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Thornsong Coven
[Image: wjrye.png]
[Image: 2wbw2so.png]

              Before the Light that ordered ancient Arathor and the arcane bequeathed upon humanity by the quel'dorei, there were the Old Ways. A remnant itself from the forgotten runic paths of humanity's ancestors, the Vry'kul, the reverence for the earth and nature guided the early tribes in their growth under the sun. As the centuries passed, humanity flourished.

              The sun then blessed the tribes with a new gift; the Holy Light of Creation. It's wielders' abilities in miracle working outmatched the Old Ways in some respects, though it had little to no power over the earth and its plains. Even so, it was enough to sway the tides of civilization. Through regimented order, honeyed words, new promises, and the edge of steel, the Old Ways were pushed further and further into the shadows of the forests and time. Forgotten by most of humanity as the sun continued its cycles on and on. The faithful fled and hid, keeping to themselves as the seasons passed into years and decades, and centuries. Until the last of them were keeping their ancestors' ways alive on the edges of Gilneas.

              For many years, it was good--mostly. The occasional spark of conflict between a Coven and a chapel was ignited, but never grew into a fire. The earth even gave them a lesson to show it had not forgotten them, though humanity forgot it--the famine. Those that kept the faith diligently restored the harvest, then retreated again. They endured the spreading of the worgen curse. A few more short years would pass...and the earth that the Covens held in reverence would break, unleashing its fury on all. Gilneas' wall would crack, and allow passage to the abominable Forsaken, their poisons threatening to taint the sacred Blackwald for generations. Perhaps forever. The faithful would have to flee on boats to a land they did not know existed--the island and great tree, Teldrassil. Here, they would be enlightened to the truth of their faith. They learned of the Emerald Dream, Cenarius, and Elune.

              After these lessons, they scattered. Their Crone Celestine had established herself on the edges of Stormwind, aiding King Greymane in his dealings. While the old wise woman was still one they looked up to, there was no real system of covens. Yet.

              And so, one little witch decided to change that.

[Image: 2mfezcw.png]

Roots of the People
As the short history above elaborated upon, the Old Ways are very nearly forgotten, its practitioners living on the edges of society, or keeping hidden in the muck of things. At least, they were until the Cataclysm hit. Thrust into a vast new world, they have a lot of catching up to do, and much work ahead of them to keep the Old Ways intact.

The Thornsong Coven is a little gathering of fellow Old Ways believers. They will keep to the rituals of their ancestors, while aiding the Alliance in whatever ways might be appropriate for folk of their skills.

While enemies are few, we may come into conflict with the more zealous of the Light followers. Death is a last resort, but you can be sure we will defend ourselves if they choose to strike.

Flowers of Faith
Examples of such rituals the Coven seeks to keep alive are...
  • Seasonal fairs
  • Tending to the Houses of the Dead
  • Celebrations of Age, Birth, and Death
  • Seeking advice from the spirits of the fields and woods

Branches on a Tree
Who is welcome in the Coven? Any faithful to the Old Ways! Technically, that can mean anyone, of any class. However, mages will be met with distrust, and warlocks and death knights may not be allowed at all. Druids, priests, warriors, rogues, and hunters are your best bet.

As far as races, worgen, human, and night elf are most likely to be welcomed. Thornsong will not shun anyone, but...you have to wonder why a dwarf or gnome would find interest in joining a Coven.

There are ranks, but an Old Ways coven is in no way as regimented or organized as a Church of the Light. Even so, they're convenient, and someone has to keep folk in line.
  • Matriarch
    This here is Roux Blackwood. Technically, Crones are leaders of Covens, but...Roux is nineteen. Not wishing to aim that high, she's settled on Matriarch. She also refuses to call herself Alpha-anything.

  • Second Degree
    An assistant of sorts to Roux, one very trusted, adherent, and faithful. Able to educate others.

  • First Degree
    New followers! Likely guided by those of the Second Degree.

  • Dedicant
    Those just stepping foot onto the path.

  • Associate
    Those that aren't necessarily a follower of the Old Ways, but wish to aid.

  • Inactive
    Just that. This is an OOC rank, and you're demoted here if you're absent for a long while. But you can attain your old position if you return!

Path into the Woods
How might your character hear of this? Hearsay, most likely. Perhaps you've caught wind of a carrot-topped prat of a Witch causing trouble in Duskwood. Those that keep to the Old Faith have ways of finding each other.

Feel free to contact me OOCly as well!

Apologies for how utterly terrible I am with graphics. Ugh, those pixels! Everywhere!

[Image: 21e44qu.png]

[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
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Updated with a bunch of stuff!
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
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Updated with ranks!
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
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[Image: r93l6q.png]

Lead by Roux Blackwood, a number of friends (and a theater-loving Death Knight) cleared the ruins of Solidarity Row.

Hunkering down here, the Coven will develop and fortify themselves in their hunt for the rogue feral druid spirit. Upon his capture or ending, expect the ruins to become renewed!

OOC note: Yes, these are ICly the ruins of Solidarity Row. While I cannot stop anyone from using them as something else for their own ends, I would appreciate a little consideration if you're going to treat them as Solidarity Row.

Thank you to Rigley and Mathias for their help!
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Bumpely bump!
I suspect Skirrow's emergence might just stir things up? At least I'll try to show up with Crone Merete if needed.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Bovel's post:
  • CappnRob
If people weren't busy with school and irl, sure! We'll see. Thanks for the notice!
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Time to go make that Druid I've been hiding from for a few weeks.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

[Image: tumblr_n9hl98KKPd1r4fnslo1_500.gif]

Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
PFFFT, Ninde knows a few people from the Coven.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

[Image: tumblr_m00qfdoBWr1qd87hlo1_500.gif]

i am sea-bass
Bump! Always looking for more heretical hippy pagans to hang out with.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
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Bump for any lonely Old Ways folk out there! We're currently having fun in Hyjal.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]

A note if it isn't apparent in the OP, Thornsong takes more than druids. Warriors, hunters, rogues...pretty much any human/worgen class besides DKs, mages, and warlocks. Arcane is gross.

Hit me up in-game on Roux if you have questions!
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]

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