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The Path of the Horde: Storyline Event Planning

"The Path of the Horde" receive a whopping 40% of votes over all the other storyline options. After some thinking on how I'll pull this off.... I decided to follow an episodic format via "limelight RP".

How does this work? LET ME EXPLAIN~.
  • The episodic format of this storyline would be done as if the storyline is a TV series. It essentially as 2 seasons: the first will be "introductory" wherein players and their characters are introduced into the story. The lives, personalities, and roles of each character is developed here, and an introduction of a mini-conflict is done. For Season 2, the mini-conflict is resolved.

  • Limelight RP, as CappnRob described it, is wherein a player's character is the central focus of that current story. Now you must be thinking, "how will this get us to develop Horde RP? How will focusing on individual characters have us explore what it means to be a member of the Horde?" That is exactly what will be done: by exploring the individual, who is a part of a whole.

Let's use.....aha! Grakor as an example. Grak is a Spirit Walker, who may seem a little loopy to those who don't know him, but he is wise in his words and loyal to the Horde. But perhaps... there is one particular spirit who haunts him and questions his place in the Horde. Maybe. That particular spirit will be the plot device that produces the mini-conflict that forwards the storyline, and upon its resolution, we have a realization of the Horde as not only a faction, but an organization that focuses on survival and honor.

The above is just an example.

So, in order to get "The Path of the Horde" running, I'll be setting up the episodic format in which players can get to be the central focus. Through RPing this story, the following will be the central goal:
  • Creating and strengthening groups of individuals that produce a friendly environment among Horde members as they bond as blood brothers/sisters (OOCly, getting RP buddies).

  • Encourage character development by creating mini-conflicts in which that character must resolve in order to feel more fulfilled as that individual and as a member of the Horde, or that person's clan/race.

  • Produce and open possibilities for additional storylines at the players' discretion even upon closing of this particular story.

Currently, this storyline will follow a 26 episode format: 13 for Season 1 (introduction of the characters and their conflicts), and Season 2 (resolution of the conflicts). If I somehow get more people than 1 season will allow, I can delay Mana's resolution episode and open up Seasons 3 and 4... but only if this Storyline succeeds.



Character: [Name] [Race] [Class]

Profile: [Link the coth wiki page or the WIP if it's not complete. If no profile exists, state No Profile]

Mini-Conflict: [Summarize what this conflict is. If you can't think of one, you can request suggestions]

Season 1 Episode: [How will your character be introduced? How will the mini-conflict present itself?]

Season 2 Epsiode: [How will the mini-conflict be resolved? How can other players get involved?]

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: [Timezone] [Hours of Availability SERVER TIME]

Frequency of Activity: [Describe how often you RP]

If you can't decide on how to fill this out, here's a sample, with Mana'Gal, whom I'll be RPing as to spearhead the storyline:

Quote:Player: imagenashyun

Character: Mana'Gal Blindthunder, Orc Warlock/Shaman

Profile: No profile, but I will write up one after the conclusion of this storyline

Mini-Conflict: Mana lived in isolation since she was a young child after the orcs were freed from their internment. Thus, she knows little of her own people, and she even picked up some warlockery from her grandfather, believing demons can be her friends. However, her grandfather urges her to be a shaman and do more for the Horde... but after living by herself for so long, how can she truly understand what it means to be a Horde if the Horde never did anything for her?

Season 1 Episode: Mana'Gal is introduced into the story when her first attempt at the Om'riggor fails. By the urging of her grandfather, she is given a second chance... but if she fails, serious consequences will be met. Mana will then have to train harder in order to pass her second attempt... but until then, she must learn the ways of her people and faction through those who will guide her.

((Yes, yes, I know, there is no lore supporting any evidence of orcs surviving failed attempts at the rite of passage, but bear with me. Gimme suggestions on how to fix that, I'll fix it.))

Season 2 Epsiode: This episode will focus on her succeeding at her om'riggor and becoming a shaman.

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: Pacific Time US, 10 PM-2 AM. Once in a while I may find daytime RP.

