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ThePharaoh Presents: Eversong Woodstock

This is an idea I've been thinking about for a few months. I even had a draft written but ultimately lost it. So since the idea was pecking at my brain today at work I will just write it down. Its a little different which is why I was hesitant in posting the idea but I think it could be funny and above all I -love- music. The premise is similar to ThePharaoh's Coloseum in the sense that its a what if scenario presented by my moniker, in CoTH lore but alternate universe. Its like Zariel's Trial in the sense that it is open to the whole community to add either as a spectator or participant. Wow/CoTH parodies of songs presented at a concert! It can go from serious creative writing, to Lulzy absurdity. Feel free to jump from the audience to the stage to do a song, swan dive or do whatever happens at concerts that run for multiple days.

The forest of Eversong was slowly filling in as races from all over the horde stumbled between the trees of the eternal autumn. The red leaves of the blood elves wavered in the wind like flames from the sun. It had been some time since all the races had gathered in Quel'thalas, and all were there for a show. The dragonhawks sailed through the air slowly, almost floating along as idle pyreflies twinkled trailing after them. Vendors calling out last minute drink specials and various types of dishes before the show began. Orbs of glass floated in the air, as others scryed to them getting a better view from way in the back. The idle chatter and murmurs of others began to die down as silhouettes under the dome of the large Amphitheater began to move from left to right; their identities hidden completely.

"...I'm the opening act?" An elf asked, he was donned in a red mageweave robe, with intricate design. His auburn hair pulled back into a foxtail, the light of the dressing room reflected off his earrings, necklace and watch. "Our original first act bailed." Another elf says seriously, his red spikey hair seemingly particularly groomed well. He also wore a redish orange color scheme, one hand casually tucked into his pants pocket. "You're after that Zar, so...you get bumped up. Sorry." He says chuckling. "You're on in five." He heads to the door. "Singerius wait!" the auburn elf calls out, his response is a door slam. He sighs, sitting on a stool as his ears droop. After moments the door opens again, A feminine chuckle is heard as the door is slowly closed shut. "Awww... What's wrong?" The pouting elf looks to the olive skinned human trying to muffle her laughter. "I'm the opening act" he responds, his ears still drooping. The human walks to him. "Well at least you don't have to follow after the -Earthshakers-, you'd really be in trouble then." She shakes her head opening her eyes. "Because they're amazing." The human walks over to him and softly pats his chest smiling. He furrows his brow at her.

Squeaking is heard as the old pullies turn splitting the large drapes on the stage to everyone's dismay is an dark skinned human wearing an dark elongated headdress with gold trim with a matching ceremonial robe and sandals. The boos begin before the human can speak, two elven guards stand behind him with large orcs at either side of the stage. ThePharaoh gulps, looking both ways. "I-" his voice cracks, as he clears his throat.

The female grabs the acoustic guitar by the fretboard and hand it to the elf. "You'll do fine." She smiles warmly. He stands up and walks to the door. "Here goes nothing." He opens it and heads out. ThePharaoh regains his nerve raising his chin slightly, a bold human. "We've all come together before, We've all had common enemies, we don't have to like each other....but for the sake of music. Lets be civil." The booing seems to qualm. "Music has been apart of all of our lives, from the woodwinds and drums of the Horde, to the brass and strings of the alliance. And whatever the fel, Draenei use." A few chuckles spark from the crowd, the orcs remain unamused. "Without further delay, we have up first the Former Nova, Zariel Novalight." He walks off the stage, which cause some clapping mixed with Zariel's greeting. He walks out on stage and blinks idly looking to the crowd, a few coughs are heard. He blinks looking around some more as ribbons of thin smoke rise into the air. Fadeleaf and bloodthistle aromas begin mingling with the wind tickling noses all around.

"I know you wanted to see The Earthshakers they aren't here. Perhaps they'll show up later. Until then. You get the rest of us." Zariel sits down and begins playing.

