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The Far Wolf Path
[Image: RiplahHover50.gif]

The Far Wolf Clan left early that morning, most had packed all there belongings the night before and the column of wolf riders left the camp in the Stonetalon Mountains. They took the high road as to not get in the way of the battle with the Grimtotem. However, they did intercept a scouting party of Alliance soldiers. They killed most and sent the rest scurrying away. They soon found them selves in the Barrens on what is left of the Gold Road

Ripdar points down the road "Crossroads is just that way" at the head of the column he leads the Far Wolves down the road.
Ripdar ‘s head jerks up like he sees something and veers off the path and heads for the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior.
Ripdar dismounts from Longpaw and takes up the fire burnished twin axes from Longpaw’s saddle and holds them reverently. He makes eye contact with the others communicating his need for reverence in this sacred space, and inviting them to follow his lead.
Ripdar nears the shrine and kneels before and bows his head
Thuntuk nodded, he closed his eyes and bowed his head as he folded his hands in front of his lower abdomen.
Ripdar kneel down.
Thuntuk kneels down.
Ripdar lays the twin axes before him at the alters base
Maz watches them.
Thuntuk raised an eyebrow under his mask, intrigued by the display. He sat quietly, observing.
A burst of white fire explodes from the twin axes and they can feel and all most see a wolf circling them before settling on his haunches before the totem.
Before their eyes the wolf becomes more substantial, though still clearly as spirit, as its form shifts to an orc that look very much like the Rip’dar
The spirit looks down at kneeling High Wolf and says “Throm’ka Son”
Ripdar peers up at the spirit "Throm'ka father"
Riplah then looks to the others in the clan “Throm’ka Brothers ... children of the pack”
[Thuntuk]: "Throm-ka, High Wolf."
[Riplah]: You have done well and have proving your worth
Riplah looking at something they can not see he says “Now comes the real challenge”
[Riplah]: There is a … sickness within the Horde
Thuntuk blinks at Riplah.
[Riplah]: This sickness ... it taints our spirit
[Riplah]: It taints the land that we now call home
[Thuntuk]: "What is this sickness?"
Riplah then looks to the north “I … dread … this threat for it wishes to drag us down, to bind us into darkness”
Riplah ‘s ghostly eyes penetrate Rip’dar then the rest of the clan “This threat though, is still shrouded in ... mist ... and know not if you any of you shall survive it.”
Maz looks to the spirit of the orc cautiously.
[Riplah]: Though if you do not fight it you will surely fall
Riplah His form again starts to shift into that of a wolf but the voice still echoes around them “This threat must be wiped from the face of the land...”
In another fiery white flash the spirit is gone with the word “Utterly” still echoing in their minds

Ripdar gets to his feet and turns to his clan "we have a path, my brothers and sisters, and we will follow it to the end!"
Ripdar Looking north to where his father was gazing he says almost to himself "Now if I only knew what my father meant"

OCC: I wanted the whole clan to know what is going on, any that wish to say there were there can, not just those that were in game. We have moved to the crossroads for restock and resupply, till we find a new camp. Rip'dar will also be taking counsel form his clan mates on what they think his Father meant. I left clues in the RP and they not hidden to deep so don't think about it too hard. If you figure it out you can post here or approach Rip'dar in game.

I will be doing a post like this for most of our events so every one can be on the same page. Also, if any far wolf want to Post ICly feel free to use this thread.
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After much contemplation and counselling with his Clan they were able to discern the meaning behind the spirits words. They were to rid there land of the Burning blade clan that was even then preforming there demonic deeds on Dreadmist Peak.

Rip'dar sent out many scouts gathering as much information as he could to devise there strategy. They may be small in number but they were quick and strong. Soon they had a map of there locations and numbers. Sharing this with the rest of the clan. They started to plan what was next.

Rip'dar pointed at the Burning blade base camp. "They have a Farm and supplies here. We must cut off the peak if we are to have any hope of thwarting there actions here in the barrens" Looking to the rest of the Clan. "I will take counsel on how best to raid this camp, what ideas do you have?"

((Please don't touch if you are not a Far Wolf, however if you are, feel free to draw all you want and make note of any plans))

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