.... his reward.
[Hrodebert]: We're going to get Jami back.
[Hrodebert]: She is noone's reward.
[Hrodebert]: Your sister too. We'll save everyone.
[Tibalan]: Jami...not know...where she is. Bastos.... not give....reward.
Bastos repeatedly raps along the wooden floor, struggling to speak.
[Aryeon]: Tibalan! let the man go.
Tibalan glares at the two other men intensely.
[Aryeon]: Do not make me force your hand.
[Tibalan]: ...
Tibalan lifts his hoof.
[Aryeon]: Good.
Bastos breathes!
[Aryeon]: We will not become murderers.
[Tibalan]: Not.... murder.
[Aryeon]: You would kill a defesneless man in cold blood.
[Aryeon]: That is murder, no matter how you justify it.
[Tibalan]: He... capture...sister....Jami....friends. Maybe... many others.
[Aryeon]: And now he is helpless and at our whim.
[Aryeon]: Revenge does not change the past, and it does not solve problems.
Tibalan glares.
[Bastos]: And they say Tauren are pacifists...
Aryeon glares back.
Tibalan snorts hot air at Bastos.
[Hrodebert]: They are until you piss one off enough.
Bastos flinches. "Urgh!"
[Tibalan]: You.... will get... Jami... and Karekarie...back.
Bastos coughs. "Might as well. He has someone of mine with him too."
[Hrodebert]: .... Anaka?
[Bastos]: The elf girl I took in.
[Bastos]: Torr has her.
[Hrodebert]: So it is Anaka.
[Bastos]: Huh?
[Hrodebert]: Saw her with you at Dalaran.
[Bastos]: ...yeah. She stays with Torr for most of the time.
[Hrodebert]: You're an awful guardian.
[Bastos]: It's either I drag her along while I kidnap people for Torr or he babysits her. One or the other.
Hrodebert lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
[Tibalan]: Torr.... drain... Anaka too.
[Bastos]: No way.
[Bastos]: ....he wouldn't.
[Aryeon]: I would not put it past him.
[Aryeon]: He drained that draenei child.
[Bastos]: I bring him people to drain all the time before I got to Jami. He.... he wouldn't drain Anaka.
[Bastos]: No... need to.
[Aryeon]: And now all he has is Jami, Anaka, and Tibalan's sister.
[Aryeon]: What do you think he's going to do, idiot?
[Bastos]: ....drain the calf?
[Bastos]: Jami's mine.... and so is Anaka...
[Aryeon]: And after her?
[Bastos]: ...
[Aryeon]: You get it now?
[Tibalan]: Jami... or Anaka? Can't... have both.
[Tibalan]: Sister... small... frail. Small... frail... soul.
[Tibalan]: Move on... to Anaka... or.... Jami..... or....both.
Hrodebert is still here guys why are you talking about Jami that way.
[Hrodebert]: Noone's gonna get drained!
[Hrodebert]: We're going to draw out Torr and stop him first!
[Tibalan]: .....yes.
[Tibalan]: I... meet.... Mahen....Tosh....tomorrow.
[Tibalan]: In....terview him. Then.... we beat him.
[Tibalan]: You... high priest. Can.... help.
[Hrodebert]: He drains broken spirits anyway... it will take some time for him to start making people miserable. We have.... time.
[Hrodebert]: I'm helping to!
[Tibalan]: What...can you...do?
[Hrodebert]: Shoot bastards really good.
Hrodebert shows off his big goddamn rifle.
[Tibalan]: Ah....
Tibalan shows his own off.
[Hrodebert]: Besides that...
[Hrodebert]: I can set traps. I also have some beasts at my command.
Tibalan 's is bigger :D
[Tibalan]: Okay...
Hrodebert 's is proportionately bigger, so there.
[Tibalan]: I..... get Kapre.... to send... Laaki.
[Tibalan]: After.... kill.... Torr.... we look... for Jami... and Karekarie....and.... Anaka.
[Bastos]: ...you'd really do that? For Anaka?
[Aryeon]: If we can keep Torr a live, it might be better. We could coerce him to take us to the captives.
[Aryeon]: Otherwise, we could be spending weeks looking for them. That could be bad for them, especially the children.
[Tibalan]: Dis...able....Torr...maybe?
[Aryeon]: I could possibly try to subdue his mind.
[Aryeon]: He's powerful, yes....
Tibalan nods.
[Aryeon]: But a frail old warlock? Against a 1500 year old priest?
[Aryeon]: I think the odds favor me.
A sly smirk spreads across Aryeon's face.
[Tibalan]: ....can I... punch him....at least?
[Aryeon]: We'll see.
A sly smirk spreads across Tibalan’s face.
[Bastos]: So...what now? Gonna prepare for tomorrow's interview and such?
[Bastos]: ....and what about my pants?
[Hrodebert]: Just let us know when you're going to have that interview and when to show up.
[Tibalan]: I will.
[Tibalan]: ...where...can I... keep...Bastos?
[Bastos]: What do you mean "keep"?!
[Hrodebert]: Hmm...
[Aryeon]: One of the shantyhomes here will be fine.
[Tibalan]: Okay.
Tibalan yanks Bastos to his feet.
[Bastos]: Urgh!
[Bastos]: PANTS.
[Aryeon]: Send us both a letter a hour ahead of time for Torr's arrival, Tibalan.
[Tibalan]: I will.
[Tibalan]: Earthmo- ...Light... guide you.
[Hrodebert]: You too.
Tibalan grabs Bastos and throws him over his shoulder.
[Bastos]: URGH! I can walk, you bastard!
[Aryeon]: Light protect that poor idiot more.
Aryeon laughs.
Hrodebert laughs.
Tibalan walks out of the house and straight into town where he'd shove Bastos in.

Quote:Dear Boss,

I will not hurt Mahen'Tosh. I will just talk then.

I need Laaki to help us. We will save Jami and children. It is almost over.


Tibalan then prays to the Earthmother for forgiveness for making a promise he doesn't intend to keep.

Quote:Dear Tibalan,

I am almost at Ratchet. I will meet you at the Broken Keel Tavern by roughly noontime.

I thank you for your help, and I wish you many blessings and ease for your family's suffering.

Your friend,
Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder

Quote:Dear Areon and Hrod

Torr will be the Broken Keel Tavern at noon. We get ready by then.


Quote:Dear Tibalan,

I'm actually not far from Ratchet. I will come with Laaki by around noon tomorrow. We'll meet at the Tavern.

Your Boss,

Quote:Dear Areon and Hrod

We move the interview at Hrod's house.

[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Day 29

The following occurred near Hrodebert's house in Ratchet on the day of Mahen'Tosh's interview...