Zariel nods his head slowly as his fingers begin plucking and holding down strings. The wet audible squeaks of fingers and strings beginning to sooth even the most savage beast. The sound being amplified by the domed theater even those in the back slowly begin nodding their head. Zariel looks at his hands, idly tapping his foot. He chuckles once, comfortable now. "You see.... I wrote this song after I got out of jail. It's just how you feel you know? Constantly in war, Constantly in competition, always judged, no peace. If I had one wish..." He continues playing, switching his hands placement on the guitar, looking to the crowd for seconds before returning to his guitar. "Just -one- wish....I'd want to go to another place." He chuckles as he notices a few orcs and tauren nodding their heads, several elves swaying with their eyes closed. More Bloodthistle. "Don't get me wrong, I love it here, I love you all...But I'd want to go somewhere we all exist, but don't conflict." He chuckles. "I like that." A blonde elf with spikey hair smiles as his ears twitch, beside him stands a much shorter female elf with long dark hair; she wears a black mask and a birthday tiara. On stage the auburn haired elf stops playing and stands. He turns around and aims a finger, holding the guitar with his other hand. With his back facing the audience he fires five bolts of fire to the inside of the amphitheater lighting torches. The crowd 'oohs' as the light exposes more people on stage. A tauren sits with two drums in front of him, with an elf sitting at a piano.

"If I'll do it... I suppose I'll do it right, yeah?" He turns around. More Bloodthistle. Fists fly into the air. They begin playing.


Actual song: Dreamworld by Robin Thicke
As performed: Dream world by Zariel Amaru Novalight

Lyrics as performed to the likeness of the Actual song.

I could be you
You could be me
We could be one
We could be just fine

Northrend would be melting
And evil would Die
I would just light my big cigar
And everything would be alright
and mana would just fall down right from the sky

Words would fly right from outta my mouth, out of my mind
Into your heart, into your life
And everything would sound just right
And no one would stop me from drinking my wine

That's my dream world
That's my dream world
It's more than a dream
A dream world
That's my dream world
And I wanna live in my dream

For the real world just don't feel right
I Wouldn't spend my days searching for, searching for lost time
I wouldn't be so damn sensitive, I'd let things go by
No matter what the weather, I'd learn to change, I'd change with the tide

Everytime I'd need a woman
She'd would be right by me
She'd hold me tight, treat me right
And tell me everything is gonna be, gonna be alright

That's my dreamworld
That's my dreamworld

I would tell my teacher that she was loved
There's no need to cry
I would tell my father
his father 'didn't want you to die'
There would be no Horde-Ally
The world would just treat my love right
We could walk through Eversong
And no one would look at us twice

That's my dreamworld
That's my dreamworld
It's more than a dream
A dreamworld
That's my dreamworld
And I wanna live in my dream
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
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The applause continues as the music dies down. The bloodthistle and fadeleaf beginning to form a weak haze above the heads of the audience. Zariel paces the stage calmly, as the tauren slightly taps the drums accompanied by an idle piano solo. Zariel nods, "Thank you, Just getting started hope you're enjoying yourselves. On the Drums we have from Mulgore Ahote Grimjaw and on the piano Lord Leron Silverfang himself." The large midnight tauren waves to the growing audience. The blonde noble elf behind the piano simply nods, an eye patch covering one eye and an eyelid covering the other. The audience claps, as people throughout the crowd in blue and white tabards raise their fists. "Some of the Noble houses wanted to show we can throw a party too!" He raises a fist, still holding a guitar. The applause still lingering in the air, just as thick as the smoke.

A gnome scurries onto the stage. Zariel takes a few steps away from it, caught off guard. "What the f-" The little woman was donned in dirty boots, work gloves and a mining helmet. A tiny shovel slung over her back she held two items in her hand. She lifted her head high to meet eyes with the elf, the audience watching closely as well as eating and mingling amongst themselves. "My friend says you need to liven up." She extends up her left arm offering him a hand rolled cigar. Zariel takes it from her in confusion. A disgruntled raspy voice calls out from the sea of elven, human, orcish, troll, and draenic faces.

"Hit it!"

"-Shut up, Berk!-"

The gnome holds a trombone in her other hand, she looks up to Zariel and repeats. "Hit it." She says nodding a couple times in succession. Zariel begins smoking while he holds the guitar and idly begins strumming a few notes. He looks to the gnome, then to the trombone. "Are...you planning on playing?" She looks up to him. "Well, I'm not going to dig with it." She happily turns to the crowd commanding the stage. "Hit it!"


