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Title; Spellbreakers.
Spell Breakers are a Blood Elf unit that excel at battling caster units. They appeared in the Warcraft III Frozen Throne Human Campaign to aid Kael'thas. They are produced at the Blood Elf Arcane Sanctum. Some believe they are the primary guard and patrol units for the blood elf cities in the Burning Crusade.

The cunning blood elf spell breakers have mastered the arts of spellcraft to such a degree that they have become immune to the effects of even the most powerful magics. Coupled with their fierce combat skills, their spell immunity makes them implacable foes when facing magic-wielding enemies. However, the spell breakers' most astonishing ability is to actually steal their enemies' beneficial enchantments and grant them to their own comrades. This uncanny ability has turned the tide of more than one battle in the blood elves' favor.

The powers of the spell breaker are terrifying to those with knowledge of magic, for their blows
shatter the mana from a spellcaster's body.

Well I definatly would like to train to become one! So i wonder is it possible? I looked at the other prestige classes/titles and they seem pretty...awesome but none really fits my character style, ´cept maybe the Demon hunter but you seem to have a few of those already and I rather try being original...even if it´s not very original playing Blood elf, but I can´t help with THAT, I fell in love with the High elves when first hearing about, and the Sin´dorei are even more awesome. They are so different from the classical fantasy elf with their morality and..."goodiness". I should probably stop this blabbering now...

Well anyway, I guess you got a ton of these requests and so on, and if, I´m sorry I found this server recently and should show some humillity and get into the community more first and so on, but! I am just so excited, this server is awesomer than most things I´ve seen so far and I feel an urge to participate as much as possi...Ok now I´m seriously shuting up.

Regards, Nostra

Edit- PS, These people have some nifty ideas for the Spellbreaker;
http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/threa ... 8073&sid=1
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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