23:16:55 Tibalan rushes up the hill with a bag slung over his back. He's in uniform, complete with tabard and shirt. He seems harried, repeatedly looking over his shoulder.
23:18:55 Hrodebert and Aryeon are inside the house.
23:19:50 Tibalan hurries to the door and raps on it, almost causing it to crack from its hinges. "I'm...here!"
23:20:07 [Hrodebert]: ... I'll get that.
23:20:33 Hrodebert opens the door for Tibalan.
23:21:47 Tibalan pants. "Hao. Did... Torr...come...yet? I...give...directions."
23:22:07 [Hrodebert]: It's just me and Aryeon.
23:22:16 [Tibalan]: Ah... uh...
23:22:20 Tibalan looks around anxiously.
23:22:27 [Hrodebert]: We'll clear out of the house once Torr shows up so we can ambush him.
23:22:32 [Hrodebert]: What's wrong?
23:24:07 [Tibalan]: Told Boss.... bring boy. Told Boss... Torr is... Mahen'tosh.
23:24:22 [Tibalan]: Boss.... become very angry. Boss.... will come. At same time... as Torr.
23:24:26 [Hrodebert]: Boss? You mean Kapre?
23:24:31 [Hrodebert]: Kapre is coming here??
23:24:36 You nod at Hrodebert.
23:25:02 [Hrodebert]: Dammit.... this ain't good.
23:25:15 [Tibalan]: Kapre... and Mahen'Tosh... old friends. Kapre... refuse... to believe...Torr and Mahen... are same.
23:25:21 [Tibalan]: But Torr... will hurt Boss.
23:25:40 [Hrodebert]: And Kapre isn't exactly fighting stuff.
23:25:45 You nod.
23:25:52 [Hrodebert]: What do we do then?
23:26:08 [Hrodebert]: I won't have Kapre getting his ass kicked around here.
23:26:23 [Tibalan]: Keep... lookout... for Kapre. I... lure Torr... to Barrens.
23:26:33 [Tibalan]: Follow...from distance.
23:26:49 [Hrodebert]: Just to the middle ass end of nowhere?
23:27:13 [Tibalan]: I walk...with Torr....to Orgrimmar. Be...friendly.
23:27:31 [Tibalan]: Ambush... away.... to nowhere.
23:27:32 [Hrodebert]: In case you forgot, I can't set foot on Durotar.
23:27:43 [Tibalan]: We won't...go far.
23:28:07 [Hrodebert]: Why do we have to walk all the way to Durotar?
23:28:37 [Tibalan]: Not... all way. Just... through Barrens.
23:28:56 [Hrodebert]: Alright...
23:29:17 Aryeon is totally being the lookout.
23:29:30 Mahentosh shuffles along, collecting dirt on the hem of his skirt. He looks around for the large tauren. "....Tibalan??"
23:29:42 [Hrodebert]: ... I hear someone.
23:29:45 [Aryeon]: ...
23:30:00 Aryeon slinks back into the house quietly.
23:30:04 Tibalan snorts some before he turns around.
23:30:22 [Hrodebert]: [Low] Going upstairs.
23:30:44 [Aryeon]: [Low] Torr is here.
23:31:08 [Hrodebert]: [Low] I know... we're to follow him and Tibalan from a distance into the Barrens. Let me get my gear...
23:31:14 Mahentosh walks up along the road and approaches Tibalan. "I'm sorry I took a while... Your writing was rather difficult to interpret the directions."
23:31:26 [Tibalan]: I... am sorry. Orcish... still needs...work.
23:31:42 Aryeon watches silently from the balcony. Ooooh mysterious.
23:31:59 [Mahentosh]: Ah, it's not too bad. I'd say it's better than how some peons would speak.
23:32:03 Mahentosh laughs.
23:32:11 Tibalan chuckles nervously.
23:32:29 [Mahentosh]: I have wonderful news, my friend.
23:32:46 [Tibalan]: What...is it?
23:33:27 [Mahentosh]: On my way here, I came across Kapre. We were going to rendevous for some lunch, but I told him I had to meet with you. He said he'll be over soon.
23:33:38 [Aryeon]: ...
23:33:43 Tibalan winces some. "Ahh... I see."
23:34:13 [Mahentosh]: He says I can have the interview at the tavern down the hill. Do you mind? I'm rather thirsty from my travels.
23:35:47 Tibalan glances over his shoulder for Hrodebert or Aryeon. "Uh..."
23:36:00 Aryeon and Hrodebert are both upstairs.
23:36:14 Tibalan sees neither. This is not good. "Uh..."
23:36:40 Mahentosh blinks as he raises his head a little more to look at Tibalan. "Is something the matter? Do you prefer to have the interview here instead?"
23:37:02 [Tibalan]: .......yes. We.... must make it private. Yes. Come...inside.
23:37:11 [Hrodebert]: [Low] Why don't we just jump him now?
23:37:21 [Mahentosh]: Ah, wonderful.
23:37:32 [Aryeon]: [Low] ... we just might. Tibalan is bringing him inside.
23:37:39 [Hrodebert]: ...
23:38:09 [Hrodebert]: [Low] Are they coming upstairs... ??
23:38:13 Tibalan stands aside to let Mahen'Tosh in when his ears perk up in alarm.
23:38:34 [Aryeon]: [Low] Get out here on the balcony just in case. We need the element of surprise.
23:38:35 Kapre says: Mahen?? Mahen'tosh!
23:38:49 Tibalan quickly slams the door!
23:38:56 [Hrodebert]: ...
23:39:09 Mahentosh jolts in surprise. "What was that!?"
23:39:26 [Tibalan]: Uh... too strong. Sorry.
23:39:56 [Mahentosh]: My. You don't know your own strength, do you? I ought to be careful around you in case you hurt me by accident.
23:39:59 Mahentosh lets out a hearty chuckle.
23:40:07 Tibalan lowers his eyes. "Right..."
23:40:18 [Hrodebert]: [Low] So, how do you wanna do this? Tibalan grabs him, I shoot from the doorway and you charge in throwing the Light at him?
23:40:30 [Mahentosh]: So...
23:40:39 Mahentosh looks around. "Where do I sit, my friend?"
23:41:29 [Aryeon]: [Low] I would wish to merely disable him, if possible. If he does not use his full power, then let's avoid using your rifle... simple subdueing will suffice. Then I can attempt to open his mind.
23:41:50 Tibalan glances upstairs, assuming that's where both Hrodebert and Aryeon are. "...uh...sit...here." He leads Mahen close to the foot of the staircase, in plain sight for those who'd be up but away from Mahen's peripheral vision, especially from his single eye.
23:42:04 [Hrodebert]: [Low] And what if he does go psycho-warlock on our asses?
23:42:29 [Mahentosh]: Right here? I might be on the way.
23:42:42 [Tibalan]: No... it's okay. I don't... go up...often.
23:42:53 [Tibalan]: Stairs... too weak...for my weight.
23:42:56 [Aryeon]: [Low] Then we take him down by all means possible. But again, avoid harming him too bad...
23:43:12 [Mahentosh]: Ah, I don't think you're that fat, Tibalan. I kid, of course. On the fat bit.
23:43:14 Mahentosh lets out a hearty chuckle.
23:43:27 Tibalan chuckles along, totally faking it.
23:44:00 Mahentosh sits down, leaning against a step. "Well, then... how does this interview start?"
23:44:18 [Tibalan]: Uh... I would... like granddaughter's...full name.
23:44:22 [Hrodebert]: [Low] So.... just wait for Tibalan start the attack then?
23:44:40 Tibalan pulls out a notepad and pen from his bag.
23:45:13 [Aryeon]: [Low] Seems that way. I'll go peek down the stairwell to see if things are going well. It sounds like the interview is starting.
23:45:25 [Mahentosh]: Ahh, very well. Mana'Gal Blindthunder. Bear in mind, that surname of hers is temporary. She'll be having her om'riggor soon and by then she's likely going to have a new one.
23:45:42 [Tibalan]: Temp...orary?
23:45:55 Aryeon watches from the top of the stairs now.
23:46:27 [Mahentosh]: We orcs give our surnames based on our deeds. I got mine when I was conjured a great thunderstorm while being blinded at the time. Ah, it spooked the whole village. I stopped being known as the local runt then.
23:46:29 Mahentosh lets out a hearty chuckle.
23:47:00 [Mahentosh]: But yes, it's temporary. Mana has adopted my surname as hers until she has done a deed that will be worthy of her. I'm hoping the om'riggor would provide that.
23:47:16 [Hrodebert]: [Low] Sounds a lot like gnomes... the name thing I mean.
23:47:47 Tibalan nods as he writes it down. "She... is very young...then. How... about...her history?"
23:48:36 Mahentosh brushes his beard. "She doesn't really have much of one. She's young, as you said. She lived her life mostly in the internement camps, alone save me. Sure, she may have had playmates here and there, but we never had any main stays. For this reason,
23:48:36 Mahentosh she's-
23:49:16 [Mahentosh]: very, very lonely. After we're freed, we followed along the orcs to help the trolls, help your people, da da da da da...
23:49:58 Mahentosh smiles. "After that, we just settled down in Durotar, not far from the Valley of Trials. We lived in isolation during then, though. I'm afraid that resulted in a lack of any good social skills."
23:50:14 [Tibalan]: Is....that...so?
23:51:00 [Mahentosh]: Quite so. Only recently we are integrating with orc society. Mana'gal is a problem child in many ways, but I am hoping this rite of passage will give her the path to honor she needs to follow if she is to serve the Horde.
23:51:34 [Tibalan]: Oh...kay. Can... you.... describe.... Mana...in...per...sonality? Or...skills....or...hobbies?
23:53:04 Mahentosh thinks for a bit. "Well.... as I said, she lacks any orcish social skills. She's rather on the shy side, and prone to avoiding any signs of danger. She would have very little respect for her elders, though she is good to me. She also doesn't know-
23:53:49 [Mahentosh]: how to act around men. In fact, I think she's starting to act a little more trollish. When she was growing up, she got to know my troll friends plenty, and she was responsible for- oh! Yes, she helped me raise troll children. She's good with children-
23:53:51 [Mahentosh]: very much so.
23:54:12 [Tibalan]: Ah...
23:54:28 [Aryeon]: ...
