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Theodore 'Teddy' Oakenwolf [Worgen]


'''Player:''' [[FlyingSquirrel]]

'''Character Full Name:''' Theodore Oakenwolf

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Teddy

'''Nickname(s):''' Teddy, Ted.

'''Association(s):''' The Church, Stormwind

'''Race:''' [[Worgen]]

'''Class:''' [[Hunter]]

'''Age:''' 32

'''Sex:''' Male

'''Hair:''' Black, cropped short. He has muttonchops and a moustache.

'''Eyes:''' Blue.

'''Weight:''' 207 lb Worgen, 168 lb Human

'''Height:''' 6'9 Worgen, 6'0 Human


Body-wise, he's decently strong in his upper body, with a body built more for endurance than strength. He has a scar of a dogbite on his forearm, and is missing his left eye. He's never in his Worgen form, considering it fully a curse. This does not hide the fact that he's a hairy man, however. Under his armor, he's almost completely covered in hair. He has a bloodhound named Bartholomew, who has a dark sheen of gray fur and constantly drools.

He wears simple brown pants and a matching shirt. Above this, he has a haubergeon of chainmail, reaching just to his knees. And above this, he has a leather shawl with a pull-up hood that covers his shoulders, with a leather strap around his chest and a leather holster on his hips. This holster has multiple pockets, as well as his sword on the right side and his crossbow's bolts on his left side. His crossbow hangs from his back whenever he's not using it. The sword has an enchantment to shine whenever in dark places. He has a necklace with a holy symbol on it, as well as a wedding ring on his left hand. His left eye's covered by an eyepatch, with a happy-face sown onto where his eye would be.


Theodore is first and fullmost a devout man. Naturally, this means that anyone who does not believe in the Light is immediately stereotyped towards not being good, in his eyes. Furthermore, he really dislikes Worgen, to say the least. He views it as a curse, and thinks it of a weight that he must bear. Some would put it past mere dislike and describe it as full blown hatred, and they would not necessarily be wrong. He also really dislikes Undead. He kind of likes Night Elves, although he's more wary of them than anything. Beyond this, he has not really had the time to formulate many opinions on the other races.

He's a brash and quick to anger man who has little problem using force to take what he wants. He subconsciously views all others as beneath him, and is almost sociopathic in his manipulation or use of other people. . He's a man who perseveres. He pursues grudges beyond what could be considered natural, which, when coupled with the fact that he tends to blame others instead of himself, tends to be an unfortunate combination.


Theodore was just a young boy when the Greymane Wall was built and, at the time, didn't understand the ramifications. His worries were more about the loss of his mother, who had died in the childbirth of his fifth sister. For the boy, all this meant was no more hunting trips up north with his father. As the sole male child of a rather renowned Hunter and Trapper, it was in Theodore's blood to follow in his father's footsteps. For the majority of his childhood, learning how to match his father in skill was what the boy did. Furthermore, he learned various noble customs, and other ways to deal with people who he would need to work for later in life.

At the age of 23, many things happened to the now-man. His father died, leaving the estate to his son. As well as this, the last of Theodore's sisters was married off, leaving the house to Theodore. He found a nice woman to marry, and settled down, having a single daughter with his wife at the age of 24. Lastly, the Gilnean Civil War started. Ultimately, Theodore did not consider this as all too important. Nobles fought, so what? His focus, as always, was upon killing animals and selling their hides, or accompanying Nobles in their own hunts. He was well-known in this regard, at least around the noble circles, and although his moneyflow was slighted partially by the war, he still got by rather well.

This worked for about 7 to 8 years. Teddy's life was at an all time high. The skillset his father had gifted him worked well against the Worgen, and his family estate grew and grew with all the income he was making through hunting the wolfmen. Hell, he'd even been able to afford a purebred Bloodhound, to help him in his hunts. His daughter grew into an adorable child, although she was the only child that Teddy and his wife were able to conceive. Overall, life was very good for the man. Sure, he lost an eye in a bit of a dispute with a local noble about payment, but the happy-face his daughter had put on the eyepatch made it just as good.

It was on a routine hunt, about six months ago, that everything went wrong. Firstly, his hound was sick that day, and unable to keep up with Teddy, resulting in the dog being sent home and Teddy going at it alone. Secondly, a lot of his bounty had been shifted towards the new threat of Worgen. Furthermore, the fighting around the area from the Civil War had chased many Worgen into a small little grove, with the after-effect being a very high density of Worgen. Nonetheless, Teddy soldiered on. This was a bad idea. He ended up getting bit and having to retreat. He returned home, but knew that the curse would rapidly take him. So, he told his wife what had happened and said goodbye to his daughter. He then gave himself a semi-traditional burial, burying his weapons and armor, before taking off into the forest. To him, becoming a Worgen was something worse than death, and he would prefer that his child could see a grave, rather than know he's a Worgen.

