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The Four Suns Inn
Just so you know what I'm going for watch the video below. Like I said the Novalights would be suspected of dirty deeds but couldn't be directly linked to it. With being an old family and having such businesses invested in its probable their gold is clean but doubtful. They have just opened a new inn, away from the Arcane Guardians in the ruins of Silvermoon where the wretched roam. There are guards in the plaza however but they're more concerned about the Wretched. This is a new place for Tavern RP but if you want just that you should probably stick to Booty Bay, Ratchet and places of the like. The Four Suns Inn although open to everyone ( of the Horde, with some coin ) its primarily a place like this...

(Please watch on Youtube)

The Four Suns Inn

A humble sized tavern fills empty ruins in the outskirts of Silvermoon, in a shady location. Its advertised as a family owned and friendly inn and bar. Homemade authentic elven food, with great drinks and rooms for the night. On later nights the air is filled with thick smoke and the chairs with Nobles, Magisters and those who work for them. Common folk and business opportunities are more than welcome, but anyone entering this tavern 9/10 would have an idea on who runs the place and how it works.

The Four Suns Inn had its grand opening a short time ago, publicly it boasts its aid for Silvermoon's reconstruction. Located in the dangerous area of the Ruins of Silvermoon it shows the area can be used and they aren't afraid of the wretched in the ruins. Also the employees hired at the fine establishment have all lost everything during Silvermoon's tragedies. The attire would be business casual to business formal. No official dress code but you may be given odd looks if dressed plainly.

The Cast

These are the regulars who make up the atmosphere of the place, or people and names rumored to be there. These people would most likely but not always be known upon entering the location depending on your character's awareness to Silvermoon politics. These would be the people who seem constantly in V.I.P. or prestigious members of the crowd. Well dressed and taken care of by the employees. Rules even broken specifically for them.

The Novalight Shin'ari

Thalion Novalight: The Eldest of the Four Novalight siblings, Thalion resembles the former Death Knight Nova, Jidaeo Novalight while his skin was still tan. This Novalight member has been low key, not much is known about him besides this. He is shown to be highly respected by his siblings and family.

Zariel Amaru Novalight: Out of his siblings he has been the Nova the longest and is probably the most recognizable. His exploits have been in the news, his most famous probably would be being on trial for the 'alleged' murder of another Noble heir. He beat the trial which may be suspicious to some. He is now the sole Nova of the house once more.

Alteryia Blightblood: Rarely seen, but is the Death Knight female Novalight sibling and eldest daughter of Jidaeo Novalight. She was the Nova before her siblings were appointed, it would be obvious she is the most outwardly intimidating of the four siblings. She is strict to business and would likely strike a tad of fear into the atmosphere.

Xanthe Novalight: The youngest of the siblings and gives the family a gentle, harmless look. Xanthe usually walks around barefoot, is clean and seems to be friends with almost -everybody-. Some have twisted this peaceful image to think she must have an underlying mean streak to be friends with so many. She is loved but watched from a distance.

The Troll: Apparently the Novalights are friends to a very large troll who was present for the grand opening. He doesn't wear too many clothes but no one wishes to tell him other wise, besides the bartender. He seems highly respected, speaking with the Novas on first name basis the troll also looks like someone you wouldn't want to anger.

The Family: Any other Novalights would be treated with respect as it is their establishment. Depending on how close the Novalight is with the Nova will show how much free will they have around the tavern. Characters like this include, Naveria, Mastus, Jidaeo, Vylaria, Renorien, I.E.

The House of Sunfire

Reigen 'The Matron' Sunfire: Depending on who you are you know Reigen as 'The Matron' of her own family. Known for their exploits for assembling the Conclave of Silvermoon, she has long sense been affiliated with the Novalight family and was even known to be an arcane Instructor to Nova Zariel. She is small and appears to be well respected while within the Inn.

The Sunfire Family: Members of the Frozen eye from guards to Family members themselves frequent the Inn and could be identified by their tabards and cool demeanor. The Sunfire family also wishes to cleanse their name of the crimes committed by the deceased criminal Sanguis Sunfire. Half brother of the current Matron.

The House of Seregon

Lord Elrohir Seregon: An old elf well known throughout Silvermoon. Elrohir lead the House of Seregon with the pristine dignity of an elder Elf. The Seregon house would be known prior to their suspected conflict with The Novalight Shin'ari and respected in their own right as a fully recognized Noble House of Silvermoon.