23:54:52 [Mahentosh]: As for skills, I've taught her to be a good housekeeper. Good at cooking, sweeping, mending clothes, such and such. She'd be a very good wife.... except she can't fight.
23:55:36 Mahentosh sighs with disappointment. "But I suppose that is my fault. By the time we got ourselves a home, I did nothing to teach her defense. I was still suffering lethargy. I pray her mate will be the one to toughen her up."
23:56:20 Tibalan nods as he writes. "O...kay. What... about....pref..erences?"
23:56:28 [Mahentosh]: I beg your pardon?
23:56:51 [Tibalan]: Race.....gender....?
23:57:06 Mahentosh blinks. ".....Male orcs only, my boy."
23:57:29 [Tibalan]: For...mality's.... sake.
23:57:53 Mahentosh scoffs. "Right. As for what I would rather she have..."
23:59:14 [Mahentosh]: Strong. Level-headed. Preferrably much older, with more experience to provide. I want her to learn the ways of the orc.
00:00:27 Tibalan nods as he writes.
00:01:54 [Mahentosh]: Of course, I don't want just any brute. He must be... intelligent. Well-educated, even. A tactical mastermind, at best, someone who can make a simple, comfortable living at least. I don't want a male who will abuse my little baby.
00:02:15 [Mahentosh]: This male, I must meet him in person before the arrangement with my granddaughter is made. Do you understand?
00:02:22 [Tibalan]: Of...course.
00:02:35 [Hrodebert]: ...
00:03:03 [Mahentosh]: Otherwise, I think what I'm asking for is fairly broad enough. Oh!
00:03:04 [Hrodebert]: [Low] I hope we don't schism this family with what we're going to do.
00:03:11 [Tibalan]: ?
00:03:39 Aryeon nods silently to Hrodebert.
00:04:12 [Mahentosh]: Add this to Mana's description: She has a body most if not all females in Azeroth would envy. Especially female orcs.
00:04:21 Tibalan blinks. "Uh..."
00:05:34 [Mahentosh]: She may not be a fighter, but she has done enough physical work to break boulders with her biceps. Great childbearing hips. And a chest that would definitely please her suitors.
00:05:40 Tibalan blinks again.
00:05:48 [Tibalan]: ......... are...you sure?
00:06:07 [Hrodebert]: [Very Low] Orc envy indeed......
00:06:35 [Mahentosh]: She has taken after her mother, who in turn her own mother. I have mated with a beautiful warrior who was lovely as she is vicious. She broke my tooth here.
00:06:36 [Aryeon]: [Low] Such a fascinating people I have found.
00:06:39 [Mahentosh]: Love at first sight.
00:06:48 Tibalan mutters under his breath. "[Low] Orcs..."
00:08:16 [Mahentosh]: So yes. That should surely draw attention. But be careful if it draws any from non-orcs. I want pure-blooded orc great-grandchildren, thank you very much.
00:08:37 [Tibalan]: Very...well. So....long...term...yes?
00:08:44 [Tibalan]: Short...term.....okay....too?
00:09:23 [Mahentosh]: Oh, absolutely not. I don't want this male to be a love-em-and-leave-em type. He does anything to break her heart, I will break his neck.
00:10:29 [Tibalan]: O...kay....we're-
00:10:44 Tibalan clears his throat very loudly, enough for anyone upstairs to hear. "-done."
00:10:54 [Mahentosh]: Oh, really? I have so much else to say.
00:10:57 [Aryeon]: ....
00:11:01 [Tibalan]: Not...needed.
00:11:28 [Hrodebert]: [Low] Do we go now? I thought we wait for Tibalan to make the first move...
00:11:33 [Mahentosh]: Ahh, very well. I must tell you how I first met my mate... but that ought to wait until we meet up with Kapre. He was there.
00:11:53 [Aryeon]: [Low] Maybe we can try negotiations.
00:11:57 Tibalan cricks his knuckles. "Is...that so?"
00:12:22 Mahentosh is about to stand up. "Why, yes! In fact, he's the one who suggested-"
00:12:28 [Aryeon]: [Low] Reveal ourselves with intent to fight if he doesn't cooperate. Could work....
00:12:43 Tibalan places his hand on Mahen's head. "Sit down."
00:12:52 [Hrodebert]: [Low] Super-powerful high priests first, then.
00:12:55 Mahentosh freezes in place, blinking. "Wait...what?"
00:13:07 [Aryeon]: [Low] .... right.
00:13:17 [Aryeon]: [Low] Here I go.
00:13:19 Tibalan shoves Mahen back violently, striking the back of his head onto the edge of a step. "Sit."
00:13:30 Aryeon blinks.
00:13:53 [Hrodebert]: [Low] Better go fast!
00:13:57 Mahentosh slams onto the step in a dull thud before slumping down. "AUGH!!!" he cries, gripping his head and trembling. "What...was...that for?!"
00:14:12 Aryeon can be heard coming down the stairs.
00:14:24 [Aryeon]: That's enough, Tibalan.
00:14:32 Tibalan looms over Mahen'Tosh, cracking his knuckles as he looks down. 'I... am not done."
00:14:47 Mahentosh looks up to see Aryeon. "....ahh... it's you..."
00:14:57 [Aryeon]: Stay your hand, for now.
00:15:04 Aryeon looks down at Mahen'Tosh.
00:15:43 Mahentosh shakes as he lifts his head... and lights Aryeon's robe on fire!
00:15:52 Tibalan jolts back in surprise!
00:15:54 [Aryeon]: To save yourself excuses and further suffering from Tibalan, let's just cut to the chase, Mahen'Tosh- !
00:16:10 Aryeon stomps the fire out!
00:16:12 Mahentosh starts running!
00:16:23 [Aryeon]: He's going for the door!
00:16:27 Tibalan curses in Taurahe and gives chase!
00:16:37 Hrodebert runs to the balcony!
00:16:41 Mahentosh rushes out and starts heading to town. "Kapre!! Kapre!!"
00:16:46 [Hrodebert]: ... the hell with that!
00:18:33 [Hrodebert]: Torr!!!
00:18:46 Hrodebert lands from his parachute.
00:19:37 Hrodebert is a furious running ball of dorf. He lunges for a tackle!
00:19:38 Mahentosh doesn't run very fast. He stumbles down and rolls a bit, injuring himself greatly as he fell.
00:20:06 Hrodebert lands atop of Mahen'Tosh.
00:20:13 Tibalan rushes forward and reaches to grab Mahen when he misses as the orc fell. He keeps rushing towards him, snarling.
00:20:30 Aryeon catches up, a little out of breath.
00:20:41 [Aryeon]: Haven't.... run.... for so long.
00:21:20 [Aryeon]: Both of you... get up.
00:21:26 Mahentosh is grabbed! He grapples with Hrodebert some and places his hands on his back, attempting to envelope him with fel fire.
00:21:41 Tibalan staggers back.
00:21:54 Hrodebert punches his assailant in the face!
00:22:16 [Aryeon]: Well, words clearly aren't working...
00:22:21 Mahentosh punches back!
00:22:37 Tibalan reaches for Mahen to pry him away from Hrodebert.
00:22:47 Aryeon puts his hands together and closes his eyes, mumbling in some incoherant tongue.
00:23:08 [Hrodebert]: I've got him, dammit! I've got him!!
00:23:19 [Mahentosh]: Unhand me!
00:23:31 Mahentosh bursts Hrodebert in fel flame!
00:24:06 Aryeon opens his eyes, which beam with a creepy light as his voice resounds with an echo. He points his hands towards Mahen'Tosh and chants at him with his creepyvoice.
00:24:10 [Hrodebert]: Arghh!!
00:24:21 Hrodebert stops drops and rolls.
00:25:51 Aryeon places his hands onto the orc's skull and attempts to induce calmness into his mind.
00:27:29 Hrodebert sits up from the extinguished fire. Ow.
00:27:38 Mahentosh feels the calmness..... and fights against it nonetheless. His orcish rage overcomes Aryeon's attempt to soothe his mind as he grips a wrist and shoots great pain into his body.
00:28:24 Aryeon grits his teeth and focuses his own mind harder as well, engaging in a battle of mental will!
00:30:36 Mahentosh growls as he grips Aryeon's wrists harder and swings him around, throwing him onto the ground and rushing himself back up.
00:30:56 Aryeon continues speaking in his creepy tongue- and he just got orc slam'd.
00:31:01 [Aryeon]: Bah... !
00:31:03 Tibalan reaches for Mahen'tosh, ready to grab him!
00:31:32 Mahentosh takes in a deep breath and howls in the air ominously, a great wave of fear enveloping around him.
00:31:53 Tibalan flees some! "Auuggh!"
00:31:57 Hrodebert grabs his ears and bellows over.
00:32:25 Aryeon arises, hardly phased from the howl and again approaches Mahen'Tosh.
00:33:06 [Aryeon]: Torr, you can not escape us. We know your secret. Your terror ends now.
00:33:23 Mahentosh sees Aryeon hardly stricken with fear. He makes one last attempt to fight as he raises his hands into the air. Balls of light form above him as fire rains from the sky, pattering around them.
00:33:40 Tibalan takes cover!
00:34:02 Aryeon erects a shield around his body to protect himself as he continues to approach Mahen'Tosh like a fucking elf terminator.
00:34:08 Hrodebert covers too!
00:34:12 [Hrodebert]: Damn... !
00:34:32 Tibalan flees from the rain of fire and rushes back to the house!
00:35:31 [Mahentosh]: I will not let you end me....
00:35:47 [Aryeon]: Your life is not mine to take.
00:36:00 [Aryeon]: But you will SUBMIT!
00:36:22 Aryeon grabs ahold of mahen'Tosh's head again and once more attempts to subjugate him mentally.
00:36:34 Mahentosh raises his hand into the air as a purple ring forms around him. The winds kick up and a great burst of fel rises as...an imp is called???
00:37:05 Aryeon keeps his grip firm on the orc's head as he begins to chant.
00:37:34 Mahentosh | Gago the Imp looks around in confusion. "Wha.... watcha want me fo- oh, crap."
00:38:54 Mahentosh fights the mind soothe again, punching Aryeon down. "Gago! Attack him!"
00:39:07 Hrodebert rises up from his cover and sees the imp. He grits his teeth and draws his rifl, aiming it at the imp.
