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The Purge Event Feedback (and other stuff)!
...I should reeeally be writing my midterm essay right now, but...blargh.

If I recall correctly, there is/was an Unholy talent that removes that requirement. I take it mean that (as this is Warcraft) there's a corpse/remains of one buried deep enough or something that your Knight, specialized in this sort of thing, can drag it up to the surface instead of providing the corpse dust (which is all you need, not an actual corpse! The energy animates it into a ghoul). Don't have time to check on that talent, though.

We'll have to see. Perhaps we should (take zenethen's idea cough) make the ones raised by non-Unholy Knights have only 1/2 HP, as those ones are...bad, frankly. People sometimes forget that Unholy ghouls are pretty damn tough, way beyond the temporary ones Frost/Blood guys summon.

The thing with custom rules like that...it'll get to the point where we might as well be trust-fighting, which is a whole can of worms I don't want to deal with, heh. And I'm very very wary of making that kind of crit change, even justified by light vs. DKs. 30% buff is not a slight advantage, IMO. But anyway, once we get into that territory, someone'll be tossing the card of "well all my plagues add DoTs, so shouldn't you be taking extra damage every turn?" And it becomes quite a mess. We'll have to see, though. That's mainly why I've avoided using plagues up to this point, even though Zalth makes extensive use of them.

And my reasoning for keeping the ghouls was that their 'high' HP made the fight even. Zalth had 6 and two ghouls with 3 each, against two other players with 6 HP each. 12=12.

Again, my issue is with (potentially, granted, but still) restoring 60% of your HP with just a roll. That is a game-winning bonus right there. It still seems unfair to me, particularly since I was thinking one heal, not two or three.

I view DKs as more powerful as well, which is why I feel adding roll bonuses will get silly very quickly. And 'OP' as they are, that's not reflected by rolls. Particularly when Zalth (who I consider particularly strong) is beaten by a paladin (who was rather stingy on offensive light spells) and a, by her own admission, very novice shaman. Nothing is 'certain doom' in rollfights. If these were trust fights (which I absolutely refuse to do with so many people) I'd say portraying DKs as stronger would be more appropriate.

And stuff. I'm certain half of that is unintelligible or really terrible arguments, but I churned it out in about two minutes, because this 15 page essay isn't going to write itself!

Again, though, thanks for your thoughts.
A suggestion after reading this all as an outsider.

Keep it simple. As a wise man once said, just RP, and leave the math for school. Use a base player HP of 5 (though could be more). So based on that:

1) Players get 5 hp each. +50 crit if you desire. Roll number of targets for AOE, which should help balance out things better if being double teamed, but AoE means only main target gets critted if applies.

2) Pets and declared ghouls get 3 hp each. By declared I mean you get 1 ghoul, and you must establish pre-fight that you have a ghoul. Also by establishing how many total combatants there are you can decide if you wish to wait for more players to balance out things. The other option if the odds are too much in favor is to just share a HP pool with the master, if the number of players is even.

3) Roll to heal. Crit = heal 2 points. Also remember that DKs have death coil for healing, which is primarily used against another target such as a ghoul or another DK. All DKs have that ability, so spread the love among each other if working in tandem.

Anything else, such as the power of holy magic vs undead, should simply be RPed. And obviously all CWs should be honored if agreed to, or just don't CW at all and live to fight another day. Easy peasy greasy! The less rules you have, the less you have to remember, the more fun you'll have.
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Ya know... I agree with Jonoth. Simplicity is always one of the best ways to go.

Maybe it's best not to over complicate it? If we do instate custom rules we will do it to a minimum. Not like we're trying to rewrite a set of 40k Codecs and making sure everything's all balanced.
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[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
Was kinda getting at that with my last post, but yar.

Though if we end up with codices I dibs Matt Ward for the DK one (rules only, mind).

Very well! Food for thought. Though I, again, should be writing that essay instead of this, buuuut...
Get to work on that essay then. We probably won't have our next event for a while. :D
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I am tech support

[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi

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