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The war
Hm, I´ve just read Krent and Lyrdriath (sorry if I spellt that wrong.) I See posts on the war. Both of them mention warning high positioned leaders in Stormwind but the outcome is different. Krents story says that Stormwind deiceide to ignore the threat and merely bolster it´s defenses. While Lyrdriath states that they (Stormwind) assemble forces to fight the demons. Soo I wonder, what -did- Stormwind do?
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Ok, ok, ok. I know this isn't giving any info but I have to go out and say it.
WWSD (What would Stormwind do?)

Seemed like the perfect moment.
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In order to clear this up I had to go to the boy King of Stormwind himself! Well, he started telling me about the latest Pokemon game and about his score on X-box Live... so, I gave up on him and went to General Marcus Johnson.

He told me that Stormwind had indeed ignored the young Krent's pleas. While the people loved the boy scout, the guard force saw him as a foolish liability. However, when rumors (and refuges from Nethergarde) began to poor in, they had to take notice.

While perhaps not immediately bolstering forces like they claimed, they sent a small scouting party to access the situation. The party consisted of delegates from Stormwind, Ironforge, Gnomeragon Exiles, and the Argent Dawn Stormwind Division. They accompanied some brave members of the Nethergarde Elite.

Meanwhile, Stormwind did begin to bolster forces around it's own cities, including Lakeshire, and none too soon as word of the Blackrock march has reached them. They've all but ignored the plight of Darkshire, forcing the townfolk there to fend for themselves. All Stormwind resources are now committed to protecting the town of Lakeshire and the Elwyyn settlements. Nice guy that Johnson, little pompous though...
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Psh, I bet my live score is better than his...

Anyhow, thanks for clearing that up Fawee. Good to know good ol' Stormwind ignores it's people as usual. *Winks*
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△Move along.△


Bah, fah, shruah! I don't think so. I am the self proclaimed Xbox Live queen.
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