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The Lion's Jaws
[Image: nd79rzA.png]
All Credit goes to Aethon for the banner!

...And so, Captain Geofferson Braxton, it is the conclusion of this meeting that you shall be leading the Alliance some of her fiercest. Deathwing's arrival has shifted the balance all across the globe, Stormwind is not the only capital anymore which faces an immediate threat. Towns and regions all around have requested assistance and support. We have received reports from Ironforge about the Dark Iron uprising, Darkshore and its destruction, and that Southshore was decimated entirely.

We cannot afford to withdraw our men from the Barrens at this point. Our soldiers near Stormwind are fighting to hold their ground just off the coast. It must be the combined forces of the Alliance that gathers, and the combined forces of the Alliance that educates this cursed Horde on the true meaning of fear. You are to find these men and women, and you are to utilize their talents for the good of the Alliance as a whole. Information is to be shared on a need-to-know-basis, we shall inform your daughter that the plans have changed.

You are dismissed, Captain.

What we Offer:
A life within the Alliance Army.
Roleplay in various different forms, in all sorts of different regions!
Combat & Casual events.
Things not even on this list!

What we aspire to accomplish:
To heat up Horde and Alliance roleplay, conflicts, and tensions. There's a war going on if you haven't noticed!
Offer an entertaining, mature and respectful environment for all.
Increase interest in both casual and combat roleplay centered around an army life, the relationships and struggles within.
Encourage self-sufficiency in roleplay; funds are limited and so are resources.

Recruitment Information:

So you see this post, get excited and hop over towards your desktop. Open your CotH and get your toon to a recruitment officer. They're going to be quick with their weapon, and doesn't afraid of anything. Right? ...Hold on there, bud.

People who seek to join the Lions Jaw need to know a few things beforehand. First off, Geofferson Braxton is a noble. This does offer him some form of power outside of the army, albeit it's slim. Secondly, he is an actual Captain within the Alliance Army. An army, which is very much at war. Insubordination may be met with cold imprisonment on water and bread till the group can drop you off within a city. Cooperation with the Horde may be seen as treason and make you an enemy of the Alliance. Seeing pink unicorns as you stab your enemy in the gut, to proceed and drink their blood and eat their delicious courage may be seen as insanity, which may have various responses; None of them really good.

Having said that, any Alliance race is free to PM Geofferson or whisper him in-game! If you'd keep the above in mind, the chance is small that there will be any problems whether you are a Gnome Pyromancer, Night Elf Huntress, Worgen Priest, Dwarven Shieldbearer, Draenei Paladin or sneaky Human Rogue! (Or something else entirely!) We don't expect anyone to be lawful-good, a neutral-good character or a lawful-evil toon who hides it well (key phrase: "Hides it well.") are all equally appreciated!

The chain of command:

- Captain -
The big boss, the big guy. The head tactician of the operation. The Alliance pays him and his operation, and he pays you.

- Knight-Captain -
Proven ones within the Lions Jaws, they have shown to possess valor, honor, skill and determination. They fight for what they believe in, and rally others to aid them with it.
[ Reserved officer rank ]

- Knight-Lieutenant -
Squad leaders that just ain't there yet. They are directly under the Knight-Captains and take groups of soldiers under their wings to make sure things go as planned.

- Knight -
Veterans within the group and indeed the army as a whole whom have been promoted but aren't expected to lead others just yet. They tend to be petty officers; sometimes the right-hand man of a Knight-Lieutenant, someone in charge of mess duty, or minor deliveries to the base. Or just another soldier ready to die for his or her lands.

- Sergeant Major -
Smackdab in the very middle of the chain of command. They do their job, and they do it well.

- Sergeant -
More experienced than the corporal, and has managed not to get themselves killed thus far. Keep it up, and you can finally head home when the war is over.

- Corporal -
A private who has tripped into the wrong tent and had his promotion papers signed early. Corporals tend to have more experience, hence the promotion.

- Private -
So Geofferson sought you out. Great. You are still the low man on the totem pole. Keep your head low, do as you are told, and enjoy the luxuries of army life.


Roles are separate from rank. Your character could still be a sergeant, yet have completely different duties when compared to someone else. An engineer, a cook, or a builder. Or they could be a soldier on the front; the military has many roles, and all are there for a reason. Whether they be a peasant or a noble...They're in the army now, and no matter what roles they fulfill, it won't be a cakewalk.


(To be updated later, provided interest remains, etc.)

Skype doesn't work for me; however! I do have a Steam account. If anyone wants to add my steam name to their friends list for easier contact, I'm all ears. Alternatively, if you don't have steam, I can be messaged in-game when I'm online, or someone could easily send me a PM.

[Image: 54079-Dr-Evil-air-quotes-lasers-gif-A6nY.gif]
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[Also my approval.]
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Edit: Indefinite hiatus, check out These Wonderful Guys.

Edit2: To be updated at some point!
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