Lady Elihanara Seregon: Lady Seregon is the current Matriarch of the family and protege of Lord Elrohir. Its known that The House of Seregon and The House of Novalight have hostility although the two are also known to work together as Houses of Silvermoon. Feint rumors, very feint would say those around Lady Seregon had something to do with the murder of Vylaria Novalight. She is a tall intimidating elf.

The Seregon Family:
The Seregon family may frequent the Inn, often a group of them, and a group of the Novalights will go upstairs to discuss things. Sometimes the keen would see them take satchels or suitcases upstairs with them, returning without them. These members usually stick to themselves within the inn, and are treated with the utmost respect. However the tension between The Seregon family and the Novalight family is rather thick when their numbers increase.

The House of Silverfang

Lord Leron Silverfang: Leron Silverfang is known to have lead the house of Silverfang in the absence of Lord Ruibarra Silverfang. The House of Silverfang had seemed to disappear amongst the other houses for some time and have finally resurfaced with their successful mercenary group The Blades of Silverfang.

Sergeant Liridon Duskrunner:
The Sergeant is often seen in the tavern and is known to be a ranking member with the Blades of Silverfang, he usually speaks directly to the Nova leaders and apparently has respect. It is known the Blades of Silverfang help 'police' the Inn in the favor of the Novalights. The Sergeant is in charge of those 'officers'.

The Blades of Silverfang: The Blades of Silverfang are usually identified by their blue tabard with the white blade insignia. They are respected in the Inn and are also known to be the police of the inn. Common sense would tell you to either befriend them or be on your best behavior around them.

The Magistrates

Magistrates over Silvermoon frequent the inn for relaxation and maybe to keep an eye on the families. Some disappear with the Novalights upstairs to discuss business and ways to further help Silvermoon get back on its feet. Some of the Magistrates hold parties here, and have too much fun. What happens in Four Suns Inn stays in Four Suns Inn, sins hidden and forgiven. It is suspected that some politicians take bribes, such is pure speculation of course.

The Atmosphere

The Lounge

[Image: WoWScrnShot_010712_163318.jpg]

The lounge consists of the patrons. This is the place for dinners, drinks conversations and connections. Anyone seeking an audience with The Novalights, Seregon, Politicians, Sunfires, or the Silverfangs has a good chance approaching one here. Information can be acquired and one can come her just as an idle patron to kill time. This place is open to everyone. This place can be filled with other people as well, shady works. Anyone here however that would be doing something morally unjust would know to be discrete about their intention. For instance say one of our servers Drug dealers wish to do business with the family parading about it obviously will only get you removed from the Inn. If you have urgent news or anything you wish to speak to the family about in private then you will be taken upstairs into...

The Office

[Image: WoWScrnShot_010712_153205.jpg]

This location is only available to The Novalights and the Sunfires without escort. If your character is here to speak with either party they will take you there and unlock the doors that are ICly there. This is the location where business is handled that can't be dealt with in the Lounge. Here the Drug deals will take place, business transactions and conversations, Bribes of crooked Magistrates and hits. Please try not to metagame from downstairs or come to this area if you aren't a Novalight or Sunfire.


The Four Suns Inn basically is a business front for the Family and serves for a hub of multiple types of RP. Political, do you have a magister, magistrix or a citizen of Silvermoon that wishes to do something for their nation. Seek an audience with the Novalights, or other Magisters there to start storylines and put things into motion. Also if your magister is crooked or 'open minded' perhaps they would settle for a bribe for an interesting twist on Silvermoon RP.

Also do you sell drugs? The Novalights would be most interested in Ratchet White but would do business with fadeleaf or things like that. If you wish to go this route please be descrete the heat will come down harder on you than the Novalights depending on the situation. It will be easier to disregard someone trying to bring their name down. Also just a way to legitimize business. Say your guild sells things, or produces something ICly but there are no IC or PC recipients if you're horde come do business with the Novalights. Cross storylines, make new stories and start new RP. Or at least have once customer for your business, taliors, blacksmiths, engineers, drugs, slaves, anything!

If you have a politician, Silverfang, Seregon, Novalight or Frozen eye character that would be known enough to be an honorable mention PM me with your characters name and what would be known about them and I will add it to this post. We can also use this as a hub to start other storylines or idle RP. Get creative. GM assistance welcome :D
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The Four Suns Inn

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