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Tira Tertattletrastratertort [Gnome Mage]
It has been a while since I posted a profile and this is a rehash of an old profile. Criticism is more than welcome.

Player: Errata

Character Full Name: Tira Tertattletrastratertort

Character In-Game Name: Tira

Nickname(s): Tea

Association(s): Gnomeregan, Ironforge

Race: Gnome

Class: Mage

Age: Ninety-four

Sex: Female

Hair: Messy periwinkle hair

Eyes: Blue eyes

Weight: Thirty-four pounds

Height: Two foot and nine inches

Appearance: Tira is usually seen wearing a robe and a belt with supporting several pouches. She often carries around whirring equipment or a gun to express herself as an engineer. Her fingers are usually laden with magical rings and she wears aplenty of necklaces and bracelets as well.

Personality: Tira is an upbeat yet quirky Gnome. She is eager to join in on whatever might be aspiring at the moment of her curiosity and will try to provide inventive solutions to problems she is faced with. Tira can get along fairly well with anyone who can stomach her optimistic speech and careless laughter. She takes problems fairly lightly as she's gifted with almost unwavering optimism.

She show particular interest in engineering and arcane magic. Her curiosity is fairly easily piqued by almost anything, the sight of someone eating a cupcake would be enough for Tira to wonder about said cupcake. Tira really does like cupcakes.

History: A small trinket shop in the far east of the Gnomish capital harboured a wedded couple of hedge wizards, Jom and Zixi, and their daughter, Ini. It had been a long while since she was pregnant with Ini but they had finally managed to do it again. They were granted a second daughter, Tira. Somehow she closely resembled the kind girl that had been working in the household for over twenty years now. In trade was she taught magic by Jom. It was an odd day that Tira was born, but so was every other day. How can a day not be odd?

Life continued in the corner of the city. Friends stepped by to congratulate the pair on their second child but that time was soon done. Life slowed down, Zixi felt like two daughters had been enough. Jom, entirely whipped, couldn't do anything but agree. The years ticked by slowly. Tira wasn't particularly hard to handle, she was rather sedate for her age. Maybe a bit too sedate. As years passed, Jom and Zixi had been expecting Tira to start speaking, it was about time. But their expectations weren't met, not with words at the very least. Tira showed to take value in humming and eventually whistling over the ability of speech.

It went on for a few years, Jom and Zixi hadn't given up hope. Ini, their oldest, had started speaking before she even was supposed to be. It had made them proud and they hoped to be as proud once again. Tira's whistling had shifted into a gibberish instead of just music. It seemed to be a hopeless case, friends had pointed out to Jom. Albeit the rather disappointing fact of lacking any form of coherent speech did she show an aptitude for musical instruments. Ini had tried helping Tira discovering speech but it hadn't much affect, or so Ini was led to believe.

It was a kind and close family. The children were schooled at home, hedge mages didn't like the authority of schools much. A few close friends completed the household almost perfectly. It was one of the reasons they gave to explain why Tira only began speaking at a rather late age. Tira's parents riddled that without the exposure to the outer world Tira's speech was a slow developing one. They hadn't taken another chance as Ini had gotten herself lost too many times in public, Jom and Zixi did not feel the need to lose Tira as well. Ini persisted that Tira was just odd and that she had helped Tira with understanding Gnomish.

Ini and Tira grew closer once the younger sister had obtained the ability to speak. They both were fond of games and spent a lot of time together. Jom's teachings cut into that time, Ini had finally reached the age that Jom found appropriate for the eldest daughter to begin studying the arcane. Yes, they both already had to set aside some time to study and read books and help out in the shop but arcane magic was no trifling matter and had to be studied carefully. Zixi as well as Jom had taught both the daughters that a smart and wise Gnome would get a lot further in life than an ignorant Gnome. Dishing out common truths was a thing in which Zixi took pride.

Time flew by. Ini and Tira studied at home and read books. They played games together and helped out in the store but they didn't seem to get out of the door often. Ini did touch the door handle more frequently, however. She had made some friends with the neighbors across the street. Tira felt slightly abandoned as Ini had started making other friends as well, she no longer had the playmate that her sister used to be. Tira wasn't fond of growing up, she didn't try to grow up either. Soon after Ini and Tira's bonds began to worsen had her father, Jom, decided to teach Tira the ways of the arcane as well. She showed remarkably aptness in her arcane studies. She excelled at enchanting most of all.

