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The Wave
The Wave
"We are the sea."

[Image: 2h38v37.jpg]

The Wave is ready to set sail, but there is one thing that it needs... A crew! The Wave makes sure that any city, client, or area that is under attack has some mercenaries at its side. No matter how far the battle, The Wave and its crew will be there in no time. There is no better mercenaries than the ones on The Wave. The best of the best, the elite crew, the perfect bunch. Both in brains and in strength, The Wave is sure to have it all. There are no race or faction limitations, as long as everyone is neutral towards each other. The Captain doesn't want any fights breaking out on deck.

Led by Captain Tabitha Deepsoul, former soldier of the Stormwind Army, Tabby is a Captain with a passion. The passion to help everyone that needs it.

The Wave takes place on the ship that is labeled under: RP Locations > Next Page > Ship - Northrend. People are encouraged to passively roleplay at any time on this ship. Even if there is no event. Also, a reminder to all members: People on The Wave are at sea 24/7 until they dock. Though, that does not mean they can not roleplay another timeline with their character. Just make sure you don't mix things up.

Positions on The Wave:

- Tabby

First Mate:
- N/A

- Haiaclya

- N/A

- Sarain

- Louisa

Feel free to contact 'Traid' on the forums or 'Tabby' in-game for more information or questions on The Wind. This thread will be updated frequently with more information and recent news, so keep an eye out!
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  • Aethon
I did plan on making me a good merc and now I have a better reason. Just one question, is there any race/faction limitations or not?
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
Woopsie Doodle. I meant to had that in. No, there is no restrictions on race or faction. Basically, if you are neutral, you're good to come in. We don't want the crew to start killing each other. A little racism or something is okay, as long as they can control it.
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