Frequency of Activity: Almost every day


Season 1:

1.) Mana'Gal Blindthunder (ImagenAshyun)

2.) [Spot reserved] (Grakor 456)

3.) Madugo/Du'guro (CappnRob) (Episode number tentative)

4.) Tun'kar Skullkeeper (Jonoth)

5.) Dhorgun (Sol)

6.) Moriok (Rosencrat)

7.) Mar'waz (c0rzilla)

8.) Versich Devosh (Xigo)

9.) Atled (Delta)

10.) Da'taz (Cressy)

11.) Grazmot Windseeker (ghaskan)

12.) Mokaku (Hawk)

13.) Dazennar Seregon (DaveM)

14.) Grogloki Deathweaver (Grogloki)

Season 2:

15.) Grogloki Deathweaver (Grogloki)

16.) Dazennar Seregon (DaveM)

17.) Mokaku (Hawk)

18.) Grazmot Windseeker (ghaskan)

19.) Da'taz (Cressy)

20.) Atled (Delta)

21.) Versich Devosh (Xigo)

22.) Mar'waz (c0rzilla)

23.) Moriok (Rosencrat)

24.) Dhorgun (Sol)

25.) Tun'kar Skullkeeper (Jonoth)

26.) Madugo/Du'guro (CappnRob) [Episode number tentative]

27.) [Spot reserved] (Grakor456)

28.) Mana'Gal Blindthunder (ImagenAshyun)
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
This looks awesome.
I hope so :D

Update: Added Grakor456 as a possible focus player. GET YOUR HORDE BUMS OVER AND SIGN UP, NUBS!
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]

Player: CappnRob

Character: Madugo, Troll Shaman

Profile: Here ya go, mon.

Mini-Conflict: Madugo is a shaman of the Horde, happily accepting the ways of the Orcs. However, he still respects and clings to many of his trollish ways, which he is afraid will cause a rift between him and the other shamans around. Madugo believes that spirits and gods can be approached as equals and used mutually, so long as it is done so respectfully, which puts him at odds with tauren and orc ideals who revere the spirits and gods as higher authorities. There is also the fact he dabbles still in voodoo, which is sure to distaste others.

Season 1 Episode: Madugo actively takes his children to horde settlements and teaches them about both shamanism and troll religion with the Loa. Someone's bound to get offended.

Season 2 Epsiode: Either people will come to understand Madugo's ways and accept them, or he'll become hated :D

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: Pacific Time Zone, Usually available from 8PM until I go to goddamn sleep (usually 2AM). Saturday I can be more available.

Frequency of Activity: Fairly frequently. I'm not a lurker.

Player: CappnRob

Character: Du'guro, Troll Berserker

Profile: Wham bam you're welcome ma'am.

Mini-Conflict: Du'guro once abandoned the New Horde due to the influence the orcs swayed over the trolls. However, in time he came to regret his choice and abandoning his only son, and now has returned to find him. However, his son, Madugo, is not the model troll daddy wanted him to be.

Season 1 Episode: Du'guro will seek out and eventually find Madugo. It won't be a happy reunion.

Season 2 Epsiode: Du'guro will attempt to dissuade Madugo from the ways of the orcs, even violently. He will either succeed or fail, depending on who sides with who, and should he fail, he could die, make amends, or just abandon Madugo entirely.

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: Pacific Time Zone, Usually available from 8PM until I go to goddamn sleep (usually 2AM). Saturday I can be more available.

Frequency of Activity: Fairly frequently. I'm not a lurker.

Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

Well, I'll probably split the two up, but as much as possible, I'd like to have as many slots open as possible for other players to join. Maybe if we can merge them into two episodes instead of four, that would be great. Otherwise, I'm cool with four focus episodes, but only if not enough players join by the launch date (which is a WIP).

For now, I'll reserve just two spots.

Mon <3
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Player: Jonoth

Character: Tun'kar Skullkeeper, Orc Warrior

Profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Tunkar

Mini-Conflict: Tun'kar has two long term conflicts. One is getting over the death of his sister, who was brutally murdered while he was still in the camps. The second recurring theme in his RPs have been the attempts to have him conquer his hatred towards all humans, as some in the Horde believe that a truce (not necessarily liking them) is needed to keep the peace. However, his experiences have led Tun'kar to see things very black and white, and helping him come to terms with everything is no easy task.

Season 1 Episode: Tun'kar has been living as a nomad for many years. Though he has come across others on his path, and has aided those who needed it, he is still insecure about failing someone as he did his sister.

