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The Legacy of Black's Drakes
As the title suggests, this will be the storyline thread for the Black's Drakes.

Fearless mercenaries enacting cruelty and merciless tactics to shine as victors in all struggles, but not without loss. Mirran West leads this band of strong veterans and soldiers of all Wars, in hope to bring glory and ultimate victory to the Alliance in all struggles.

While the Legacy of the Drakes may far outlast Mirran West, or even their founder, Drako Black, this tale has yet to even start.

The Drakes began as a spontaneous event-starting crew of invisible NPCs. They've somewhat developed into something of a known force to some of our denizens on the server, but they are not yet done with developing. In fact, I do not seek fame, but I only seek to give my fellow roleplayers one of the best combat event experiences that I can provide.

And this is the part when you, my fellow (loveable) Roleplayers of this server we know as Conquest of the Horde, come in.

So, as it is, I am running low on idea's for new storylines and events for the good ol' Drakes. I ask very kindly to all of you interested in seeing this guild's Legacy grow;

Do you guys have any idea's for any events/storylines you think it'd be cool for this organization to run?

Please PM me or post in this thread with your idea's, and I will do my best to get to all of them in time.

Bottom Note: This is not a personal quest of server-fame, I simply wish to run events -for the people, by the people- (Hurrhurr American constitution reference Hurrhurr)

Good day to you all, and I hope to see at least one or two posts/PMs 'round here by the end of the week (month).
Hey, it's the Drakes' new blood, Tarri!

As a pen-and-paper GM, I've run a metric ton of mercenary games, so here're some plot hooks off of the top of my head:

The Drakes are hired by a paranoid diplomat or merchant, who just "knows" someone is out to get him. (You could resolve this a lot of ways, from an overt assassin to the diplomat being a distraction to draw the Drakes away from what they should really be protecting...that's how I ran it with my group, anyways)

The Drakes are invited to a feast and a tournament-of-arms, with a hefty prize offered to the company that defeats all others. Behind the scenes, though, the Master of Games has a more sinister agenda! (Maybe he wants to bribe or blackmail key members of each organization, or wants to kill a specific person and is using the tournament as a cover. Maybe he's captured some of his political enemies and is using the tournament as an excuse to have them all mercilessly killed, by dressing them up in armor and sending them into the ring.)

Word is leaked to the Drakes of a goblin caravan traveling through the desert (HOY, damn that heat), carrying a great treasure, or perhaps a prominent figure of value to the Drakes. (The tip could be a trap, or maybe a rival caravan is using the Drakes to attack the innocent traders with the false promise of treasure...or maybe the caravan is stronger than it first appears)

The Drakes are hired to break the lines of a siege and deliver much-needed medicine to a small town or keep. (Inside, maybe the townsfolk are suffering from a dangerous plague, or view the Drakes as the root of their problem. Maybe they accept the medicine gratefully but it turns out to be a plot by the siegeing army to poison the townsfolk inside with their false medicine! Will the Drakes take revenge for the deception?)

So, some beginning plot-hooks and some possible twists...what do you think?

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