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The Rent is Due
O hai. Looks like there's a bandwagon -- time for me to be jumpin' on!

Characters that I RP with:
Elliott Mansfield, Human doctor.
Cadmael Cairnsmith, Dwarven explorer.
Coraethus Dawning, Blood Elf librarian.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]
In absolute honesty, you're hands down one of my favorite people to RP with. I've skulked your characters for the hope to finally RP, seeing as you NEVER SEEM TO BE ON, and your meticulous and overtly fantastic literary diction is an aspect you should take into the highest regard. Plus you're awesome to speak with OOCly!
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]

How long have we been RPing, now? Going on five or six years? Well, anyway, I can recall a time where the only RP we did was sitting on an in-game bridge as lolfurries in Furcadia, and now look at you. You've definitely grown up and gone up in the RP world, and I must say that your style may have changed, but it is always a joy -- no, a privilege -- to both roleplay and converse with you.

We began our roleplaying adventures together on retail, and I can remember being in awe of your style. You were so precise and your posts were so well-worded, no matter how short they were, that I can remember almost admiring it. This was way back when you had Iscovan and the House Ravengarde. (Which I still think is an awesome idea that you should see about worming into play *coughcoughnudgenudge.*)

I adore how absolutely different your characters are. All of them. In a way, you can tell exactly how your characters are going to be as soon as you meet them. I'll give you an example: each of your characters would have a much different way of saying, "Greetings. Have a seat," wouldn't they? Mansfield would be quite professional about the whole matter, while still being able to retain some level of warmth. Cairnsmith would probably be a cheery, social sort about it. Coraethus, on the other hand, would be disinterested, almost spitting the line sarcastically. And maybe it's just because I've known you for so long, and I know how you go about your RP, but it's a trait of yours that I'll never be able to put passed you. You create some of the most real and yet fantastic and vivid characters I have ever seen one create.

I shouldn't have to tell you about your eloquence, as you're a librarian, and I'm sure you could tell me to "stuff it" intellectually in more ways than one to make anyone's head spin clear off their shoulders, but I'll briefly go over it anyway! The thing I've always loved about your posts, both here on the forums and in-game, is the detail that you manage to put into them. The almost loving care that you put into describing a tea kettle, or a bit of dust passing through sunlight, or a small gesture one of your characters may make. It really brings a whole new level of realism to your RP.

As for OOC, do I really need to say anything? Except maybe for other people. *Points to Rent.* This guy's definitely a pisser to talk to. He's incredibly intelligent, and I've had countless conversations, both nonsensical and philosophical, with him.

The one bad thing I can say to you is...stop being so logical all the time. Yes, it's all good and well, but sometimes a story needs a bit of nonsense to progress, yeah? You've been a lot better with it over time, but I'll just leave this here. As a friendly reminder.

So CotHfolk, I give this bit of feedback to hopefully persuade you into RPing with his fine gentleman whenever you see him pop online. It will definitely be worth your time, and you'll have a ton of fun with him, no matter which character he's on.
[Image: af7tll.gif] [Image: 4j4aw7.gif] [Image: 33bfrtk.gif][Image: 2jxrg7.gif]
[Click on a character to learn more about them!]
I blush from the previous comments, but I would welcome more feedback -- critical or not, anything to help me improve. My active characters are roughly the same, although Narianna Ravenshade (Night Elf druid) and Lucerne Chambers (Undead mage) have joined the fray.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]
Given that I've been active again, I thought I would bump this thread and see what people think and what I can improve on.

The characters I'm playing currently are:
Cadmael Cairnsmith - Cheerful but troubled Dwarven explorer.
Lucerne Chambers - Cruel and malevolent Forsaken Defiler.
Narianna Ravenshade - Implacable and businesslike Night Elf druid.
Elliott Mansfield - Tired and friendly Human doctor and scientist.
Coraethus Dawning - Bitter and distant Blood Elf librarian.

Please, if you've roleplayed with me, let me know how I'm doing.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]

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