00:39:43 Aryeon flinches at the punch, but does not relent!
00:40:16 Mahentosh | Gago the Imp takes aim at Aryeon and shoots a firebolt at him!
00:40:49 Aryeon reflects the fireball with his shield bubble. Oh my god this is just like Devil's Eye fights.
00:41:23 Hrodebert fires at Gago!
00:42:23 Mahentosh | Gago the Imp is shot! He falls over along the hill, vanishing.
00:42:36 [Hrodebert]: Goddamn... imps.
00:43:13 Mahentosh looks at where his imp was. He steps back and raises his hands, making another attempt at fel fire towards Aryeon. The area around him ignites, fire rising and burning everything around him......as well as himself.
00:43:39 [Hrodebert]: Whoooa, hey, I think he's losing control!
00:44:11 Tibalan rushes out with his own rifle! He takes aim of Mahen'Tosh...
00:44:37 Kapre says: Mahen'Tosh!
00:44:38 Aryeon strains to keep himself protected from the fire, but can not protect himself and keep Mahen'Tosh from burning himself at the same time...
00:44:49 [Hrodebert]: Aryeon, finish it!! Hurry!
00:45:00 Kapre is running up the hill!
00:45:04 [Aryeon]: You....
00:45:06 [Aryeon]: Will...
00:45:14 [Aryeon]: SubMIT!
00:45:16 Tibalan is squeezing the trigger...
00:45:54 Aryeon blasts Mahen'Tosh with holy magic to break his spell and disable him!
00:48:41 Mahentosh is blasted! He rolls down the hill again as Aryeon's holy magic strikes him, nearly hitting Kapre as he fell.
00:48:58 [Hrodebert]: A little too hard hitting there....
00:49:10 Aryeon kneels before Mahentosh.
00:49:28 Tibalan sees Mahen'tosh rolling down and rushes forward to take another aim... and sees his Boss glaring at him furiously. "Uh..."
00:49:53 Kapre says: ....what have you DONE?!?!
00:49:57 Aryeon walks over to Mahen'Tosh's body and holds him up.
00:50:03 [Mahentosh]: Ugh...
00:50:26 [Aryeon]: He's not dead. And if he were, it'd be from his own hand, trying to incinerate himself with Fel fire.
00:50:48 Kapre says: Mahen'Tosh!
00:51:04 [Mahentosh]: Stay...away...
00:51:28 [Aryeon]: On your feet, Torr. The fight is over. Now you will account for your actions.
00:51:35 Tibalan lowers his rifle. "..."
00:51:51 Kapre says: Mahen'Tosh is not Torr!
00:52:08 [Aryeon]: We will be the judges of that.
00:52:55 Kapre steps forward, a small boy being left behind though now in plain view. "I know he's not! I even told Tibalan!"
00:53:00 [Tibalan]: ....
00:53:32 Mahentosh doesn't get up.
00:53:54 [Aryeon]: If we are indeed mistaken, then I will aide in his recovery as I aided in his defeat. Until then...
00:54:18 Aryeon pulls Mahen'Tosh up to a sitting position.
00:54:28 Mahentosh slumps back.
00:54:49 Kapre kneels besides Mahen'Tosh. "Mahen! Please, speak to me!"
00:55:08 [Hrodebert]: I think you either hit him a too hard on the head, or he exhausted himself.
00:55:19 [Tibalan]: Both....maybe.
00:55:26 Kapre yells: Shut up!
00:55:40 Tibalan gulps.
00:56:00 [Aryeon]: Likely he exhausted himself. My abilities were only to disable him just enough to get him to talk.
00:56:42 Kapre says: Mahen...please...
00:57:05 [Mahentosh]: I am.... very sorry.... for everything that has happened...
00:57:15 [Aryeon]: So you can talk. Good.
00:57:23 [Aryeon]: Would you like to take this inside?
00:57:31 Aryeon is stone cold, yo.
00:57:36 [Mahentosh]: I am done. Finish me now.
00:57:45 [Aryeon]: We will not.
00:57:55 [Aryeon]: I said before. Your life is not ours to take.
00:58:03 [Mahentosh]: I know why you sought for me...
00:58:17 [Aryeon]: Then you know what we desire from you.
00:58:25 [Aryeon]: Not a life. Not blood.
00:58:30 [Aryeon]: Information.
00:58:42 Kapre's soul was drained....countless others too...
00:58:47 [Mahentosh]: I see him. I see the boy...
00:58:59 Kapre says: ....Mahen.... no...
00:59:06 Tibalan grips his rifle tightly.
00:59:12 [Aryeon]: There will be a time for repentance later.
00:59:18 [Aryeon]: A time for apologies.
00:59:37 Mahentosh chuckles. "You think..... Torr cares about apologies?"
00:59:56 [Aryeon]: You seem to be ridden with guilt. I would assume you do.
01:00:41 [Aryeon]: I sensed a great fel presense from you, orc. I would defend you by saying you can not control your actions under its influence.
01:00:55 [Aryeon]: My people, and yours, know all too well that feeling.
01:01:20 [Mahentosh]: Elf.... I have done many things that one would be crushed into fine grain with guilt. No. What overcomes me more is the dishonor I have brought upon my dear ones, and as long as I am alive and blood unrepaid, I will continue to live the path of dishonor.
01:01:47 [Mahentosh]: Release me from the chains of Torr and bring me back my honor.
01:01:58 [Aryeon]: Death will not bring back your honor.
01:02:16 [Mahentosh]: It'll bring me peace as well as honor.
01:02:20 [Aryeon]: It will simply provide a breif, carnal joy to the ones you hurt. But even then...
01:02:31 [Aryeon]: Their wounds will still hurt.
01:02:39 [Mahentosh]: They will hurt as long as Torr has me.
01:02:52 You blink your eyes.
01:03:03 [Aryeon]: You must cast aside "Torr", then.
01:03:13 [Aryeon]: And the first step to that....
01:03:21 [Mahentosh]: Aryeon... right?
01:03:29 [Aryeon]: Is giving us the information we need. And yes.
01:04:07 [Mahentosh]: You do not have much time. Laaki and Bastos knows the way... I cannot lead you to Torr myself.
01:04:25 [Mahentosh]: He will break Jami and the calf child's soul.
01:04:32 [Hrodebert]: Bastos doesn't know shit, old orc!
01:04:49 [Hrodebert]: Please, by the Light, please! Tell me where you have kept my wife!
01:04:58 [Mahentosh]: I don't have him. Torr does.
01:05:13 [Aryeon]: Are you not Torr?
01:05:26 [Mahentosh]: No. I am his host.
01:05:36 [Aryeon]: Is Torr not a manifestation of your fel-side?
01:07:49 [Mahentosh]: I am my fel side. As long as I live, fel will run through my veins. I have been a warlock ever since I drank the Chalice of Rebirth. I have served Gul'dan's Horde and basked in fel flame since then. No...I no longer have an uncorrupted side.
01:08:14 [Mahentosh]: The one you seek... is a demon I thought I've had under control.
01:08:26 [Aryeon]: ... a demon?!
01:08:33 Kapre says: ...what?
01:08:38 [Hrodebert]: Torr is LITERALLY someone else??
01:08:54 [Hrodebert]: Geez, I thought you were talking with metaphors here.
01:09:21 [Mahentosh]: No. I am not.
01:09:26 [Aryeon]: Who is this demon?? Tell us what Torr truly is!
01:09:49 [Mahentosh]: A Doomguard... served the Burning Legion longer than I have been alive.
01:10:08 [Hrodebert]: .... a... doomguard?? Wait...
01:10:18 Kapre says: Doomguard...
01:10:30 [Hrodebert]: That doomguard you had running around doing your stunts, that was actually Torr?!
01:10:34 Kapre says: .....the one who took me in Ashenvale... HE is the real Torr!!
01:10:50 [Mahentosh]: That is him. Yes. The mastermind behind the whole plot.
01:11:09 [Mahentosh]: I am simply the hand who writes the letters..... the lips who speaks commands to Bastos and Urameil.
01:11:11 [Aryeon]: It would seem Torr had taken root in your orc friend's mind, using him as an avatar for his schemes...
01:11:33 Kapre says: Ohh, Mahen.... I had no idea.
01:11:35 [Aryeon]: Typical of the legion, but would have been more expected of a Dreadlord... but regardless!
01:12:00 [Aryeon]: Where is this doomguard now?
01:12:46 [Hrodebert]: Is he still using you as a host? I'd rather he not suddenly burst from your back and attack us all...
01:13:51 [Mahentosh]: I was going to meet him in Stonetalon Mountains. We were heading to Orgrimmar and depart for the Eastern Kingdoms.
01:14:04 [Mahentosh]: I don't know if he's still there or went ahead...
01:14:32 [Aryeon]: I doubt he'd be able to get across the sea without a guise. He must still be in the mountains.
01:14:38 Kapre says: Why would he go to the Eastern Kingdoms?
01:15:19 [Mahentosh]: His main hiding place--and where he held you--is in the Plaguelands. Torr doesn't necessarily "need" me to get across the sea, however...
01:15:40 [Mahentosh]: He uses me because I am chained to him. If I perish... he'll take another host.
01:15:43 Mahentosh lets out a hacking cough.
01:15:54 [Mahentosh]: I suspect that red-haired elf will want him...
01:16:24 [Tibalan]: ....
01:17:14 [Aryeon]: ... Urameil.
01:17:28 [Aryeon]: .... so that is what Urameil has been wanting out of Torr!
01:17:57 [Aryeon]: Where in the mountains where you last with Torr?! You must tell us!
01:18:34 [Aryeon]: Jami, Tibalan's sister, Urameil... they're all in serious danger!! Tell us all you can!
01:28:00 [Mahentosh]: I... don't remember.... but...
01:28:36 [Aryeon]: But.. ?
01:28:36 [Mahentosh]: We...were going to head.... to Sun Rock Retreat.
01:28:42 [Mahentosh]: He may not be far-
01:28:45 Mahentosh lets out a hacking cough.
01:28:48 [Mahentosh]: from there...
01:28:49 [Aryeon]: ... The charred vale, perhaps...
01:28:56 Mahentosh is wheezing now, his breath shallow.
01:29:14 Kapre says: Mahen'Tosh... oh, Light...
01:29:29 [Aryeon]: That's enough information. Quick, help sit him up so he can breathe easier.
01:29:31 Kapre raises his hands to heal Mahen.
01:29:43 Kapre sits Mahen up first.
01:29:58 Aryeon got this healing shit down dawg.
