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To RP-(over)policing...
Quote:Please rethink your character's age. Check reviews for more 'realistic' ages for your race

Firstly, 28 -is- an appropriate age. Elves weren't born at 100+, thats one hell of a gestation period if you ask me, and unrealistic if I'm expected to change it. Praethon is a YOUNG ELF, still trying to carve his way into the person he will be after much trial and tribulation. Unstable and yet unsure about his true feelings regarding his mother and family's death, he weighs out the potentials of good and evil as any adolescent would, and in the eyes of elves, 28 is still... adolescent.

Quote:I´d just like to add that "Mithrendir" is really close to Gandalf´s elven name, "Mithrandir". Not sure if you -have- to change it but personally I´d prefer if you did.

About the last name, it never dawned on me to be honest. It was a mix of Mithril and the word 'rend' and an elven suffix 'ir'. If it bothers people that much, which it shouldn't as I'm not rping as a relative or any element related to the Gray Wizard, then I think I need to find another place to RP.

Quote:Speaking of relatively similar names, Praethon is VERY close to another Praethor(?)


Seriously, these boards to me seem like a place that's ruled by a judge and gavel. A perfectly good post about a character from a new user is just ripped to pieces because they forgot to put a punctuation mark in it? Run on sentences? Who cares? Every roleplayer is not necessarily an English professor in college, especially those who peruse freeservers, most are school aged.

I've never run across any element of roleplay on your server without it getting botcherized by a GM or senior account-holder. I understand you're looking to capture a very localized style of roleplay on your server, but you don't have to terrorize potential members at every small detail you find inappropriate. Roleplay is about improvisation. You're a GM, not a dictating god, go with the flow from time to time. Let roleplay happen and guide it along instead.

Taken from another post:
Quote:Currently this profile (the history and personality) are too short. I'd suggest reading up on the Zandalar tribe here and learning their lore well if you're really dead-set on having one (for instance, the Zandalar aren't from Kalimdor, so I'm not sure why he would move "back" there). I would REALLY recommend against playing a Zandalar troll, as there isn't a lot of official lore to go on with them, and it appears to not be central to the story (for example, you could replace "Zandalar" with "Darkspear" and most of the profile would still make sense outside of the mention of Yojamba Isle).

Aside from all that, I'd like to know a bit more about the book and what it contains.

Isnt the point of roleplay to assume a role and play it? Thats the mystery of the Zandalar tribe is that their history isnt fully documented. But they exist in the lore, therefore a Zandalari troll is a viable, roleplayable character.

Mind you not everyone who seeks roleplay is seasoned at it. Some people want to try it out because its new to them, and they may or may not know the boundaries that someone more experienced would know. The atmosphere you give off here really hurts you in regards to keeping people like that. If someone has a name, a story, and a will to see the character through, leave them alone. They'll learn. Plus, people are highly likely to show another new player the same welcome they were given when they first started out. On that note, an initial barrage of criticism and a forceful change is likely to leave a bad taste in someone's mouth.

Embracing new roleplayers and encouraging them to grow with the community will strengthen your server, not expecting them to be perfect before giving them a chance to appreciate your goal and purpose. May I note that your goal and purpose is what initially attracted me here. Lastly, for folks looking to try out roleplay for the first time, an experience like this will give them the impression that -all- roleplayers are self-righteous and that roleplay is more than they can handle if they are expected to write like Dickens or Shakespeare, which they shouldn't be.

I'm in no way mocking the server or its admins, merely commenting on an issue that would bring more to the community if addressed. RP policing is necessary to keep the atmosphere from becoming that of a PvE or PvP server, I agree. But not to the degree it is being done.

I'd refer you to this post:

It has been bought up, and essentially about the same things with a lil less er, personal detail :) As was said, helpful hints and friendly advice are great, but ruining the roleplaying environment really is going too far.

I'd say do what they said in that post, accept hints and advice, if its getting too much, screenshot and report to a GM about it. Since I made that post, I note, I havent received any "Friendly" advice (hehe, hehehe) about my character. I've been asked about why she does things and given ideas that have even been better, and worked out! But I havent had the constant nitpicking that I did have.

You're right in one aspect.. Over-policing wont bring in new roleplayers, and it'll cause 'new to RP' players to not stay, however if I forget that problem, this server is Excellent, and I've not found another like it.