Season 2 Epsiode: The outcome will depend on those involved. Will Tun'kar learn compassion? Will he walk a more peaceful path? Or will the strongest Orc there is continue to be a near engine of destruction and rage?

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: US Eastern Time, usually on at night after 6 or 7 pm but can be on earlier depending on work schedule. Working fridays and saturdays until the end of the year

Frequency of Activity: Every day or other day, especially during the week.
Update: Added Tun'kar.

I will not be launching "Path" until after the Defias storyline is completed (be there or be square, nubs). Until then, anticipate some PMs from me in discussing how your focus episodes will play out. I hope to get everything ready and prepared by the launch date :).
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
(12-12-2011, 04:21 PM)ImagenAshyun Wrote: ONE CHARACTER AT A TIME, MON!!!

Well, I'll probably split the two up, but as much as possible, I'd like to have as many slots open as possible for other players to join. Maybe if we can merge them into two episodes instead of four, that would be great. Otherwise, I'm cool with four focus episodes, but only if not enough players join by the launch date (which is a WIP).

For now, I'll reserve just two spots.

Mon <3

I see them as sharing an episode anyway. They both deal with similar issues (troll culture's place in the culture of the New Horde), just different plotlines to get there.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Player: Sol

Character: Dhorgun, Orc Hunter

Profile: Dhorgun's profile

Mini-Conflict: Dhorgun is a perpetual disappointment to his absentee father, a distinguished Warsong veteran. He strives to earn his recognition and approval, despite hardly knowing the man.

Season 1 Episode: Having recently completed his Om'Riggor, Dhorgun is roaming the wilds of the world, passing between Orcish settlements in search of honour, glory, a means to earn his name, and most of all his estranged father wherever he may be. The company of other orcs to travel with appeals to him greatly as he develops his understanding of what it means to be an adult orc.

Season 2 Epsiode: I can see his plot arc leading up to a confrontation with his father, who is, in fact, missing in action in Outland. Will the two reconcile or will Dhorgun victoriously step out of the old man's shadow? We'll see!

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: GMT, but I tend to be available at any time between 8AM and 10PM, server time. Given sufficient notice, I can adjust this (if this kicks off in the next three weeks, all the better, because I'm on my break from college)

Frequency of Activity: Every day almost infallibly, barring computer issues!

(EDIT: Awkward moment when you realise your character's conflict is nearly identical to Madugo's. Something to bond over IC in any case. xD)
Sounds like a terrific idea!

Player: Rosencrat

Character: Moriok / Orc / Warrior

Profile: Profile!

Mini-Conflict: Still very much a product of the Old Horde, Moriok relishes savagery and wickedness. She sees it as the ultimate form of remembering her roots, a way of life that was taken from her at a very early age. Yet despite herself there is still a touch of kindness in her heart, a desire to ultimately do good.

Grappling with this conflict between kindness and the old ways of the Horde, Moriok fluctuates between paying full loyalty to the New Horde ideals or descending into complete demon-worship and becoming a full-blown berserker.

Season 1 Episode: In one of her low points, Moriok is strung out on a wicked bender of violence and alcohol. In this state she spends most of her time in an Barrens settlement, spitting obscenities and trying to pick a fight.

Season 2 Epsiode: Moriok gets progressively worse until she begs the group to help her connect with an Old Horde war band. This ends with her ultimately facing the true wickedness of her past clan’s deeds when the band attacks the group.

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: Currently EST! Usually active between 9 am Server Time to 9 pm Server Time.

Frequency of Activity: Every day if I can!
Player: c0rzilla

Character: [Mar'waz] Troll Priest

Profile: Here. But it's not updated. Nothing really changed.

Mini-Conflict: Mar'waz has sold both her soul and the soul of her as-yet unconceived first born for power. Either she gives up her spirit upon death as payment to her teacher, or that of her first born. As a naive, feral teenaged Bloodscalp in the jungles, she was found by an elder shaman. He tamed her and taught her ways of voodoo, and the worship of the Trollish Loa. Kicked out from her tribe for seeking to rise above her station, cursed by Mueh'zala, she leapt at any opportunity for power and a chance to be amongst "civilization" again.

Now, at around twenty-five years of age, maturing in so many ways she comes to regret this decision. She makes her living as a fortune teller and provider of hexes and voodoo cures in the wilds. Perhaps she can find something like redemption.