Tira delved into her studies whereas Ini began neglecting them more and more, hanging out with friends at odd times and places. Ini was an excellent magician, she had proven herself to be one of those a long time ago but she couldn't bring up the dedication that was needed to resume the studies of the arcane. Sure did the older sister still study but never with as much interest and dedication as she used to. As Tira neared adulthood did Ini suddenly run off with her boyfriend. It wasn't sudden to Ini, she and her boyfriend had been planning on seeing the world for a long time. It was sudden to Tira, she was wrecked to find her only friend leaving her with her parents. Zixi's common truths and consoling helped Tira little, time mended her wounds the best.

Tira's parents weren't all to happy with Ini leaving them but they had anticipated it more than Tira had. Time slowly mended Tira's heartache. It wasn't just time that was a big factor in the process, Tira had found a keen interest in engineering. It proved compatible to her skills in enchanting and especially handy for developing trinkets for the shop. Tira's tiresome life dragged on, mostly did she sit at home and study or she was in the back of the rather empty trinket shop busied with her engineering tools. Business had dwindled ever since a murder had been committed in front of the shop, Tira's parents were in no mood to give up and neither did they show it. Plus, they were still earning enough for a living. The library's growth was, however, stunted.

Tira had always been keen on saving a penny and she had built a significant sum of money with her work in the shop and the occasional sell of her own material. She had effortlessly hoarded a good deal of gold, tools and materials. The gold has been desposited in the bank of Ironforge while her tools and materials cluttered the shop over time. Her parents had been rather keen on keeping the shop pristine but with Tira's hoard in the back it had been harder to keep the shop presentable to customers. Her parents had insisted for Tira to move out the clutter into a storage somewhere else.

It came as a shock to Tira's parents when she announced she was moving into Dun Morogh and out of the city. It came as even more of a shock when they found out she had the money to buy a house in Dun Morogh. No, it came as a shock that Tira had already bought a house. Tira's investments paid off and her parents were none the wiser. Tira had invested in a barbershop somewhere near the centre of the city where luck favoured the bald. It was a bold move but it turned out to be a huge success and Tira reaped what she had sown, thrice or maybe even four times. The universe had given Tira luck and Tira wasn't about to waste it. Eventually she ended up with a good workshop somewhere in the back of Dun Morogh and quite a bit of coin left to spend on her whim. Most of the money had been set aside in the bank of Ironforge yet a few small investments were still alive to keep her connection to Gnomeregan from fading.

Years ticked by, Tira expanded upon workshop. She paid regular visits to both Gnomeregan and Ironforge, picking up materials, books, tools and all other sorts of things and occasionally to invest her money in new businesses. It was also a good excuse to meet up with her parents, not that she needed any excuse to see them. Her parents provided due support and came by on occasion to the workshop in the snow. The trek across the frozen land of Dun Morogh wasn't one her parents were quite eager to undertake. She had only received a few letters of Ini, Tira's sister was still obsessed with her husband and had no intentions of returning to her frozen homeland.

Tira lived a lonely yet comforting life in Dun Morogh. She merely messed around in her workshop with whatever magic, tools and materials were available to her. She had always been keen on music and began to put a bit more effort into her manual crafting in order to produce her own musical instruments. The wars didn't phase Tira much. Her workshop was a rather safe location, away from all the violence that erupted all over the continent. However, she did think better of staying alone in her workshop. She managed to convince her parents to come to Ironforge for the time being to wait out the wars. Tira, together with her parents, bought out a derelict shop to fix up and use as a front for their sales and to house the family as well. A good deal of Tira's workshop had been relocated to Ironforge to continue her aspirations with music, magic and engineering.

It had come as a shock to the family as news arrived of Gnomeregan falling. They mourned the casualties but also were definitely relieved. They could have shared the same fate if they hadn't made up their mind about moving to Ironforge. Tira and her family opened up their shop and ceased their business temporarily to aid the survivors of the fall of their home city. They helped several other Gnomes get back on their feet. Tira eventually moved back down to her workshop in dun Morogh after the violence in the world had been dulled. Tira and her parents weren't directly involved in the reclamation of Gnomeregan but did provide monetary and equipment support.
Little by little, one travels far.
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Mah babehs. I'm watchin' you, government.

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