Actual Song: Wrong Way - Sublime
As performed: Zariel Amaru Novalight & Alexandria Jackbolt

Lyrics as performed to the likeness of the actual song.

Anna's says I'm old
second youngest out of four
Nobody ever told her
It's the wrong way.

Don't be afraid with the quickness your hair grays
building family graves
It's the wrong way.

He gave her all that she asked of him,
So much love that she had to grin.
Salty tears running down her chin
And it ruins up her make up
She never needed.

Her goggles set,
rests between hair clips
but I'm staring at her tits,
It's the wrong way.

Strong if I can,
But I am only el-van, (elven)
So I take her and we ran,
It's the wrong way.

The only family that she's ever had
Is her crazy noble auntie
And her mom and dad.
He needed money
So she folded noble sheets
Everything was going fine until the day she met me.

happy are you sad?
Wanna leave this land?
I'll do anything I can
the wrong way.

We talked all night to
ride a zeppelin flight,
She Leads me she's the light,
But It was the wrong way.

Don't go and pray if you wanna stay,
Cause I ain't here to make ya', oh no
It's up to you what you really wanna do
Spend some time like inheritance, Buck Wild!

The gnomish woman runs to the center of the stage puffing her little dirty cheeks with her eyes clenched tight as if it takes all the air she can muster to play the instrument. She plays a vigorous solo with a raspy voice cheering from the crowd. "LEEEEEEEXXXXIIIIIIIII!!!!!"

She give him all that she had to give,
So much love that he had to grin
Still salty tears rolling down to her chin
And it smears up her makeup
She never needed.

So we ran away
And I'm sorry when I say
That straight to this very day
It was the right way.

She cook and fight,
Don't matter if I like it or not
Because she only wants
The wrong way.

He gave her all that he had to give,
And still she would take it, uh-oh.
Her violet eyes are leaking like a sieve,
And it still ruins her makeup
They never wanted.

After the music stops the audience begins chanting. "Lexi, Lexi, Lexi.." The gnome crosses her small dirty arms posing in her mining helmet; her boots caked with grit. She sagenods surveying the crowd squinting in seriousness before raising her hands to the air. "WOOO!" She breaks the trombone over her knee and body surfs into the distance.

The elf blinks. "We-..Well I'm still here an-" The crowd begins cheering for Zariel, he clears his throat. "This one is for my teacher...Who will kill me after this song. So it will be my last for a while. Its called..." The small dark haired elf with the birthday tiara watches Zariel closely. Her metal hand clenching tightly as her face appears stoic as ever. Zariel's voice gets lower as he continues. "...Cat Lady..."

Actual Song: Santeria by Sublime
As Performed: Cat Lady By Zariel Amaru Novalight

Lyrics to the likeness of the actual song.

She don't practice fel or treason
And I got her crystal ball
Well, She had a million hitman and she, She killed em all.
I saw her draw some mana, from this macho that she found.
Well She'd frost a crack in macho's head and He'd be dead on the ground.

What I really wanna know, Cat lady. mmmm...
What I really wanna say I can't define.
Well instruct, since you teach. Ohh...

She couldn't, wait till she got back, a kitten of her own.
Krilari's gotta be like 'What the f-"
I see the cats, smell the cats, dodge the cats 'cause I really love dogs more.
Oh, yeah, at least.
cats poop in boxes

What I really wanna know, Cat lady.
What I really wanna say I can define, f**k CATS make em go.
My soul will have to...

What you really wanna say, Cat lady?
What she really wanna say 'lives I've got nine, and I'll make it , oh yes I'm coming up.

Tell those hitmen if they know what is good for them they best go run and hide.
Matron's got a new Colder side.'
And she won't think twice to stick ice daggers straight down their throat.
Beleive her when she say 'that I got go somthin' for his punkass.'

The short darkhaired elf in the tiara, sagenods.