01:30:33 [Mahentosh]: No Light.... please...
01:30:49 Aryeon illuminates his hands with the Light and pauses.
01:30:57 [Aryeon]: Why not? It is all healing in the end.
01:31:46 [Mahentosh]: I... have never been healed with the Light.... and the fel still corrupts me...
01:31:59 [Aryeon]: It will not affect you adversely.
01:32:13 [Aryeon]: You may even find the experience.... enlightening. Pardon the pun.
01:32:47 Mahentosh rolls his eyes.
01:32:58 Mahentosh | Well, eye.
01:33:03 [Aryeon]: Besides, does not nature also reel at the Fel? You are sort of stuck either way no matter who heals you.
01:33:36 [Mahentosh]: It has before.... do as you wish.
01:33:43 [Aryeon]: Right.
01:34:31 Aryeon places his hands over Mahen'Tosh, sending divine energy through his body. It'd hurt, but in the cleansing sort of way. Like when peroxide cleans an infection. Only MAGICAL.
01:35:27 Mahentosh cries out, flinching as divine energy runs through him. He grabs at Kapre next to him, gripping his tendrils and...totally crushing them in pain. For both of them.
01:35:42 Kapre screams in Draenic. Cuz OW.
01:35:51 [Aryeon]: Yes, it hurts. But it will not injure you.
01:35:53 Tibalan winces as he watches.
01:36:19 [Mahentosh]: Stop it! Please!
01:36:49 [Aryeon]: You will endure. You will survive. Your heritage is a strong and noble one.
01:37:09 [Aryeon]: A little healing from an old priest will not be the worst thing you've experienced.
01:37:59 [Mahentosh]: I am noble no more!
01:38:28 [Aryeon]: Then you will regain that nobility!
01:38:49 [Aryeon]: An unredeemable man is just a man who has given up on redemption.
01:38:59 Aryeon is getting super Devil's Eye in here.
01:39:51 [Hrodebert]: I'd hate to interject...
01:40:13 [Hrodebert]: But we can worry about the orc facing his guilts and dishonor AFTER we've destroyed Torr.
01:40:13 Mahentosh cries out and tries to resist the pain.
01:40:31 [Mahentosh]: He's right! Let me speak!
01:40:32 [Aryeon]: Might as well start now...
01:40:40 [Aryeon]: Have you more to say?
01:40:52 Mahentosh pants as he trembles. He's healed, but still in great pain.
01:41:02 [Mahentosh]: You cannot face Torr as your own...
01:41:12 Aryeon is happy so long as the old beaner isn't about to die.
01:41:34 [Aryeon]: What do you suggest?
01:42:05 [Hrodebert]: Surely with all of us here, we could take the bastard down. Aryeon has to be one of the greatest holy men alive.
01:42:34 Mahentosh lies down. "Form a party of sort. The last time Torr was faced in person, he wasn't defeated then. He can easily slaughter anyone how stands in his way. Aryeon in your group can mostly do so much as simply keep you al alive."
01:42:35 [Hrodebert]: And I'm no slouch either. You just got the better of me because... we were trying to not kill you.
01:43:08 [Hrodebert]: But who can we bring... ?
01:43:25 [Hrodebert]: Maybe Cristo, and Diwaata, but I dunno if they'll even make it in time.
01:44:06 [Aryeon]: If we are to rescue our loved ones in time, then we must act within the next few days.
01:44:31 [Aryeon]: We can not afford to invite our greatest allies from across the world and wait for them....
01:44:43 [Mahentosh]: Holy people. Many of them, ideally. Torr served the Burning Legion, a little party of trigger happy folk would not do.
01:44:50 [Aryeon]: Mahen'Tosh, do you know anyone yourself?
01:45:12 [Mahentosh]: There is the Ashrune Pact.... but I think they're disbanding.
01:45:20 [Aryeon]: Damn....
01:45:39 [Aryeon]: See if you can get any of them to come while they are still together.
01:45:56 Kapre says: I know plenty of strong people... I can send word out through my bulletin board.
01:46:05 [Tibalan]: Bas...tos...help?
01:46:27 [Hrodebert]: I don't want Bastos's help.
01:46:44 [Tibalan]: Torr.... has....Anaka.
01:46:46 [Hrodebert]: Maybe Kepora... he's usually in Booty Bay. Maybe he could get here fast.
01:47:13 [Hrodebert]: ... Coria is in Northrend, goddammit.
01:47:31 Kapre says: I can surely try my sister and her mate. I'll join too!
01:47:41 [Mahentosh]: ....no. You, of all people, no.
01:47:54 [Hrodebert]: If Cristo and Dia can get here in time, they'd be killer assets.
01:48:52 [Aryeon]: All I know is Ralerian. And last I checked, he was in Silvermoon, and was rcovering from bad injuries.
01:49:36 [Mahentosh]: Take anyone you can. But... don't go, Kapre. You are my friend... and I am guiltridden as is to have you subjected to Torr's torment.
01:49:43 [Mahentosh]: ...speaking of which...
01:50:00 [Hrodebert]: Besides, you can't fight for shit, Kapre.
01:50:12 Mahentosh sticks his hand through his collar and searches in his mantle for... something.
01:50:38 Kapre 's knees shake as he speaks. "I can too!"
01:51:02 Kapre says: I will not let him get away with what he's done to me, to Jami, to Laaki... especially Laaki..
01:51:12 [Aryeon]: I would rather you stay with your old friend, Kapre.
01:51:26 [Aryeon]: Mahen'Tosh will need supervision as he recovers from our.... scuffle.
01:51:36 [Mahentosh]: Indeed. Here.
01:52:18 Mahentosh removes a necklace with a tiger's eye pendant and a charm attached to it. "This.... do not lose this, my friend. I am sorry to have taken it."
01:52:31 Kapre says: ....Mahen...
01:52:48 [Hrodebert]: If we end up lacking numbers, we can use the enviroment as our weapon too.
01:53:11 [Hrodebert]: I'm good at fighting in the woodland. I'm sure Tibalan is too, being a Tauren.
01:53:22 Mahentosh lies back. "You all need your strength to face Torr. He is a crafty one... and he has many shards of souls in his disposal."
01:53:28 [Tibalan]: I am.
01:53:34 [Tibalan]: I...want to come too.
01:53:38 [Hrodebert]: And we can always try to get some of the pissy creatures to attack Torr too. Like the harpies.
01:53:52 [Tibalan]: I.. am sorry.... I was....about... to shoot you... Mahen.
01:53:57 [Aryeon]: That would be... ammusing. Heh.
01:53:57 [Tibalan]: Use.... inter..view.... to lure you.
01:54:14 [Mahentosh]: I will accept your apology in the form of a mate for Mana'Gal.
01:54:19 [Hrodebert]: Make it up for him, Tibalan, by finding-
01:54:19 Mahentosh lets out a hearty chuckle.
01:54:21 Hrodebert laughs.
01:54:48 [Mahentosh]: You do not have much time. Torr will begin his torment as soon as he finds a comfortable spot.
01:55:08 [Mahentosh]: He needs me to drain the souls. But I cannot come.... he'll use the ones he has on hand for his power.
01:55:37 [Aryeon]: We will set out within a day or two. See who we can get to come, and then go regardless of who we get in the end.
01:56:26 Mahentosh nods as he closes his eye. "That is good. I pray the spirits--and the Light--to give you all strength."
01:56:40 [Hrodebert]: Until that time, we must take every measure to prepare.
01:56:41 [Mahentosh]: I am sorry this has happened...
01:56:57 [Aryeon]: Worry not about the past.
01:57:03 [Aryeon]: Just how you can improve the future.
01:57:18 [Tibalan]: You... help us. Redeem...shun...near.
01:57:32 [Tibalan]: Thank...you....for help.
01:57:43 [Aryeon]: Soon Torr shall fall. Your burden shall be lifted, if just a small amount.
01:57:56 Mahentosh smiles. "You're very welcome, Tibalan. And thank you, Aryeon."
01:58:16 Kapre says: We need to get him to a bed.
01:58:26 [Tibalan]: I.. help.
01:58:32 [Aryeon]: Think nothing of it.
01:58:42 [Aryeon]: Remember the Third Virtue of the Light: Compassion.
01:58:51 [Mahentosh]: I am not a follower of the Light.
01:58:56 [Mahentosh]: But... I think I understand.
01:59:04 [Mahentosh]: ...Hrodebert, yes?
01:59:13 [Aryeon]: Regardless of what we follow, we can all learn something from each other.
01:59:19 [Hrodebert]: .... yeah?
01:59:25 [Hrodebert]: What do you need?
01:59:26 Tibalan lifts Mahen'Tosh fairly easily.
01:59:40 [Mahentosh]: I sincerely apologize this has happened for you and your wife.
01:59:50 [Mahentosh]: ....I believe she has news for you soon.
02:00:15 [Hrodebert]: She told me she has a surprise. I'll have her tell me once we've settled back down.
02:00:53 [Mahentosh]: Ah. Then prepared to be very surprised.
02:01:10 [Hrodebert]: Regardless... while I do not think I can forgive you yet.... all I want is Jami back with me. If I can get that, then I will hold no ill towards you.
02:01:35 [Hrodebert]: My guilt and my rage has subsided to determination.
02:02:35 Mahentosh nods. "Very well." He smiles. "I am tired now. I thank you all for sparing my life. Now I can see to it the mate given to Mana'Gal is a suitable one."
02:02:52 [Mahentosh]: Spirits be with you all.
02:02:57 [Aryeon]: You as well.
02:03:57 Kapre turns to Aryeon and Hrodebert, bowing his head. "May the Light embrace you both and give you the strength you need. Farewell." He turns to Tibalan and readies to depart.
02:04:07 [Tibalan]: Uh... Light....be...with you.
02:04:15 You bow down graciously.
02:04:19 [Hrodebert]: Bye, all. I'll be up in my shanty.
02:04:26 Mahentosh is lowered with the bow! "Ergh! Careful!"
02:04:35 [Tibalan]: Sorry...
02:04:42 [Aryeon]: Do I have to heal you again?
02:04:46 Aryeon grins wickedly.
02:05:05 Mahentosh chuckles. "It's all right. I'll manage." He looks up to Tibalan and nods to him as a signal to go.
02:05:14 Tibalan nods and walks with Kapre down the hill.

