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The Underground
This is not a guild. This is not even something that officially exists.

But you are a part of it. Yes, you. To vent your frustrations, to do something shocking. To beat up someone. Something. Anything. It's your turn to do so, and you know what? It feels so good to do. Just to fight. No particular reason, other than you want to fight.

Where does it take place? Anywhere. Usually under the tram. They like under the tram. But this isn't just something concentrated to there, no sir. It's much bigger than that. Sometimes it takes place on a bridge. You see that person that you're scheduled to fight... and it just takes over. Raw anger. Raw hate. Not for them---but for the fact that they oppose you.

What are you a part of? You can guess. It's a club. There's fighting. But any mention of it is frowned on. There are no rules, though. But officially this doesn't exist.

Now time to do your homework, friends. Who wants to be a part of this? Who wants to be matched against seemingly normal people just like you? Who wants to fight?

You know you do.

So, welcome to "The Underground". This is my personal precursor to one of my favorite parts of Pandaria---the fight club. It's something that in lore just kinda... pops up. So hopefully it can be something we the players spurn on, and carry into. So let's start with an actual fight club, shall we?

As I said in the beginning---this is -not- a guild. Why? Because I feel that people all belong to specific organizations, and this group is not organizations specific. Stormwind guard? Not a problem, as long as you're not a rat fink. Love exchange? Sure, can be both a lover and a fighter.

Grey Militia? Haha. What's that?

Point being, this is a group, not a guild. I'll set up fights between interested parties. When you do the fight is up to you. Where? Also up to you. Just try not to kill eachother.

Gotta Hordie? Sweet. Become part of the group! Obviously though, you'll have to fight someplace other than Alliance lands, but it works, eh? This is a worldwide group, not one limited to the horde or alliance.

Also, I'll set up a chat. Wanna join in, /join Underground. I'll set you up.

See you guys on the other side. Of my fists. Beat Up
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△Move along.△


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Time to bring the unkillable girl back from the RP graveyard. *cracks knuckles*
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

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Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
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You know I'm down.
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I am in, probably with Andares.
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I might bring Dyma into this. Could be very interesting.

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