With the friendliness from some and warm words from others, and a few vouches even (!!!!) I'm happy to stay and overlook the fact some people find little things irritating.

Hey, there are things about other characters I find really irritating, the only difference is I'm known to be quiet and keep my opinion out of things like that. Some arent, and speak up...It's okay unless its offensive.

Heart and soul, never bound,
Unless by our own will.
Simple goal, always found,
Through warmth and rains cold chill.
Bound by heart, together stand
Simple task uphold.
To fight and win, fiercely grand,

Forever Horde Behold!
I see where you're coming from bro, and I agree that sometimes all the policies and rules are a little too over the top.. but then again, I've seen the alternative if you know what I mean?
And on the other, less friendly side...

You're playing here for free, the GMs aren't being paid to do any of this, and it is their decision on how to run their server. They bring in a more-than-healthy amount of new blood every few days and most of them have somehow managed to survive.

I understand your gripes. But. They've heard this lecture before. Time and time again.
"My companions' feelings have been etched onto my body.
I'll change this eternal darkness to light!
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Chouginga, Gurren-Lagann!

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^^^ Very, very good point....

One so often forgotten.
Heart and soul, never bound,
Unless by our own will.
Simple goal, always found,
Through warmth and rains cold chill.
Bound by heart, together stand
Simple task uphold.
To fight and win, fiercely grand,

Forever Horde Behold!
Definately, like I said I wasn't trying to make a mockery of anything or snub my nose at anybody. Just making a point that needed to be made. Though I am drawing the line at the changes requested of my character. So not to be a stick in the mud, but my name choice flew just fine on live, so I'll stick to my guns here.

Despite the hiccups here and there, it is a great server from what I have seen, just a lot of 'administrative' process that I've not endured enough to see the end result of (which is why I haven't burnt any bridges in my commentary, I'm patiently waiting).

With that said, I look forward to a little rp later, maybe meet some more of you in-game.
I have a Praethos, yeah. That was my friend that posted that comment in your profile thread. Not a GM, just a guy stating a simple fact. I know you didn't copy it, you know I didn't copy it.

Also... calm, please, just a bit. (Rhetorical. You may already be calm.) If I had to take a stab at this, I'd say you're disappointed that your character profile was picked apart a bit, and a little bit angry as a result. But... Terrorize potential members? Dictating gods? Judge and gavel? Aren't you getting a tad melodramatic?

Four posts aren't much, and the small little snippets you cite in the profile thread are barely anything to sneeze at. They're just suggestions on how to closer adhere to the lore of Warcraft, not mighty banhammers crushing plebeian skulls, or the cruel words of pain causing writhing agony in the form of damage per second. It may feel a bit cold here at first, but we're a cuddly bunch on this server.
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Haha. This is... nevermind. I was going to laugh again. Anyway, isn't that what RPing is about? Drama? Acting?! Hehe. People will question you, and it will get annoying. Sometimes, they arn't intentionly being rude, or unkind, but they just want to know about your RP. In my opinion, they should have to find out THROUGH the RP... But meh, that's just an opinion. Anyway, yeah... People often put a "DRAMA ALERT, DRAMA ALERT" sticker on things that arn't really... dramatic. People get angry, it's natural. It is Kretol's server, and the GMs arn't paid... but they try. They're nice, usually (I don't mean that in a bad way! But we all have our mean moments). Sometimes they can go a bit over the top, but we all have our off days, and I'm not saying I've never gone over the top, because I did something... similar... I suppose. Anyway, yeah. It'll be ok, just try and be cooperative and respectful as you can, while holding your ground. You need to stand up for your ideas, and all that jazz... Well... I'm droning on and on... so... yeah. ~wave~
I totally know where you're coming from. But, for future reference, saying anything flew on live isn't a good thing. LOL Anyway, I think a lot of CotH policies scare off people new to RP, while some steer them in the right direction for having a top notch experience. It can be real intimidating and frustrating.

They don't put this out in the open enough, but it's better to RP a while and then post a profile, or at least stick it in the WIP section until you get enough fleshed out.

Also if you're playing a race with some wacky aging scale, it's just better to put the phase of their life they're in instead of a round number. So instead of 28, just say adolescent.

As far as your name goes, I think your argument makes it okay. You weren't deliberately going for what was assumed you were. Also, nothing is original, so heaven forbid someone make up a name that resembles yet another name probably made up out of thin air, too. It happens more than people realize.
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