Meanwhile, in Stonetalon Mountains, Urameil had his own little run-in...

02:30:24 Urameil climbs down the mountain atop of his felsteed, his fel essence rolling down the hill along with him. He grumbles as he looks around, sighing.
02:30:50 Zaria twitches an ear, turning around and looking at Urameil. "So that's what I could sense..."
02:31:10 Urameil blinks as he sees Zaria. "Hmph. I wouldn't have expected anyone else to be out here. Good day to you."
02:31:48 Zaria nods slightly. "Likewise, not many travel these roads."
02:32:10 [Urameil]: Indeed. Though I do have important business here. You?
02:32:51 [Zaria]: Just out for a stroll, really.
02:34:03 [Urameil]: A stroll? Heh. *He looks at her felsteed.* Quite a location for a stroll, hm?
02:34:45 Zaria laughs lightly. "That it is, you never know what you might find out here..."
02:36:02 [Urameil]: Quite indeed. Care if I join?
02:36:10 [Zaria]: By all means.
02:36:29 Urameil nods. "I am Urameil Sol'burnne. And yourself?"
02:36:52 [Zaria]: Zaria Duskfire, Demonologist.
02:37:01 [Urameil]: Ahh.. as I am.
02:37:42 [Urameil]: I am assuming you were a former arcanist as well?
02:38:23 [Zaria]: Indeed.
02:38:44 [Urameil]: Interesting. How long have you been in the warlock arts?
02:38:56 Urameil stops.
02:39:10 [Zaria]: ...You can sense that too, can't you.
02:39:12 [Urameil]: ....that must be him.
02:39:25 [Zaria]: Your business, I presume?
02:39:29 [Urameil]: The one I have been looking for. Yes.
02:39:37 [Urameil]: Let's go see, shall we?
02:39:46 [Zaria]: Once I have adequate protection, yes.
02:39:47 Sangreala stands up slowly, hissing gently to herself. Finally, she votes for speaking in common. "He is in these lands... And I intend to see to that of my own interests... Won't I, my dear?"
02:39:55 Urameil nods. "Wise."
02:40:01 Zaria slides down from her steed, which then seems to disappate into thin air.
02:40:58 Zaria closes her eyes, fel energy forming around her as she channels it in front of her. Out of the portal comes a rather nasty looking Felguard.
02:41:08 Felicia tilts her head at the... Beast? Creature? Thing? It's hard to tell just what it is, but... Perhaps it hasn't seen her yet. Judging the length from this tree to the next, she figures it's prudent to stay where she is.
02:41:23 [Urameil]: Impressive. I hope you have good control of him.
02:41:27 [Zaria]: Now we may continue. Come, Jhuu.
02:41:39 [Zaria]: And trust me, I am in complete control of him.
02:41:47 Urameil nods, not bothering to dismount his steed. He continues forward with caution.
02:42:30 Sangreala sniffs at the air gently, and spits out some black goo from her mouth to the lake. "How... Agitating." She crosses her arms behind her back, flapping her wings gently.
02:42:42 Urameil stops as soon as he sees the source of the fel essence. He sighs in disappointment. "Hmph. Not him..."
02:43:21 Zaria blinks several times, then smirks. "Still, interesting..."
02:43:45 Felicia blinks, hearing the new voice. She peers about from behind the tree, hoping to stay... Partially hidden. Damn this blue armor!
02:44:26 Sangreala slowly cranes her head back to the two Warlocks. Her lips distort to their usual wide, and sharp smile. "Urameil." She speaks rather clearly, despite the distance.
02:44:35 Urameil dismounts, his steed vanishing in thin air. He doesn't notice Felicia as he climbs down the hill, calling to the woman before him. "Greetings. We meet again, milady."
02:44:50 [Zaria]: I see you know this one...
02:44:56 [Urameil]: We have met before.
02:45:01 [Urameil]: But I haven't learned her name.
02:45:04 Sangreala laughs iconically, coldly, and unpleasantly. "Indeed we do once more, my dear. And it seems you brought along a lady-friend."
02:45:24 [Urameil]: An acquaintance. One I met only but moments ago.
02:45:57 Zaria bows her head. "Zaria Duskfire, milady."
02:46:01 Felicia lets out a silent sigh of relief. She hadn't been spotted. Something was definitely off about these people. Especially since they were conversing with... Whatever that was. And not strange by -just- their attire, either.
02:46:11 [Sangreala]: Interesting... And tell me, my darlings... What brings you along to Stonetalon?
02:46:43 Zaria | Jhuuroon scans around the area, standing behind Zaria protectively.
02:47:06 Felicia steps further behind the tree. She didn't need to see them to eavesdrop. Perhaps that would give some insight to the group.
02:47:39 [Urameil]: I come for the one I have been hunting for a long time now.
02:47:50 [Urameil]: He will soon come to my possession.
02:48:00 [Sangreala]: Allow me to guess... The esteemed, Torr was it?
02:48:12 Felicia frowns. 'Possesion', does not sound friendly. At all.
02:49:12 [Urameil]: Ah... so you've heard of him?
02:49:26 [Sangreala]: I have... The leech. A drainer of souls. And a rather elusive man to find.
02:50:02 [Urameil]: He is elusive for a reason. But indeed... once I find him, I will have access to a great power.
02:50:03 Zaria clasps her hands behind her back, listening.
02:50:25 Felicia takes mental notes. Torr, soul-drainer. Great power? Could be dangerous, the way he talks.
02:51:05 Sangreala hisses gently in... Distaste? Pleasure? Hard to tell, really. "You overestimate yourself, Urameil... You will require aid. And by the looks of it, you have competition..." She walks over, towering over the Sin'dorei in an inspective manner.
02:51:32 Urameil raises a brow and looks over to Zaria. "You mean her?"
02:51:54 [Sangreala]: I mean the Dwarf that was here... He aims to simply toss away Torr for the guards of Orgrimmar.
02:52:27 Felicia wonders if she has some parchment. It's almost like a mystery novel, how they talk about it.
02:53:06 [Urameil]: Ah. He won't be able to do that.
02:53:28 [Urameil]: I know him too. Hrodebert. The husband of the woman whom Torr has taken. I actually anticipate his involvement. He'll be a good distraction.
02:53:43 Zaria | Jhuuroon grips his axe tighter, focusing on Garm. "Mistress, and orc approaches."
02:53:58 Urameil hears Zaria's felguard and looks around, seeing Garm.
02:54:05 Sangreala simply laughed gently. "I certainly hope not. What a waste of power... But you will need aid, Urameil. You know that well enough..." She motions to Jhuuroon, snapping at him in a harsh Eredun. "<Stand down you blastering moron. He's with me.>"
02:54:11 Felicia searches through her small side-satchel. Vials, grinding stones, shampoo- Wait, Fenoriel didn't steal that bottle? Rations, armor polish... She frowns. Only one scrap of parchment.
02:54:38 Zaria | Jhuuroon lowers his axe, nodding.
02:54:45 Garm approaches the group, halting and bowing down before Sangreala; "Mistress." He grunts.
02:54:57 [Urameil]: ...what is this now? How interesting.
02:55:17 [Zaria]: A fine specimen of an orc...
02:55:29 Felicia blanches. Another person here? She was paying too much attention to the conversation, she didn't notice!
02:55:29 Sangreala motions for Garm to continue. "Come along now, darling..." She walks over, placing a clacified hand on Urameil's shoulder. "Urameil, my I present to you an experiment... And you, Elf. Back away from what that is mine."
02:55:48 [Urameil]: Ahh... he is an experiment how?"
02:56:23 Garm grunts, shifting his eyes to focus on Urameil.
02:56:45 Sangreala hisses gently. "Yes... An experiment with blood." She cackles softly. "And now then, Urameil. Onwards to business! You wish to find Torr... And it also comes to -my- interests that -you- are the one to obtain him."
02:57:14 [Urameil]: Is that so? Pray tell why that is the case, Mistress.
02:57:36 Felicia writes all this down, on what little room there is on the parchment. 'Orc, experiment, Urameil... Mistress?' She mutters each word almost silently.
02:58:05 Sangreala removes her hand from Urameil's shoulder, shifting her sight to his. "Because, Urameil. You are far more valueable as an ally, rather than a rotting corpse drained by me. I believe you would make a fine addition to my own grasp."
02:58:50 Zaria ignores the elf and felsworn, still looking at Garm apprasingly.
02:58:56 Urameil blinks. He smirks as he crosses his arms. "Addition? As an ally? Well... you flatter me, Mistress."
02:59:29 Felicia writes under the name Urameil; "Expendable?"
02:59:36 Garm eyes Zaria disdainfully, growling but otherwise remaining silent.
03:00:21 [Urameil]: But...indeed, from what I know.... yes, assistance is needed in order to acquire Torr.
03:00:28 Sangreala simply laughs gently. "Oh Urameil, ever the gentlemen... But alas, do not take me for a fool, Urameil. Deciept leads to power... And you would have no issue evasecrating me yourself to move further in your goals, wouldn't you?"
03:00:54 Zaria folds her arms across her chest, smirking as she looks at Garm.
03:00:59 Felicia quickly writes the word 'very' next to her last note about Urameil.
03:01:43 [Urameil]: I am not such a fool to make any attempts towards one with great power such as yourself.
03:01:56 [Urameil]: You have earned my respect.
03:02:12 Garm grunts, glancing toward Urameil and Sangreala. He rolls his eyes at the Elf's statement, before turning his attention to Jhuuroon, sizing the demon up.
03:02:33 Sangreala simply cackles gently. "Now, why would I want that? It's your loyalty I desire... But until then, we would work at a mutual partnership. You would extend my grasp, and in return I will grant you aid in your hunt after Torr."
03:03:06 Zaria | Jhuuroon is a bit bigger than the model. He is continuing to scan around the immediate area.
03:03:10 [Urameil]: Hm. As you wish and so you desire, esteemed milady.
03:03:13 You bow down graciously.
03:03:31 Sangreala looks to Garm with a snap of her head. "Come forth." She motions to him.
