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The best...
Just pick one thing that you think is the best of whatever's below.

Best song ever... Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Best Movie Ever... Gladiator

Best TV show ever... Soccer AM

Best video game ever... Fifa 09

Best game's console ever... Sega megadrive!

Best sport ever... Football (soccer)

Best food ever... Vindaloo, keema nan, chips and rice

Best place ever... Fiji, on an island out there

Best drink ever... Southern comfort with lemon and lime!

Feel free to add your own to the list.
Best song ever... Metallica - Enter Sandman

Best Movie Ever... Like grembomb, Gladiator also!

Best TV show ever... Mock The Week

Best video game ever... Asssassins Creed

Best game's console ever... Xbox 360

Best sport ever... Football (although I rarely do sports at all)

Best food ever... Pizza

Best place ever... Wherever your home is. =P

Best drink ever... Relentless!

That's me done.
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Quote:Best TV show ever... Mock The Week

Damn I forgot about that show, it's amazing. Franky Boyles is legendary!
Best song ever... I couldn't possibly choose between all my favorites

Best Movie Ever... Saving Private Ryan

Best TV show ever... Blackadder

Best video game ever... Arcanum: of Steamworks & Magick Obscura

Best game's console ever... SNES

Best food ever... Lasagna

Best place ever... The Scottish Highlands

Best drink ever... Jack Daniels
Best song ever... Spor - Way of the Samurai

Best Movie Ever... The Lion King x}

Best TV show ever... Temptation Island, hilarious

Best video game ever... Gothic ll

Best game's console ever... Some old Nintendo I don't know the name of

Best sport ever... Pankatrion

Best food ever... Steak

Best place ever... Somewhere quiet with no people whining about

Best drink ever... Red Bull
Best Song Ever... Michael Jackson - Thriller

Best Movie Ever: Pirates of the Carribean

Best TV Show Ever: Scrubs

Best Video Game Ever: Tony Hawks Pro Skater

Best Game Console Ever: Playstation 1

Best Sport Ever: Football (Proper Football played using your feet, not the funny-shaped ball one)

Best Food Ever: Any Curry

Best Drink Ever: Tea or Coffee
We're all doomed
Best song ever... "Guilty Pleasure" -Cobra Starship

Best Movie Ever... Millennium Actress

Best TV show ever... The Big Bang Theory

Best video game ever... Ratchet and Clank

Best game's console ever... SNES. :|

Best sport ever... Kickboxing!

Best food ever... Sushisushisushi.

Best place ever... The Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. Particularly in the evening.

Best drink ever... Coca-cola with cherry flavor in. Not the cherry coke you get in bottles, I mean the real deal.
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Best song ever... Lupe Fiasco - Superstar

Best Movie Ever... Fight Club

Best TV show ever... The Boondocks

Best video game ever... Crash Bandicoot 3

Best game's console ever... PS2 (Epic, for it's time.)

Best sport ever... AMERICAN Football (Not soccer)

Best food ever... Burgers (The really big kind that your told to eat with 2 hands, but don't.)

Best place ever... Deep forests

Best drink ever... Chocolate Milk

Best comic ever... Bone

Runner Up(s):
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Team Fortress 2
Free Samples at the Mall
In my bed, unconscious
Coke in a -glass- bottle

EDIT: OMGZGOGM Forgot a TV show.
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
Best song ever... So far, that'd be Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria

Best Movie Ever... The Golden Child (because it's hilarious)

Best TV show ever... House

Best video game ever... The Skies of Arcadia

Best game's console ever... Nintendo Game Cube (<__<)

Best sport ever... Rock-paper-scissors / Jan-ken-PON (Because I hate any other sport. Really.)

Best food ever... Spaghetti Carbonara

Best place ever... In bed (with laptop)

Best drink ever... Milk!! (I'm totally a milk-addict)

Best comic ever... Uh. The only one I followed was Witch, so I'll say Witch.
Best song ever: Maroon 5, sunday morning.

Best movie ever: Dude, where's my car?

Best TV show ever: Southpark

Best video game ever: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Best game's console ever: Nintendo wii

Best sport ever: Rugby

Best food ever: Rib-eye

Best place ever: Train station, with friends.

Best drink ever: Black russian or sunny delight.

Best comic ever: Donald Duck
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Best song ever: Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

Best movie ever: No Country for Old Men

Best TV show ever: Family Guy

Best video game ever: Warvraft III (The Frozen Throne)

Best game's console ever: Nintendo Wii

Best sport ever: Bowling

Best food ever: Shoarma

Best place ever: The Couch

Best drink ever: Coca-Cola

Best comic ever: DirkJan

Almost all of these are not the best but one of the many I think are the best.
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Best song ever: Within Temptation – What Have You Done Now

Best movie ever: Labyrinth

Best TV show ever: IT Crowd

Best video game ever: Thief

Best game's console ever: PS3

Best sport ever: NASCAR

Best food ever: Sweet Shrimp

Best place ever: Out on the water.

Best drink ever: Coca-Cola
Best song ever: Eye of the Tiger

Best movies ever: The Incredibles, Toy Story, and other like them.

Best TV show ever: Star Trek: TNG

Best video game ever: Fallout 3

Best game's console ever: PC ((Or SNES))

Best sport ever: Wilderness Horseback Riding in the mountians.

Best food ever: Breakfast ((Yes, all of it))

Best place ever: Outside

Best drink ever: COFFEE!
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Best song ever... Hot Chip - Ready For the Floor (I change weekly :|)

Best Movie Ever... American Beauty

Best TV show ever... Dead Like Me

Best video game ever... BeatMania/ DDR

Best game's console ever... Playstation Numero Uno

Best sport ever... AFL (I guess :| )

Best food ever... Cauliflower Soup

Best place ever... Home!

Best drink ever... Vanilla chai latte/ lemon ice tea
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This'll be good because I don't like picking favorites and switch between them. :D

Best song ever... (As of right now) Nightwish - Amaranth(or a bunch of other Nightwish songs) well.. either that or Hall and Oates - You've Lost That Loving Feeling

Best Movie Ever... (For Anime) Princess Mononoke

Best TV show ever... Either Spongebob Squarepants, House, or NCIS

Best video game ever... TBA

Best game's console ever... 360/PS3/PC >.>

Best sport ever... Lul. Eff sports.

Best food ever... Steak. Good steak.

Best place ever... The Intarwebz.

Best drink ever... Orange Juice?
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