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The Wrathaxe Family
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I've been playing World of Warcraft for awhile, now. Had several level capped characters and raided quite a bit. It was only recently that I got into role-playing on World of Warcraft. I figured out that it was enjoyable back when I was a bit of a noob and an idiot at Role-play, on a US Server named Moon Guard. That was about a year ago. Ever since, I've been RPing continuously there, and even got a bit of a name for myself up in Moon Guard Retail US.
Then I discovered Emulators are good RP servers, if you find the right place. I decided to try a few out, including Epilogue. Epilogue is dying, and Requiem is dead, so I decided to look into this, and I have hopes.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
United States of America, English (Don't know what else to put O.o)

How did you get into Warcraft?:
Parents played, I just kinda'... inherited it. Not much else to it.
I got into Role-playing through a friend of mine, in real life, that convinced me to try it out. It was decent, then it got a lot funner and versatile then walking around beating on things constantly, and purposelessly.

What made you seek our server over others?:
Well, to be honest, I didn't. I found Epilogue -- its dying. I found Requiem, I've no hopes for it surviving
I waited for anything to pop up, but nothing did, then at the back of my Google list, I found "Conquest of the Horde", I was mostly RPing as Alliance, but if its an RP server at all, it was worth it.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I enjoy the tavern, occasionally, but mostly I enjoy large group (semi-organized) battle scenes. I've always loved this, and have been doing it since I joined. I also prefer it if it isn't planned, they have a more realistic feel to it.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Human Paladin. Because paladins are awesome (yeah, I know, I'll describe better). Because Paladins are powerful OOC and IC. I especially like a holy paladin, because they don't die very easily in OOC combat, and the RP of a healer and medic (though I am certainly very against insta-healing, in RP) is fun. I like the healing and repairing aspect, as well as I like the plated warrior of the Light. Humans, I just like because I'm a human in real life (obviously), and I know everything about them physically. I studied their lore, and the other types of humans. I normally do a tribal human type of human, that's turned to civilization due to exile (mainly tribal from the Stranglethorn Vale).

What are your expectations of this server?:
Uh. Good RP, not so many lolwutters, gripers, constant ERPers, and I expect Goldshire to be halfway decent, if not empty (:D). Other then that, I hope its active, fun, with a good community of people who don't take life too seriously. WoW is still a game, and I believe that fervently. I'm hoping, on this server, its still considered a game.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
The 'respectful' and the fact we have to do this. Whilst I normally hate putting up these kinds of things, this time its justified. To feed out the rather bad or undesirable RPers. I find it a useful and logical thing to have done.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
A story... A story... I'll come up with one of my many (I hope you want some kind of narrative):
The Stormwind soldier knelt behind the barricade, the mine, close to the exit of the Blasted Lands, and about a days ride from the Dark Portal, was yet again under siege, this happened all the time. The Horde or the Demons or God knows what else would be trying to cut off supplies to the keep. Right now, it was Horde. With a single siege weapon, and by the looks of it, Forsaken origin, and a small skirmish-party of ten to twenty orcs, and a small band of Rangers, they were able to stop any frontal assaults on the group, in a hope to break through.

The Horde where blocking the entrance that the soldier was stationed at, and his Sergeant had so far lost all communication with the other front, in all probability, there was a collapse, and no one could get through to the other station. This meant that they were going to have to abandon this mine, but if this was true, they had no back way out. They had to last another two days before the main fort could get a force down here to liberate the mine, and at the moment, this looked like it wasn't going to last that long.

The barricade behind which the Storwmind soldier currently knelt, holding his crossbow down slightly so as not to bump against the edge, was made of wood, with ends that spiked out valiantly, as if meant to do something, though mostly they were a lost effort to hold off a charge. There were five archers on station constantly, and one man manning the small gate. If they ever wanted a charge, they'd open the gate, and charge out, but, at the moment, that looked like suicide. The barricade help the mine's entrance, just in the shade enough to be protected from the blistering light from the sun, and the dusty light flowing in enough that they were able to see eachother. The perfect spot for lighting, this way, they didn't need to worry about sun damage, and didn't need too much lighting during the day.

Behind the barricade was a small camp-ish thing, keeping ten bunks for the ten off-barricade soldiers, and a large stash of supplies, which wasn't very large, after the fourth day of the siege. Every day, the Stormwind soldiers slowly lost another battle. They lost food and arrows and God knows what else, and totally unaware of either the situation of the other barricade, or even if the internal workings of the mine were blown to pieces, or not. All they knew was that if they didn't get out, soon, they would either starve to death, or be mad-rushed by the horde and get beaten.

The count, from their medic's standards, was one injured for us, and the Sergeants estimated about six injured for the Horde. They were less barricaded, but they also severely outnumbered the soldiers at the barricade. The Stormwind soldier, whose name was Roldwen Wrathaxe, slowly twitches his head up, looking over the barricade, and for the first time, not having been shot at. He places his crossbow on the edge, and quickly inserts a bolt, pulling back the string and hooking it to the end. Placing a finger on the protruding wood that would pull back the end and let the metal bolt fly, ready to fire. The young man looked over, and saw a distant figure, by the looks of it, Orcish, walking the hill beyond the Horde's skimpy barricade, he elevates his crossbow. The sergeant looks over, growling at him, "Corporal, you'd never hit that orc, don't waste the bolt."