What I really wanna know, Cat lady?
ooh What I really wanna say is dogs just win, way back, since time started, yeah.
Your cats will have to wait, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Zariel's eyes open wide, "Hah!" He disappears, dropping the guitar where he stood. The crowd begins their applause.
The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
The small elf in the tiara furrowed her brow, and stomped forward before a hand was gently placed on her shoulder. "I'm going to kill Hi-" She began before she was cut off. "Reigen...Calm down." A blond haired elf crusader said softly standing behind her. The small elf tries to shrug herself free, ahead of her are the backs of many others. She sighs cursing her height, she turns to look up to her husband flashing a sad look, her birthday tiara cocked to the side, yet it still twinkles. He looks to her smiling, he sighs. "Fine." He pulls his hand up as the elf disappears instantly, she re-appears on the stage looking around as if sniffing him out. The crowd watches confused as the haze of bloodthistle and fadeleaf become dense. The small elf growls and disappears as the microphone lays idle on the stage.

A lone human female wanders out onto the stage, goggles covering her eyes reflecting light as they shine like mirrors as she's on stage. She begins picking up the microphone and fixing the equipment before she is noticed by someone in the crowd. "Hey! A Human!" Which causes a loud audible gasp, one the crowd does simultaneously. "Sing human!" a voice calls out after coughs. A group of elves the human recognizes stand sectioned off scowling at her, all nicely dressed. The human was actually doing them a favor being an engineer she was in charge of keeping the equipment in top shape. Still they regarded her with little respect, watching her annoyed. "Sing Dumb human!" Another voice called out followed by laughter and more coughs. More and more began insulting her as the Novalights watched rather indifferently.

The Human snatches the microphone up, tapping the dome receiver sending a loud thumping noise over the speaker. "This thing on?" she asked rhetorically, the crowd groaned, more coughs resumed. "You wan't me to do all this work, but still want to belittle me?" she lifts her goggles with a finger, revealing violet eyes. More elves come onto the stage surrounding the human. "Come on down, you've served your purpose." The elves began to close in on her, as she began to levitate off the stage out of their reach, she drifted over the cloud. "My purpose? Tch." Enchanted instruments for another set begin playing on schedule as the human floating in the air begins to sing impromptu while.

Actual Song: Aretha Franklin - Respect
As performed: Annabelle Greene and ad-libbing vocalists

Lyrics as performed to the likeness of the actual song.

(Ooh) What you want?
M'Lord, Lady, I got it
(Ooh) What you need?
(Ooh) Do you know I've got rockets?
(Ooh) All I'm askin'
(Ooh) Is for a little respect would you come on? (Just a little bit)
Friends, Ain't we?(Just a little bit) would you come on?
(Just a little bit) mister (Just a little bit)

I ain't gonna do you wrong? You know I'm strong
Ain't gonna do you wrong (Ooh) 'cause I don't wanna (Ooh)
All I'm askin' (Ooh)
Is for a little respect would you come on? (Just a little bit)
Nova (Just a little bit) would you come on? (just a little bit)
Yeah (Just a little bit)

I'm not sayin' be best buddies,
But all I'm askin' in return, honey
Is to treat me like... not this
Would you come on? (Just a, just a, just a, just a)
Yeah Novas (Just a, just a, just a, just a)
Would you come on? (Just a little bit)
Yeah (Just a little bit)

The enchanted horns continues as the human hovers around the crowed drifting through the smoke, the elves try to capture her but are unable to and some even tap their feet to the young soulful human singing her heart out to the nobles. She smirks then speaks

Ooh, your son is *Gasp*
Sweeter than honey (Ooh)
And guess what?? (Ooh)
That's right he loves me *gasp*
All I want you to do (Ooh) for me
Is give it to me, Would you come on? (Re, re, re ,re)
Yeah Nova (Re, re, re ,re)
Give it to me (Respect, just a little bit)
would you come on now? (Just a little bit)

Find out what it means to me
Take care of Anna G

Oh (Sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
A little respect (Sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
Whoa, babe (Just a little bit)
A little respect (Just a little bit)
I get tired (Just a lotta bit)
Keep on tryin' (probably all of it)
You're runnin' out of foolin' (Just a little bit)
And I ain't lyin' (Just a little bit)
(Re, re, re, re) 'spect
Would you come on? (Re, re, re ,re)
Or you might walk in (Respect, just a little bit)
And find out I'm gone (Just a little bit)

The Family Tree

TheBook of ThePharaoh

Pharaoh's Colosseum

The Four Suns Inn

"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
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