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The Witcher
I was in WalMart looking for RPG-type games that don't require an internet connection (since I'm out for the summer and interwebs are hard to come by). I picked up the Witcher.... looks interesting. I'm at CMU library installing it on my external hard drive.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this game. Did I make a good choice?
Bury me on my feet. I have lived my entire life on my knees.
Oh! A Zero Punctuation video.... I wish I had headphones with me so I could hear it! I'll have to watch when I get back to the house.

Thanks in advance!
Bury me on my feet. I have lived my entire life on my knees.
It is indeed quite interesting, there's hours and hours of gameplay. I'm nearing probably 20 hours and i'm close to the end.

Combat can be repetitive against humans and humanoids, but fighting large beasts is ALOT of fun. Also get ready to run EVERYWHERE ON FOOT. It's a big world, better get walking.

I'd give it a solid 95/100. The graphics can be pretty, voice acting is more hit than miss, there's a metric ton of stuff to do, including getting totally drunk and picking fistfights in bars across the land. The main story is full of twists and plots, this is what a western RPG should be the standard for.
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