Corporal Roldwen, ignoring his Sergeant as he always did, elevated it further, aiming to arc the bolt over the barricade, and down the hundred and fifty or more yard-ranged target. The sergeant growls, beginning to push his way, while still crouching, along the barricade, to push Roldwen out of the way.

Roldwen takes a few more seconds to aim, the Sergeant still stalking towards him. The orc almost gets over the edge, the Sergeant inches from pushing him over, Roldwen lets the bolt fly. It arcs incredibly high, and with rather incredible distance. Then, it begins spiraling down, the orc disappears over the edge of the hill, the tiny black line of the metal bolt does, as well.

A few seconds later, the Corporal hears a very distant shout of agony from a large orc. He had, miraculously, hit his target. The Sergeant glances at his corporal with a wide eyes, entirely underestimating Corporal Wrathaxe, he then grins, "Nice shot, Corporal." his face turns to a grimace, "Don't do it again."

The Corporal smiles at his victory, all of this taking a much longer time for you to read for it to actually take place. This, a few seconds after his landing of the shot, suddenly rangers begin appearing above the barricade, firing arrows back at him, he tries ducking down, and to his right, but it doesn't work. The Ranger's arrow, which would have hit him square between the eyes, glances across his helmet, ripping through the plate, and tearing through his right eye. It doesn't, however, get embedded in his head, instead, it removes the end of the eye, glancing the rest of his head, and spiraling off.

Corporal Roldwen Wrathaxe falls back, screaming in agony as the Sergeant, a large man, lifts up the heavily armored Corporal, and grunts, lifting him down to the medic, and with the help of two other soldiers, get him to a medical bed. Four more men add to the five at the barricade, reaching, in ultimatum, eight. The arrows fly overhead.


Corporal Roldwen wakes up, opening his eye, and feeling like he's not seeing as much as he should. He seems to be in a soft bed, and blood-stained sheets wrap around him. He lifts his torso up, rubbing his head, the sheets fall from his torso, revealing he's shirtless. He then observes he's on a legitimate medical bed. This was definitely at the fort, nowhere else in this god-forsaken land could ever have such nice beds. He then begins realizing there's sharp pains, every time he moves his head. They seem to be centered over his right eye, he reaches up, touching bandages over his right eye, wrapping around his head, and wrapping around themselves.

He then began to recollect what had happen. His remarkably good shot, then the ranger getting a shot off, and tearing his eye. He looks around, the room was large, with other people lying on similiar beds, none seemed to be awake. The walls were stone, lined with shelves, in which were large amounts of medical supplies, ranging from potions, to bandages, to stitching material, to books.

He recognized this room, this was the medical bay of the fort in the Blasted Lands, apparently they got out of that mine. He looked over towards the window, near the ceiling, as they were in a basement. Dim moonlight shone through the window, revealing beyond it a dark, cloudy sky. It was somewhere around midnight, he estimated.

Roldwen looked around, then got up, tossing his sheets aside, and massaging his throat, which he now realizes is parched. He looks down, he's wearing long, linen trousers, itching against his skin uncomfortably, but he was still clothed. He was also barefoot, but that was to be expected, he was in a bed.

Other then the linen trousers, he was entirely naked, he began to walk towards the door, still slightly disoriented without the sight of his right, and dominant, eye. He reaches over the knob, pushing the door open, and walking out, bumping right into a much shorter, and rather young woman, dressed like a nurse. He recognized her, vaguely, as a new nurse, that was most unfortunately stationed here by Stormwind.

He smiles down at her, she must have only been sixteen, at most, she regains her balance with the wall, next to them, "You shouldn't be out, Corporal... That's what the doctor said."

Roldwen nods silently, as he almost always was, then pointed towards the indoor-well. A rather new thing, that was specific to basements. The mages had installed that for ease at the medical bay. They would easily be able to teleport water from inside of the bottom of the well, and pull it in buckets. Like a normal well, but with a bit of magic on the side.

The nurse nodded, "Alright, I'll get you a glass, Corporal, just stay in your bed..." Roldwen turned as she said this, walking slowly back to his cot, and sitting down, awaiting his glass of water.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Abrupt ending, but, otherwise, I think I've got the things I wished to know. Don't be too overly sad about my writing, I did my best.
Anyway, I love this rule, hopefully I'll pass. It sounds like a very good server to look into. (And I hope that you can play Alliance, on the Conquest of the Horde).
Welcome to the server!

Make sure to keep your spelling up to par with the expectations, it is not too hard and ensuring that you capitalize the right things (like I's) go a long way to accomplish this. Don't forget to read the rules and stickies, there's a lot of useful information there that will save yourself and us a lot of pain!

Happiness is mandatory, citizen!
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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