Season 1 Episode: Mar'waz wanders, finding temporary homes while her master is off doing whatever wickedness he's doing. Perhaps she would tag along for profit, resources, knowledge...who knows.

Season 2 Epsiode: Unknown. May not be, as Gamba's player is required.

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: EST. I am a night RPer, so...6pm ST and later are best for me. But, I'm really flexible.

Frequency of Activity: Too much!
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Player: What's this?

Character: Versich Devosh, Forsaken, Death Knight

Profile: His profile on the wiki is outdated. Still. You'll get the basic gist of him from it.

It is much worse now (As in his fate)

I should probably rewrite it.


Mini-Conflict: Versich can't remember his past, unknowingly slowly falling into the insanity that tends to claim his kind. In an effort to restore his memories, he wants to go back to his home. He wants to return to Stratholme.

Season 1 Episode: Dude wants to go into Stratholme. Simply states it's something he must do. This would not be anything major, he'd likely introduce himself in someone else's 'episode' as a side character, with the plot being resolved at a later date.

Season 2 Epsiode: Well it's simple, really. We all go to Stratholme and make our way through it, making our way to a very specific building. Versich would enter, not caring of anyone else follows him. It is there that he will find... or may not find... what he is looking for! Ultimately it'd be a sort of combaty event, or if that's not your thing, your characters would bare witness to the destruction wrought on the great city. I mean heck. This is where Arthas started his descent to becoming one of the evilest forces on Azeroth. -That- must be interesting for Horde members to see, even if they don't care for the fate of the humans.

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: EST 2-8PM on Tue, Thur, Sat and Sun.

Frequency of Activity: I don't RP that often on Versich, mostly because he rarely has an excuse to be roleplayed. I'm generally available though.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Updated and added more people.

The episode order is only the working order. Who gets the spotlight when is dependent on the player.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]

Character: Da'taz, Troll, Hunter

Profile: No profile

Mini-Conflict: Da'taz was abandoned by her mother as a long child. Her father, who ultimately raised her and her siblings, lied, saying she had passed away. But as the years passed and her elder-mother spoke, she found out the truth; her mother had abandoned the family and ran off.

To this day, she her seething hatred for the female has grown, causing the overly dominate female to want to find her and put her in her place. Forgiveness, possibly learning compassion? Who knows.

Season 1 Episode: I'LL FINISH THIS LATER.

Season 2 Epsiode: I'LL FINISH THIS LATER.

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: PST (server time). I am available nights between 8:30 and 12:30. Some days during the day, 1:30-2:30.

Frequency of Activity:
[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
Player: ghaskan

Character: Grazmot Windseeker, Orc Shaman.

Profile: Link

Mini-Conflict: Grazmot has always been a peace-loving individual. However, this brings in down into a dilemma (or so he thinks) between being the loyal servant of the Horde he wants to be, by shunning the races he sees no reason to dislike, or being shunned himself for treating the Alliance as any other living being. While Graz has, for the most part, avoid this by serving the Red Vanguard, which allowed him to serve the Horde while avoiding conflict with the Alliance, the shaman will have to, eventually, be faced with the situation and make a decision...

Season 1 Episode: Grazmot is currently alternating his dwelling place between Northrend and Orgrimmar. Apparently, he has no reason to complain, as a competent warrior with a fulfilling shamanic touch. However, among his peers he seems to have a problem with talking about the glorious wars against the Alliance, a quite common discussion subject for the Orcs.
(subject to change)

Season 2 Episode: After much encouragement from the part of the other characters, Grazmot will eventually see the third option to his proven to be false dilemma: it is fine to befriend the Alliance races while still being loyal to the Horde, as long as one is not afraid to raise an ax (or any other weapon) when they decide to oppose the goals of the Horde. This could potentially involve some inter-faction roleplay, to obligate Graz to "take the bull by the horns".

Timezone and Hours of Availabilty: GMT+0. My availability may vary greatly... during holidays (from 16th December and 1st January), I can be found online frequently, as much as my timezone allows (I usually don't go to bed late). During school days, I try to get online every day, mostly around 11 AM (Server Time). Tuesdays and Thursdays are busiest, weekends provide some extra free time.

Frequency of Activity: I roleplay on Grazmot often, as he is the closest to a "main character" I have.

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