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The Japanese make some funny games.
Two games have been making the round online lately and boy are they hilarious.

Taking every single "Japanese are crazy" stereotype to heart, these two games aren't actually interactive, but more of a random outcome animation. Something to look at with your friends and maybe place some bets. BUT my god are they hilarious.

The first one seems to depict how Americans do the ski jump.


The second video depicts your normal run of the mill horse race in Japan. DISCLAIMER: Some naughty use of the F-word in this one.


I dare any of you to keep a straight face through one of these.
[Image: 293D4BE4-7170-4C2A-B8BF-7EA572513EBD.jpg]
[Image: Lazuri65.png]
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I remember Japan World Cup 3! I saw a Vinesauce video about it. Funniest video I've ever watched. It was appropriately named Japonies 2013.

Edit: lol I forgot them spoilers.


Everyone made bets on which horse won... I always had this idea of bringing Japonies (including betting, since we got gold) to CoTH!
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You know, I wouldn't object to that.
[Image: 293D4BE4-7170-4C2A-B8BF-7EA572513EBD.jpg]
[Image: Lazuri65.png]

Is this possible? Having someone make a separate account for Japony shenanigans and betting?
.. Dat turtle.

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