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Toddzilla's Introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I am commonly known as Toddzilla in the gameworld. I play many different types of games, which includes RTS, MMO, FPS, and some others. For the Xbox 360, i play Cod 4 and 5, GoW 2, and the Halo series. For the PC, i play DoD:S, CS:S, HL2 (a couple of them), WoW (cant seem to get the realm list working), and L4D.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
The USA. My primary language is English

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I first got the Warcraft 3, and then the frozen throne, and my friends play WoW

What made you seek our server over others?:
Well, it was one of the top servers for a website (forgot which), and it was the first RP server that came up.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I enjoy and RP server, tavern, conflict, etc
What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
I know my favorite class is hunter, but its between night elf and tauren in terms of race

What are your expectations of this server?:
I expect this server to be excellent, and hopefully really fun, and hoping to meet nice people

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Even though its against what was asked, i think ALL OF THE RULES are most important. When someone gives rules, you follow, therefore, all of them are the most important to me

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
Uhhhh, cant think of anything at the top of my head thats good...
It was a hot Summer Night.

Jurghsa swatted away a mosquito.
It was no use... another had already taken it's place.

“Lets go to Stranglethorn Vale!” he had said. “It's so nice and warm there, it has such a lovely beach and blue sea, and then the forest… You'll love the forest! I am sure it will make you relax, and maybe then you will understand what I am talking about.”

She wasn't sure why she had agreed. It was not as if she liked this elf, who had approached her cheerfully several days back, and she had not been able to shake him since. He was on “a mission” he had said, to guide the straying back to the flock, back to the light. It must be boredom she said to herself… maybe curiosity, but mostly boredom. It was not as if she had anything better to do anyway. So she had said yes, and he had booked them a passage to Booty Bay from Ratchet. And that's where the trouble had started.

Upon arrival at the Ratchet inn, the goblin innkeeper had informed them that their ship had been overbooked, and that there was no more room. They would have to wait a few hours, but no worries! They could buy meals and drinks from the innkeeper, at “fair prices”. To insure their privacy – as if they needed any – he also rented them a room, at a “fair price” off course. The elf had happily nodded, ordered them food and drinks, and had even tipped the goblin. From their window, she had seen many boats dock and leave the harbour, all of them, quite empty. She had told him so, but in the same spirited manner he had waved it away. “I am sure those are cargo only boats! After all, that nice innkeeper told us we had to wait a few hours for the next passenger ship. And why would that kind man lie to us?” Because you are an idiot and a fool she had thought. A fool that let's everyone take advantage of you… but she had swallowed the comment, it was no use anyway.

Finally the “nice” innkeeper had burst in their room to tell them the ship had arrived. They had boarded it, and the boat had left. Half an hour later, they got caught in a storm. To her amusement, the elf had puked out most of his dinner hanging over the railing. He looked fairly miserable and he made the mistake to think she cared. But she had let him whine about it, inwards grinning at his face. A good while later, the boat docked in Booty Bay. Just as in Ratchet, the place was filled with goblins, and like in Ratchet, the elf smiled warmly at all of them. In two seconds, he was surrounded by flocks of goblins, each trying to sell them their wares. Ten minutes later, they left the town, added to their luggage were: several picnic packets, bottles and flasks of every drink they had available, three blankets, candles in all different colours, a pack of handkerchiefs, a bouquet of flowers, some shiny things that she could not even understand what they were for, two parrots and mosquito repellent.

She swatted at the mosquitoes again.
Clearly, the repellent did not work… she was going to have a good chat with that filthy goblin that sold it to them. She sighed… she had no idea which goblin that was… oh well, she would just grab the first goblin trying to sell her something and make him pay for it.

They had left Booty Bay and made for the beach.

Not one minute later, they had been surrounded by pirates, and dragged to their camp. The pirate leader was amusing him self with their many bags, turning them upside down and spilling all the contents on the sand. Meanwhile, mister foolish elf was trying to make conversation with the pirates. Jurghsa bonked herself on the head… why oh why had she ever agreed to go on a trip with him? To her amazement, the pirate leader had a girlfriend, and she took a liking of the elf. She was giggling at his stories, and she promised to plea to the pirate leader to let them go. Jurghsa was sure the pirate would kill them instantly for flirting with his woman. But apparently he was in a good mood. He took all of their stuff and money – was she happy she had taken almost nothing with her on this trip – and tossed them back the mosquito repellent. They were pushed out of the camp quite aggressively, and it was made clear they should never show their faces there again. Jurghsa had to do her very best not to cast a fireball in the direction of that pirate leader, but again she swallowed and let it go.

Onwards it was, towards the “perfect spot” for relaxing on the beach. On their way there, they were assaulted by: tigers, big angry lizards, Naga with very pointy halberds, and lots of mosquitoes. Furthermore, she had stepped into an ant's nest, tripped over a branch and twisted her ankle, a bird decided to do some target practice on her head… and there had been the mosquitoes.

The elf had waved all those things away and continued smiling lively. Finally they had arrived on a quiet spot on the beach. “See!” he had said. “Isn't it perfect? Isn't it beautiful? You can surely see the beauty of the Light here, and how it has blessed us and all of his children!” She was fuming. If “this Light” was so great, then why was she covered in ant bites, mosquito bites, bird droppings and was her ankle hurting? She swallowed a reply for the gazillionth time – it was no use, the fool would not understand anyway – and went to sit down on the beach. It was much too hot here, and moist as well… her clothes were clinging to her body. Meanwhile he was blabbering on and on, but she just ignored him. And then another mosquito bit her, and she cursed at it. “Oh no! You mustn't be angry at the poor creature Jurghsa! After all, they only do what's in their nature! It's the way the Light has made them!”

She had snapped.

She swatted away another mosquito. There were a lot more now then before. She supposed it was because of the blood. She wiped her hands again on the body of the dead elf lying next to her. Maybe that would help… the mosquito repellent surely did not.

She got bitten by two mosquitoes at the same time. “That's it!” she yelled and blasted everything around her with fireballs.

She sat down again, listening to the “crackle – pop” the sizzling mosquitoes made, the soft noise of the flames in the trees that she had put on fire, and the smell of barbequed elf.

She had to admit… the elf had been right… this was quite relaxing!

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
I can't play on weekdays, due to school, i can only play friday-sunday, and sometimes on the week if my parents arent home lol.

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