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Theme Songs(You know you have one)
New song for Marwaz!

you're the night, Lilah
a little girl lost in the woods
you're a folktale
the unexplainable
you're a bedtime story
the one that keeps the curtains closed
I hope you're waiting for me
cause I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own

it's too dark to see the landmarks
and I don't want your good luck charms
I hope you're waiting for me
across your carpet of stars
you're the night, Lilah
you're everything that we can't see
you're the possibility

you're the bedtime story
the one that keeps the curtains closed
and I hope you're waiting for me
cause I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own

sax solo

unknown the unlit world of old
you're the sounds I've never heard before
off the map where the wild things grow
another world outside my door
here I stand I'm all alone
driving down the pitch black road
Lilah you're my only home
and I can't make it on my own

you're a bedtime story
the one that keeps the curtains closed
I hope you're waiting for me
cause I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
I guess it would be Megadeth - Peace Sells. Simply because I'm a Metalhead and everyone calls me a devil worshiper or a chick for having long hair.

This is to everyone who thinks that about metalheads. Pretty much an anthem for them.


Not my favorite song, but the one that could come closest to a theme song for me.
Who is evil, who is blind?
In the name of who you'll find
You're not supposed to question faith
But how do you accept this fate?
For Gwydd, my new dwarf character.. I found his theme song after a long chat with Jeff. I think it fits him accurately.



For Mosle, my forsaken character.. I found a song from the greatest show I've seen in a long time.

Call of the Yeti song - The Mighty Boosh!

Thane Gwydd: Mountain King Gwyddy
Warlord Kron: Horde Warlord
Battlecruiser Captain: Who called in the fleet?
Sir Baldwin: Knight of Stormwind
My Guide to Roleplaying Warfare!


I quickly found them, as I was in a somehow hurry (TV time!) Now, I'm gonna watch the new episode of 'Lost'.

EDIT: Changed something, as the whole sentence I wrote didn't show up for some reason O.o
What can I do you for?

☃ This is my snowman. He's there to remind me how much I hate the snow.

Death before Dishonor. Orcish Golden Rule.
Spoilered for language...

Really though...

"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~

[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
as I am new to this server, I only have few character...(7 days played and I already got three

so here my main characters theme all in his undeath glory
Epathitas: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q2e8lnqwwk[/youtube]
if that doesn't make you imagine undead or necrons rise from their wretched tombs seeking vengeance upon the living, then nothing will.

also, just for the jokes
Zurlos: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYgOlqinH7A[/youtube] (formelly named Zannjin :P)

most of you guys have songs and stuff but I think a theme should be a lyricless music, which summarizes the essence of the character.
even though I myself tend not to find lyricless themes to my characters xD
[Image: portal_337792.gif]
Ho ho hooo, Mon ami, I am a french axe. It's my job to -cut- to the chase.
Maulbane Wrote:This song makes me cry too.
ummmm.. why?
[Image: portal_337792.gif]
Ho ho hooo, Mon ami, I am a french axe. It's my job to -cut- to the chase.

Hell yeah.
Torrek | Troll Rogue/Engineer | Currently Shuffling between Booty Bay and Rachet, looking for work and perfecting his designs |Torrek's Journal
Oroth Kodohorn | Tauren Hunter | Wandering the Plains of Kalimdor | Chieftan of the Kodohorn Tribe
Well. As someone said said earlier, I think theme songs should be lyric-less as well. This one might seem a little...lame, but its something I once heard as a child and heard over and over again. It was remade however, so it doesn't sound AS weird.


As for this one, well... Whatever.

Buri: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2eGy2agJyI[/youtube]

This one if for a Death Knight char that I'll probably never make. Although if he had a theme, this would be it for sure. I haven't even decided a name.

Zetharius/Tarius/???: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q4Revh5FTI[/youtube]

I am disappoint.

There can be no Harmony in Dissonance. Btw, grats if you even found these words.
Berach, my new forsaken!

Yeah, I know... totally just necro'd a thread. BUT! After several months of looking for the perfect song, I think I've finally found Nexi's!

"Der Blaubeermund" - E Nomine


German Lyrics

Der Blaubeermund

Ein Sommernachtstraum hat mich zu dir geführt. Deine Stimme mein feuer entfacht. Deine Aura sie hat mich berührt und verführt. Wahrhaftig bist du oh göttin der nacht. Kalt schimmern deine Augen in des mondes Licht. Silbern glänzt dein weisser Leib so kühl so fahl so schlicht. Dieses verlangen in deiner nähe zu weilen. Deine Konturen so fest und rund. Das Schicksal nur du kannst offenbaren. Sprich zu mir mein Blaubeermund.

Als wächterin des Schicksals beherrscht du leben beherrscht du tod. Dein Wort bestimmt die Fügung noch vor dem Morgenrot. Dein Zauber bannt mich lockt mich an die Ungewissheit lässt mich nicht los. Der Preis der Wahrheit ist wie ein todesstoss.

Te amo te amo stella bella mea. Te amo te amo te stella mea.

Dein Blaubeermund im Sternenlicht. Dein Blaubeermund die wahrheit spricht.Dein Blaubeermund so kühl und zart. Die Prophezeihung offenbart.

Te amo bella inanitas stella. Te amo vanitas.

English Lyrics

The Blueberry Mouth

A summer nights dream has led me to you. Your voice kindles my fire. Your aura touches and tempts me. Truly you are, oh Goddess of the Night. Your eyes shimmer coldly in the moon light. Your white body sparkles silver; so cool, so pallid, so simple. These demands only stay a while in your presence. Your contures are so firm and round. Only you can reveal the fate. Speak to me, my blueberry mouth.

As the protector of fate, you control life and you control death. Your word decides whether or not the stroke of death will hit after the dawn. Your charm averts me, attracts me. The uncertainty never lets me loose. The price for the truth is like a deadly blow.

I love you. I love you my beautiful star. I love you. I love you my beautiful star.

Your blueberry mouth in star light. Your blueberry mouth speaks the truth. Your blueberry mouth is so cool and delicate. The prophecy is revealed.

I love you, Wild Star. I love you, Vanity.



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