03:03:33 Felicia makes sure to write everything she can figure about this 'Urameil' character... Which now includes the words 'Toady', 'Hunting Torr', and 'Powerhungry'.
03:03:36 [Zaria]: I must say, I admire your pet here.
03:04:01 Garm shoots Zaria a glare, before he steps forward to Sangreala; "Yes?"
03:04:50 [Sangreala]: For the following hunt, you would be under the service of the man to my right. You would aid him in the hunt after Torr. Treat his word as you would treat my own, but never above.
03:05:18 Garm nods shortly, before he turns his full attention to Urameil, sizing him up as he did the Felguard.
03:05:32 Felicia writes in the margins between 'orc' and 'Urameil' the words 'Toady gets a toady'.
03:06:06 Sangreala turns to Urameil. "He will be at your command for the while being." Her gaze turns to Zaria. "And you... Let us see..." She begins examining her carefully, moving forward to clasp her chin softly in her gloved hand.
03:06:35 Zaria lets this happen, staring up at Sangreala with her hands still clasped behind her back.
03:06:41 [Garm]: This Torr... Do you want him dead, or what?
03:07:10 [Urameil]: No. I want to enslave him.
03:07:22 Sangreala huffs slowly, examining Jhuuroon before turning to him in Eredun once more. This language would be unpleasant to all ears but those of demonic descent. "<And you, brother... What can you say of your current owner's prowess?>"
03:07:43 [Urameil]: But the means to enslave one as powerful as him would be highly demanding.
03:08:02 Garm grunts in disappointment; "So capture, but no kill?"
03:08:21 Felicia winces slightly. Those words... Just... Painful to hear. Like they were clawing at her eardrums... But also not. Strange.
03:08:33 [Urameil]: Definitely. But... I'm sure one as strong as you is able to face a Doomguard, are you?
03:08:50 Garm crosses his arms; "Should be possible."
03:09:01 Zaria | Jhuuroon turns towards Sangreala, speaking in the same tongue. "<She is a worthy mistress, the screams I have heard when she is taming her pets are proof enough.>"
03:09:31 Felicia blinks and pauses in writing. Doomguard? What kind of people are these that they would willingly fight a -Doomguard-? She scribbles down, in capital letters, 'NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH'.
03:09:42 Sangreala simply laughes gently. "<Have you grown of fond to this mortal girl, brother? How... Dissapointing. They are but a speck of dust to us.>" She coughes gently, looking down to Zaria. "I might have use for you, girl."
03:09:53 Garm closes his eyes for a moment, but doesn't show any other sign of discomfort at the language spoken.
03:10:08 [Urameil]: From what I observed, this one is a crafty one. He should be, like others like him, one who has served the Legion for a long time.
03:10:44 [Urameil]: He is so powerful, he overcame his previous master--a former Old Horde warlock--and took control of -him-.
03:10:49 Zaria raises an eyebrow. "Oh really?"
03:10:55 Felicia writes ferociously, almost breaking her quill. 'Legion. -Burning- Legion? Investigate further.'
03:11:03 [Urameil]: Yes. I worked with the warlock myself.
03:11:12 [Urameil]: And now, he bores me. I anticipate his death soon.
03:11:43 Felicia seems to have... Run out of space. Oh! The back half! Good, good. She still has area to write!
03:11:49 Garm nods yet again; "Just say the word."
03:11:56 [Sangreala]: I will see to approaching you if I have further use of you, girl.
03:12:15 [Urameil]: I will have to find him first. He is around here in Stonetalon Mountains. With him are three children.
03:12:29 Garm raises an eyebrow; "Children?"
03:12:41 [Zaria]: My name is Zaria, felsworn. Zaria Duskfire.
03:12:45 Felicia stops. Completely. 'Children?', she mutters at the same time Garm does.
03:13:04 [Urameil]: Or was it... no, two. The draenei child fled. But yes. A sin'dorei and a tauren calf, both girls. About roughly eight years old for both.
03:13:25 Sangreala laughes gently. "Very well then..." She turns back to Urameil, rolling her hand. "Keep the children alive, Urameil... Their blood is quite the regant, if I do dare say."
03:13:43 [Urameil]: I do not harm children unless needed.
03:14:18 Felicia also hears Zaria's words, writing 'Felsworn mistress', underlining it thrice, before going back to the children. Two children, one Sin'dorei, one Shu'Halo. Felicia is... Getting chills. She wants out of there, but needs to learn more.
03:14:59 Zaria moves in front of her Felguard, running a hand over his chest as she whispers. "Now, do tell me what the felsworn said to you..."
03:15:12 [Sangreala]: I trust that Torr has no idea of your scheme, Urameil?
03:15:50 [Urameil]: He shouldn't. To him, I'm his hired thug. I broke six ribs and nearly lost a foot to that demon.
03:16:10 [Sangreala]: Interesting... Then the element of surprise is at your gain.
03:16:29 Felicia doesn't write much down right now. Uninteresting things, truly.
03:16:46 Urameil nods, grumbling as he lightly rubbed his chest.
03:17:00 Zaria | Jhuuroon glances at Sangreala, before speaking softly to Zaria. "She asked if you were a good mistress, I told her what you told me to say."
03:17:32 Sangreala gently tilted her head. Slowly, she licked her cracked blackened lips. "I want Torr brought before me before you enslave him... A chance to meet at this elusive prey."
03:17:44 Zaria pats Jhuuroon on the shoulder. "Good..."
03:18:16 [Zaria]: We will return shortly, I have a pet to catch.
03:18:26 [Zaria]: Jhuu, come.
03:18:45 Felicia puts her parchment and quill away. Nothing interesting right now, and probably not for a while.
03:18:47 [Urameil]: Is that so? Curious to meet a Doomguard?
03:19:07 Felicia looks about. Time to beat a path out of here? Hmm.
03:19:13 [Sangreala]: Indeed... I wonder what led him to such betrayel to the Legion.
03:19:42 Felicia blinks. Oh, shi- They only need turn their head and... She'd be caught.
03:19:45 Zaria turns to Felicia, her blood red lips curling into a smirk.
03:19:50 [Urameil]: He may have plans of his own.
03:20:07 Felicia blanches and makes for her steed with a loud whistle.
03:20:15 [Zaria]: Jhuun!
03:20:17 [Sangreala]: He is a Doomguard. He does not -deserve- plans of his own. He is a traitor, and I will see to his punishment.
03:20:32 Garm crosses his arms over his chest; "So, we're gonna track down a Doomguard and his Orc Warlock slave, then enslave the Demon and dispose of the Warlock. How am I doing so far?"
03:20:33 [Urameil]: Heh. We shall see upon meeting.
03:20:41 Felicia quickly hops on, literally hoofing it away.
03:20:42 Zaria runs after Felicia, Jhuu charging ahead and attempting to grab the girl.
03:20:52 Urameil looks up to where Zaria is.
03:21:01 [Urameil]: ....
03:21:06 Urameil turns back becuase he saw nuttin.
03:21:26 Zaria summons her felsteed, smirking. "The chase is on..."
03:21:31 [Urameil]: The orc is frail and ancient. He seems like a pushover by himself.
03:21:44 Sangreala looks to the commotion. "I will be awaiting in Stonetalon for the following while, Urameil... I expect you keep our little meeting a secret. There's a powerful enemy out there."
03:21:44 Garm sighs; "No challenge there, then..."
03:21:59 [Urameil]: The challenge lies in Torr.
03:22:41 [Urameil]: He is not one to underestimate.
03:23:17 Garm grunts; "I've fought worse than Doomguards." He throws Sangreala a glance, before he continues; "But I'm not going unprepare."
03:23:56 [Sangreala]: Do not fight with sheer force. There are better ways.
03:24:07 [Urameil]: Is that so? What have you faced, sir Garm?
03:25:40 Garm spits on the ground; "I fought on Hyjal."
03:26:39 [Urameil]: ...Ah.
03:27:15 Garm taps his tabard; "I'm of the Warsong Clan, as well. I trust you've heard of us."
03:28:11 [Urameil]: I have. And I've come to know a handful too. You're quite numerous.
03:28:35 [Urameil]: If you wish, you may take the orc. I believe he's a Bleeding Hollow.
03:29:03 [Garm]: And what would I do with an old Warlock? Make him polish my armor?
03:30:20 [Urameil]: Perhaps. Or you can simply kill him.
03:30:33 [Urameil]: ....though polishing armor isn't too bad.
03:31:39 Garm scoffs; "The Old Horde's Warlocks were worthless."
03:32:48 [Sangreala]: Do not underestimate the Old Horde Warlocks... They were valuable assets.
03:33:03 [Urameil]: Indeed. He may be old and frail, but he still bursts with great power.
03:33:10 [Urameil]: ...he just has lost his control of it.
03:33:35 Garm scoffs; "He's dead already for all I care."
03:33:52 [Sangreala]: All will die eventually. Such is the fate of mortals.
03:34:43 Urameil nods.
03:35:39 [Urameil]: Well.... I must continue my search for Torr. Where will you be until then...unless you are accompanying me?
03:36:08 Garm grunts; "I suppose I am."
03:36:19 [Sangreala]: I will be at Stonetalon... You could sense me easily. My minion will accompany you as aid... But I him for a few moments. He will meet with you soon.
03:37:07 [Urameil]: Very well.
03:37:36 Sangreala turned and began walking slowly. "Come along." She motioned to Garm.
03:37:46 Garm nodded shortly and followed Sangreala.
03:38:19 Sangreala moves to whisper something to Garm.
03:39:31 Garm frowns a moment, before whispering back.
03:41:22 Sangreala soon afterwards turns back to Urameil and looks down to him sternly. "I trust that you will not fail?"
03:42:03 [Urameil]: Of course not.
03:42:41 [Sangreala]: Then be on your way. Do not make me lose value of you.
03:43:13 [Urameil]: Very well. Good day to you.
03:43:18 You bow down graciously.
03:44:13 Sangreala soon turned from them and moved away, hissing in distaste. "Good day." She walked off.
03:44:22 Urameil summons his dreadsteed from the earth. He nods at Garm to mount behind him.
03:44:33 Garm walks.

