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The Wolftotem Tribe

The Wolftotem Tribe

"We were once strong. We conquered the mountains and foothills of Mulgore. For a time we lived in peace, but it wasn't long until that peace was broken. We were savagely attacked by a most foul creature. The Centaur. They came to our lands and scorched our homes. We were not prepared for such an attack. These savage creatures felt no remorse whilst slaying our women and children...

I was the last of our people... But we will rebuild, we will triumph, we will be... reborn!"

- Chieftain Muyoh Wolftotem


The Wolftotem are a Shamanistic tribe and honor all creatures of the Earthmother, but there is none greater than the mighty Wolf. The Wolftotem both love and respect these wise creatures and follow their example.

The Attributes of the Wolf:

Bravery, and


Chieftain - Chieftain of the Tribe.
Warlord - The Warlord works closely with the Chieftain on strategic battle plans and takes part in said battles. A great warrior whom is rather aged. (Position: Open, looking for either Shaman, Druid, Hunter or Warrior class.)
Vanquisher - The Vanquisher will work with the Warlord and Chieftain on battle plans, but is meant to command his people on the battlefield. A great warrior as well, but is likely younger. (Position: Open, looking for Shaman or Warrior class.)
Elder - Spiritual advisers for the Tribe.
Brother - All male members of the Tribe.
Sister - All female members of the Tribe.
Initiate - Those whom have yet to pass their test and prove their loyalty to the Tribe.

All members must undergo an IC test. Each test may vary, but will likely be very similar. This test will be given to the player by the Chieftain.


Currently there will be no 'real' events until we get more people; but I plan to do a rather large event later on involving the Centaur and other Horde Clans/Tribes.

Contact me if anyone's guild would be interested in such an event. Maybe we can get the ball rolling a bit quicker that way.


If you wish to join, please contact via replying to this thread. You may also contact me in-game on Muyoh via whisper, mail or randomly pointing at me at Onyxia's lair and /saying: "Guild."
Chieftain Muyoh Wolftotem - Chieftain of the Wolftotem Tribe
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  • chanan12
My char, Alak Brokenhorn might be interested in this, even though he had his own tribe. (no longer)

So yeah, he's interested.
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

Wonderful! I will be on in a while if anyone else is interested please /w me ingame.
Chieftain Muyoh Wolftotem - Chieftain of the Wolftotem Tribe
My Tauren character is a young shaman. And I'm exited to see people interested in Tauren. I just have one question. Will he have to change his last name to match the tribe? Name: Pangoa Stonehoof
May my ancestors watch over me.

Pangoa Stonehoof
Viggs Frizzlebolt
Theocratus Dominus
That was originally my angle, but I just knew people wouldn't be up to it. So no, his surname can remain the same. However, if you wish to change it to Wolftotem once in the Tribe, feel free.
Chieftain Muyoh Wolftotem - Chieftain of the Wolftotem Tribe
I see, so you meant for your tribe to be strictly Wolftotem. That's fine with me, my character has no tribe as of right now, he sorta just wandering. I think it would be cool to Rp out the situation where a Tauren changes his name, the last connection he has with his family.
May my ancestors watch over me.

Pangoa Stonehoof
Viggs Frizzlebolt
Theocratus Dominus
Hey! I would like my Tauren: Tejas the druid, to join the family! Ill talk to you whenever youre on!
My apologies to everyone who is/was interested. My internet was turned off and I was having finantial difficulties. I should be back very soon and I will get cracking on this guild if there is still interest.
Chieftain Muyoh Wolftotem - Chieftain of the Wolftotem Tribe

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