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Troll Tribe Interest Test (of Doom©)
[Image: daggerclaw.jpg]

After doing some thinking, I figured a tiger would work better after all than a gorilla or a crocolisk, considering we already knew there's a tiger loa out there. So the idea has now changed to the Daggerclaw Tribe, who worship Shirvallah, the primal tiger god...dess? I have no clue if Shirvallah is male or female.

So are there any more people who would be interested in joining the fancy new tribe if we decide to put it together? =) The background story would obviously change a bit considering they're no longer forest trolls, but the whole "female dominated tribe that values physical strength, but joined the Horde because their way of life was threatened" story can easily carry over.
Ok, first off, please get your introduction apporoved, that should be the first thing you should worry about, make it look good and don't leave out details. If your introduction does not get accepted this idea of yours will be for not.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
Brutalskars Wrote:Ok, first off, please get your introduction apporoved, that should be the first thing you should worry about, make it look good and don't leave out details. If your introduction does not get accepted this idea of yours will be for not.

My introduction already got approved. =)
Good ^^
Now your idea may happen!
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
I think it's a great idea, but our ammount of troll's that are played is rather limited, plus half of the mare already in guilds. So, you might only get a few to join. But if not, I say it's a great idea and would suggest it to any troll's looking for tribes.
Alrighty, the tribe has been made and it is open for people who wish to join! The thing is though, a tribe isn't really a "I'd like to join it now" kind of thing as many people have been treating it. The tribe is only open to trolls, and it'd be greatly preferred that your character was actually born into the tribe. Trolls don't exactly "hop tribes", so to speak. This would mean that all the members effectively already know eachother somewhat, considering they were a tribe for quite a bit.

Anyway, on to the details about the tribe!

Name: Daggerclaw Tribe
Totem: Tiger / Shirvallah
Affiliation: Horde
Leader: ???

Current Members:
Gambinka - Witchdoctor

About the tribe:
Up until recently, the Daggerclaw lived in Stranglethorn Vale where they warred with the other Troll tribes for dominance over the region. Like most Troll tribes, they were (and for the most part, still are) brutal warriors, but the Daggerclaw took it a step further. Any child born that was even the slightest bit frail was killed, any sign of weakness in an adult was met with a blade to the throat. Physical strength was, and still is, a defining aspect of their culture; true believers of 'might makes right'. Every Troll who comes of age is expected to do battle with a tiger, both naked and unarmed, and consume the creature's flesh if they survive, believing that the ritual would capture the tiger's spirit, empowering the Troll for their future life.

Though these kinds of rituals were hardly what put them apart from the other warring tribes in Stranglethorn Vale, for superstition is common amongst all Trolls, and weakness isn't appreciated in any tribe, although hardly to the level of fanaticism the Daggerclaw exhibit. The Daggerclaw stood out because they have, for three generations now, been a female dominated tribe, ever since the mate of the then-chief assassinated her mate by shattering his skull with a rock. In nearly all tribes female trolls are little more than mates, having no real rights, being disallowed from joining hunts or taking positions of any power, but with when Tai'tasi seized control by assassinating her mate, that changed for the Daggerclaws.

The majority of the men were executed before they even knew that their chief was dead, and the rest had no real choice but to reluctantly accept the changes, now outnumbered and outmatched. For three generations the Daggerclaw managed to maintain this way of life, until the Gurubashi in Zul'aman stirred once more. When the Atal'ai poured out to capture trolls of other tribes to sacrifice to the newly awakened god Hakkar, the Daggerclaw opted to flee rather than stay and fight. Unable to flee north to Alliance lands, they instead fled south, managing to cut a deal with the Blackwater Raiders by offering up what little of value they had.

Once in Kalimdor, the Trolls found themselves in lands just as hostile as the ones they had just left, yet completely foreign. Unable to forge a home of their own, they turned to the Horde, reluctantly taking the Blood Oath of the Horde, in exchange for residence in their lands and the protection of their way of life.


If anybody has suggestions to finetune and improve the tribe, be sure to let me know. =D Other than that, the tribe is open and ready for RPing. The position of chief is still open (to a female troll, obviously), so if you wish to take up that spot, let me know. ^_^
I've mentioned this before when someone else was creating a troll tribe with a very similar idea a while ago: The Darkspear are fairly unique in their treatment of women as equals or recognizing them as superiors in rank for any reason. And that's because the orcs and tauren saved their butts and did a lot of convincing. Even then, there are Darkspears who are reluctant or resentful at the idea.

What I'm getting at is that a female-dominated tribe (not just a female leader, that can happen in emergency situations, as seen in the Revantusk tribe, but dominated at every level) would be a pretty far stretch for a race that's known for being very set in their traditions.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
The Darkspear treat their women with some degree of respect because they have to by Thrall's verdict. There are actually other races where women have no real rights (ogres, for example) where a woman usurped leadership by killing their mate (Ogg'ora for Ogres. A less useful example would be Magatha who also got leadership of the Grimtotem through "less than ordinary" ways, where female leaders seem to be fairly uncommon as well.)

I don't really think that it is all that far out. I highly doubt they'd be all that happy about it either, but then again, Trolls aren't usually all that happy about their leadership in general. Might makes right, if you don't like the current leader, you kill them and usurp the throne. It's pretty much how most of the more savage races handle it. Ogres, the Horde, Trolls, you can challenge their right to lead, or simply take it by force.
I´m not a overly good on Troll lore so I will leave it to the Troll-lady to discuss that stuff.

But I am curious, is "Witch-doctor" what she´s called or what she is?
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Honestly most female witch-doctors are called Zufli, a deroggotory term used by males meaning "baby-witch" But recently some females have began to use the term as a badge, that they are thier own, not the males.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
You're right Brutalskar, but they're male and not actually the leader of the tribe.

And it's the position he holds in the tribe. You're most likely thinking "Ah, he didn't read the special restricted classes bit!" now, but I did. ^_~ He's a shaman alchemist, he's not a witchdoctor in the prestige class terms, but it's just what they call him. Superstition. -Nod.-
Understandable, but I have done a ton of work with trolls in the WoW D20 version and let me tell you realisticly. Think of the Maya and Aztecs but with vodoo.
They are cruel, brutal and love torture.
The trolls suffer from constant in fighting between tribes, but if they all united like before the Sundering, because at one time they were one empire. Well all the elves for one would be screwed over.

The overall point is, female leadership is minmal at best and even then, a male advisor to the female would usurp control quickly by religious and traditional backgrounds, he would take command.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
I am actually aware of that. Troll tribes in general are a violent bunch and fighting for leadership is hardly unheard of. Witch doctors generally don't manage to seize control though, while they might have the ability to claim the spirits are on their side, they generally bite the dust when it comes to actual leadership. Jindo and Malacrass are both powerful witch doctors in their own right, but neither has managed to wrestle control over their empires.

Now obviously the leader would not be a dainty little girl, she'd be just as vicious and aggressive as any male troll leader.
The leader of the Zandalar trolls is a Witch-doctor.
It is never really witch-doctors who become leaders for long-periods because they generally focus on maipulating the warlike chiefs.
One chief that is not an example of this is Zul'jin.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
The Zandalar and the Darkspear are pretty much the odd ones out, the majority of the troll tribes are ruled by vicious warriors and not the spiritual leaders. Zul'jin, Ana'thek, Gan'zulah, Mandokir, Malakk, Arctikus, Voone and Ukorz are just some of the many warrior leaders, and I don't really think any of them are 'puppets' or manipulated. That's Gul'dan and Blackhand you're thinking of I think.

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