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Town Invasions and You!
My personal preference for PvE death is to call it an injury, knocked out, whatever, but not IC death. I think IC death should only happen in situations that are well roleplayed out and not in the mess of PvE combat that you may be stuck in RP gear during anyways.
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I ould like to to agree with Delmure here, I think the demons should be made at least a little weaker. I mean, it would be nice if a lvl 70 character in average RP gear could down one of the demons with say 10-15% HP left. Or maybe even lower, making the fight hard but not Impossible. The greater demons like Pit-lords and the like should of-course be pretty hard, but seeing to the server population I think 5-8 players should be able to down one.

This is just an idea/suggestion/proposal/loud thoughts of mine so feel free to ignore it, if you don´t like it I would like to now why though.
I´m a mere player and only been here for about 3 weeks (I think...could be little less or little more... I could also be completly wrong...) soo if I´m out of place here and should wait and integrate more with the server feel free to say that.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

First of all, let me say kudos to all the people who are playing villains, and doing a good job of it too. Every other RP I've seen had the opposite problem; nowhere near enough villains for too many heroes.

Okay, let me sift through this thread here...

While I can certainly see how people using OOC information for IC benefit ("Metagaming") is a problem, it is a problem of the metagaming player, and not symptom of a larget problem. If OOC information is difficult to get, you face a much greater problem of people not knowing what's going on and thus being unable to act. That said, I am very grateful to Fawee for her "Keeping up with the Fourth War" thread. It certainly has been a very convenient resource for me, and I hope that it continues. While we ICly shouldn't know every little detail of battles on other continents, it is important that we have, at the very least, a general idea of what is going on where.

Secondly, when you have a player-run plot like this, there needs to be communication between the players on both sides of the board. I agree that "Kretol saves the day" is an unsatisfying ending, but neither should the villains design their plan with an obvious Achilles' Heel built in for the heroes to exploit. There certainly is motivation for heroic characters to fight the enemy, but they need to be able to make a difference. One side shouldn't always win simply because there are more of them on the server at the moment. The heroes certainly have their work cut out for them, and the villains have momentum on their side, but there needs to be opportunities for even lone heroic characters to fight without instantly getting overwhelmed.

Of course, given the current situation, it does seem very probable that the villains are going to make significant gains before they are going to be halted. Right now, they are very organized. The good guys, not so much. I myself personally am reluctant to dish out IC death, but remember that ICA = ICC is one of the rules we play by. If you lose a fight, you have to offer some kind of concessions to the winner, at the very least. Putting your character's life on the line should be a very high stake to put on the line. If someone says that they are absolutely refusing to retreat, and they make that informed choice, it is implied that they are aware of and accept the consequences of their action.
The biggest reason we are having to spawn the more powerful demons at the moment is because the guards are so freakin strong >.<;;

That's really it. Not to overwhelm the players, just to hold their own against town and city guards. It's a balance we have to keep juggling and trying to balance. But that is also why there are minor attacks players -can- win and opportunities for players to involve famous heros to fight alongside them!
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This might be a stupid question or something, but why are the guards so strong?
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Because people were going on killing sprees for fun, dropping Guards like nothing. It was often done OOC just for kicks, to prevent this, Guards got upped.
Siv, "A line o' ratchet white, and a scrape of gunpowder lata'...I was wonderin' round Stranglethorn Vale havin' soul searchin' conversations with raptors. Three days lata ah came back t' Booty Bay. Lo'n'behold, ah 'ad dreadlocks."
Well that´s a pretty good reason, but would people still do it? And are there no other mean of preventing that stuff? `Cuz it´s frustrating to have to run from one simple orc and the like.


PS; I understand that what you guys do takes time and I want to add that it´s aprecciated! It´s great fun (even if I´m stuck under Fenris at the moment). And I want you to know I´m not only negative to the demons, just a little ;)
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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