Months passed with Teddy as just another feral worgen. However, luckily for Teddy, a day came where a troop of men went into the forest he lived in, and captured a great many Worgen, before pouring a temporary serum down their throat. Teddy was one of these fortunate men. He returned home, only to find his family evacuated and his house a burning husk of what it once was. Fortunately, for whatever reason, Bartholomew was left behind, and accompanied Theodore. So, Theodore went out to his coffin. His wife had left a note on the grave marker, along with a vial of moonwell water and an odd leaf. The note gave Theodore few answers, but it did tell him what the water and leaf would do. So, he drank the water and ate the leaf, then buried up the coffin and looted his own armor and weapons, returning it all to it's rightful owner. After all this was done, he left with the Night Elves. However, he could not stand living amongst the Worgen. So, after deciding that his family was better off thinking he was dead, he left for more Human lands, desperate to hide the fact that he had become what he hated.

==Skills and Abilities:==

Theodore is a fantastic hunter, trapper, tracker and runner. While his primarily skill lies in using his crossbow, he's also decent at hand to hand and with his sword. He's an agile fighter, relying on speed and hitting weak spots over strength.



Hey there, FlyingSquirrel!

In the first paragraph where you first mentioned Teddy's family, specifically his mother, could you also mention his sisters? I didn't know he had siblings until around the third paragraph! I think it would be best to mention them earlier-on in the reading as well.

Quote:Furthermore, he really dislikes Worgen, to say the least.

Could you explain here what he thinks of himself? I saw that he considers it a curse, but could you please further explain? Grin2

Quote:Theodore is first and fullmost a devout man. Naturally, this means that anyone who does not believe in the Light is on his shitlist.

Please find a different way to word this!

Quote:Body-wise, he's decently strong in his upper body, with a body built more for endurance than strength.

What do you mean by endurance here? Would you mind explaining this, please? Would that include running, specifically? If so, I'd advise tuning his weight down a little bit! Most endurance runners limit their protein and muscle-gain since the weight from the muscle tires them out very quickly and wears them down. It's sort of the origin of the stereotype that the large brutes are slow and the small slender folks are swift!

Quote:His focus was more upon the rapidly spreading Worgen Curse in the country side. To help stem it, he set up a tidy little deal with some of the local nobles. The deal was simple. He was to get a hefty sum for every Worgen head brought in.

Could you explain this a bit more in-depth, please? The Gilnean Wall was created to keep outsiders out and insiders in. No one was allowed to pass through the wall. The worgen curse didn't breech the wall until very recently, if you're confused!

Let us know when these changes are up or if you have any questions!
Theodore is my real name, trufact.
[Image: jon_pall_sigmarsson_b35428d97635b2e7c405...2df3c3.gif]

[Image: SQ0XvlU.gif]
Fixed everything, @Rini! Thanks for the help!
Everything looks great, but one last thing!

Quote:He then gave himself a semi-traditional burial, burying his weapons and armor, before taking off into the forest.
Quote:He looted his own coffin, rearmed himself and left with the Night Elves. However, he could not stand living amongst the Worgen. So, after deciding that his family was better off thinking he was dead, he left for more Human lands, desperate to hide the fact that he had become what he hated.

Just to clarify, did he feign his own death or did he turn away from his old life with the gesture of burying his belongings?
Added further onto that paragraph, in attempts to clarify. Thanks again, @Rini!
Nearly forgot, could you slip a sentence in there about how he undertook the ritual that the kaldorei presented the cured worgen to allow them to have peace of mind as well as the ability to change forms, if he had taken it? Everything else looks good to go to me!
Now here's where I get questions. I've never played through the Worgen questline and don't quite know how that happened. I said that he was injected with a serum, but was the curse cured in some other form? I'm not really too clear on how it happened.
Ah, I'll be more than happy to explain! The serum was taken orally, given to the captured worgen by the Gilnean... apothecary, I believe they were called? Some sort of synonym. That gave the worgen their humanity back, but I believe they said that the cure was only temporary. I may be wrong on that last note, as I haven't read the quest text in some time.

Later, you encounter a night elf that helps you combat a dark ranger. You learn that the night elves have reached Gilneas and a handful are situated in the Blackwald where there are moonwells. There, you drink from the moonwell and gain peace of mind, balance, and the ability to change into your human form. I believe it was also a permanent cure to the worgen mind, but again, I may be wrong about that point!
Alright! I changed a bit about him getting the temporary serum then added more in to the last paragraph about the permanent fix!
Alright! Turns out what I thought about it being a temporary cure was correct! That's a relief. One last thing to add is that he also had to eat a moonleaf, so if the wife left that there with the instructions, that would be perfect.
Added in a tidbit about the leaf, then!


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