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The Supplier.
Krest needs himself a supplier! He goes through at least one armor repair a week, and countless bullets! Not only that, but he's a far cry from an engineer, so where does he get all his cool weaponry? If you said the realm of NPC's, saddly your right. But I plan to change that!

What I need? An engineer blacksmith more then willing to help Krest with his personal vendettas, and willing to make new and otherwise intriguing weaponry! Race/fraction doesn't matter what so ever, just so long as the rest are met!

What I can offer in return? Countless hours of rp based around creating new weapons -and- testing them out! Also includes a one way ticket into the thicket of the Fairstar storyline (Which is surprisingly involved with countless others.)

Post a comment, whisper me ingame, send a PM! Just lemmi know if your interested in this!
Pssst! We might stumble upon a person in The union. We have a blacksmith already under the name of Krendis. An engineer under the name of Vesper. Now those are two individual players mind you, but perhaps they can fulfill the task. :)

If you want them combined into one person; Can't offer that yet!
Ah yes! The union! Though a closer relationship between Krest and said suppliers would be ideal, I shall indeed look into this!
Hey now, what about Kugnar the gunsmith?
Who is this.. Kugnar?
A gunsmith in U.T.U, as he wrote! Who I didn't directly add to my first post as you asked for engineer / blacksmith. ... My bad.

@ Other players, don't be discouraged by the union's offer. For the union! We'd most likely sell the goods, for a fancy storyline Kage might be best of with an individual hordy! <3 (Though our offer stands. Soon, all shall join the union.)

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