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The Toothless Prophet's Tavern
[Image: 9xIYOey.png]

The Toothless Prophet's Tavern is located in Ratchet, deep within the city. This place of rest has many things to offer: food and ale that comes from every corner of Azeroth, b̶r̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶n̶e̶w̶ decent tables, and comfortable straw beds! At the heart of a busy trading port, the tavern serves as a hub for information, a place to find jobs of all kind, and many other exciting opportunities. Stop in today!*

*Now hiring!

OOC Information:

OOCly, the RP of this tavern will happen in The Broken Keel. The purpose of this tavern is to provide a chance for neutral and horde RP that is rarely seen on the server, and through hosting various events and opening up a place for IC postings to be found.

At the moment, the tavern is owned and kept by innkeeper Dakx Goldhammer. Because I can't always RP, I'm looking for other characters to be innkeepers at different shifts, along with hosts for tavern events. If anyone wants to have their character employed as anything else, such as a bartender, bouncer, or anything else that doesn't fit either the categories of innkeeper or host, I'm open to it. Along with employment opportunities, I'm hoping that this tavern can serve as a place for guilds to find new recruits, make allies/enemies/interactions, and as a place for mini events to spin off from.

Currently, these are the membership categories of the guild OOCly:
  • Owner/Head Innkeeper (guild master): The man who owns the tavern, does everything he can to make customers happy, and keep things clean. Position held by Dakx Goldhammer.
  • Innkeeper: -open for interpretation-
  • Host: -open for interpretation-
  • Staff member: -open for interpretation-
  • Associate: -open for interpretation-

Tavern Events:

All events involved with the tavern are pending. When the tavern finds enough interest and OOC organization, the events will be posted as their own threads, and placed on the calender.

The first kickoff event will mark the beginning of what I'll hope to be a regular RP hub. I will update soon with the time and information regarding this event.

Posted and framed somewhere within the tavern:

[Image: ffuz2vN.png]
[Image: anim_500.gif]
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