And so, Tibalan uses The Love Exchange's bulletin board to make this announcement...


Strong fighters to face a powerful demon in Stonetalon Mountains. Kidnapped two children and a woman. Will torment them if not saved in time.

Reward: 50 Silver for all

Contact: Aryeon and Hrodebert
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
While the heroes build up their strength and prepare for the end of Torr's evil, Aryeon still has one more letter to send...

Quote:Dear Brother...

I know now why you truly seek out Torr. I know the secret of the warlock, and the puppetmaster behind him. I know it all, now. Please, I am beseeching you: do not pursue after this mad goal. Torr nearly destroyed Mahen'Tosh, he will destroy you as well. Doomguards are just too powerful to bind to one's will, indeed, it is you who will become bound to HIS will. Your body will become his hands and feet, and he will make you little more than an instrument of destruction. There is no knowledge to be had, no power to be gained, save for the knowledge of being the Legion's underling, and the greater power Torr will gain should he use you to destroy more people's lives. Is that how you want our legacy-... no. Our legacy is long dead. Is this how you want YOUR legacy to go down as? Just the suckling infant of the Legion's teat? You've so much more potential than that. I may despise you, but I can not let you throw away your life so foolishly. Please, PLEASE do not pursue this impossible goal. Turn back now, at the least. Even help us destroy Torr if you feel so inclined! If you do not, then I will be forced to stop you myself, and I do not wish for another fight between us. Do not brush this letter off as hot air. You know me better than that, Urameil.

Your brother,
Aryeon Sunsong
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Day 31

Quote:Dear Brother,

It's been a long time since you've called me that. I feel inclined to return the gesture. Almost. Well, not really ever. But nevertheless...

I know you very well. And you know me as well. Pleas will not work for me. I have been after Torr for nearly a year now, and I am getting close to something I have not accomplished since the abandonment of the arcane. I endured a being rooted and chewed up by a druid, humilation in the hands of an orc, falling down a mountain, and body-slamming from a Tauren to the ribs. Your fancy little light tricks will not deter me. Especially not this time. The Doomguard, one so intelligent and rebellious (by far) to the Legion is worthy for me as my servant, granted you destroyed my own attempt for something close enough years ago. I will not let you stop this attempt. Torr is mine, even if it kills me.

I have no legacy to leave behind. My wife has no husband, my son has no father. Walking dangerously close to the Legion's control is something I have been doing for some time now, and now you care about what will happen to me now? You underestimate my ability. This is what I have been doing since the fall of our family name, and I have made no plans to stop.

Do me a favor and go mind your own business. I intend to do this without any harm falling on Jami, though if she gets killed during this, well...too bad for her and the little ones. My condolences to you and their respective families should that happen.

--Urameil Sol'burnne
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Quote:I know pleas do not work on you, but perhaps a small bit of me had hoped you had changed over the past millennium and a half. If this is how you feel, then you are free to pursue these feelings. But I will stop you from succeeding.

See you at Stonetalon, brother.

Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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