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Ugnark (Orc, Shaman)
Player: Bodolfo
Character Full Name: Ugnark
Character In-Game Name: Ugnark
Association(s): The Horde
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman
Skills and Abilities: agile spell caster who handles the elements with ease. high thinking capabilities and easiness of understanding spiritual and astral matters.
He is not very experienced in physical combat.
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Hair: Long black ponytail and wild black beard
Eyes: black
Weight: 140kg
Height: 7'
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

He dresses in simple handmade clothes as common to a simple orc from the province.
Although looks dreadful with his long ponytail and his wild beard his eyes have a calm look as the deep sea.

His long sessions of astral communication with the spirits of the ancestors have made him a thoughtful and quiet man, who reflects well on words and one speaks when he really has something to say.
He is more attracted to the spirits of the ancestors than to the living because he feels that he can learn more from the first. So he feels rather drawn to those who have a spiritual view of life than those earthly bound simple personalities.

Ugnark was raised up in a little village in the plains of Durotar. Since he was young he impressed the elder shaman Wudhaghul of his thinking capabilities and understanding of the elements. So Wudhaghul took him as an adept to teach him to learn from the Spirits and to strengthen the tidings with the elements.
Ugnark and Wudhaghul used to enjoy sitting around a fire in Wudhaghuls ceremony tend around a fire and doing astral travel to the world of the spirits to communicate with the spirits of the ancestors. Or they just sat together and got in touch with the elements and listened to them to understand them and strengthening their bounds with them.

But then there came a time when they felt a turmoil in the elements that was growing stronger. That was just before the Cataclysm. The turmoil within the elements got so strong that the felt that they had to come together with elders from other villages to a shaman counsel to discuss the situation.
When they met the other elder shamans from the other villages in the region they agreed that all have noticed that shattering of the elements and that their spirits they where talking to did not know any counsel on what would that mean or what to do. So the counsel agreed that someone would have to travel to Orgrimmar to ask higher rank shaman for counsel.
Ugnark as being the youngest under them was chosen to do the journey and bring back their counsel and to get trained in the higher skills of shamanism by those higher elders.

So Ugnark set up for the journey to Orgimmar. Reaching there he found that the shaman elders there themselves were nervious and busy and did not have time to receive him and hear his concern.
Then one night he was disturbed by the vision of the spirits also being in upheaval and grief. They urged him to return to his village but they would not answer to his questions for what was going on. He also felt that the elements were completely disturbed and in unpredictable uproar. So very early in the morning he traveled home very worried about what he would find and if everyone from his village would be fine.
But then when he came to the place where once the quiet village has stood he only found a huge crater with burning flames on its ground. When he looked around he found Wudhaghul sitting on a stone staring into the crater. His mentor was in deep grief. As Ugnark looked at him he noticed that he was on an astral journey. So he sat at his side and connected to the world of the spirits. He found him sitting by the spirits of the ancestors. All deepened in sadness. After sitting at their side for a long time Wudhaghul spoke up at once. He told Ugnark that it was some days ago that the ancestors warned him to summon up strength as the elements were up about to get out of control. There was no time left to send for other shamans to help him in the fight to control the uproar of the elements. On the next day Wudhaghul were struggling on his own against the starting Cataclysm as he never had seen one. The ground had opened and swallowed the whole village. He was unable to do anything than only watch who the people drove into the ground and the upcoming flames and hearing their horrible screams and cries.
Coming back to the land of the living Wudhaghul told him that there is nothing to be done anymore at this place and that Ugnark could better serve his people if he would turn back to Orgrimmar to seek for deeper insight, power and domination of the elements.
Deeply impacted by the events Ugnark parted on the next day towards Orgrimmar with the strong conviction to achive higher mastering of the domination of the elements and deeper insight from the world of the spirits.
Hey there, Bodolfo!

While I love orc profiles, as they're rare and are generally way more interesting than stinky human or elf profiles, we've got a fairly major problem with his timeline.

Here's our server's timeline of events, so you can read along.

So, we're currently at year 30 in the calendar, so Ugnark would be born in year -10, which puts him 5 years before the Rise of the Horde. This would make him a Draenor Orc, so he couldn't have been born on Durotar (which would only be taken over by Orcs about thirty years later).

Instead of being from Durotar, he would have to be from one of the clans on Draenor [url=http://www.wowpedia.org/Category:Orc_clans](Here is a list of Orc clans that could be chosen). He'd be fairly young when the Rise of the Horde happens during year -5 (he'd be five years old), but that could be done. He'd be ten years old during the first war (year 0), when the dark portal is created and the orcs invade Azeroth and Stormwind for the first time, and he would be sixteen years old at the end of the second war, depending on what clan was picked for him, the orcs are defeated and caught and put in internment camps.

If he was a Frostwolf or a Warsong, he would have escaped. The Warsong remained as warriors and went throughout the mountains, performing hit-and-run attacks, whereas the Frostwolves hid and developed their shamanic ability, which might fit Uhgark. But, either way, all the orcs would be freed when Uhgark is 28 years old (year 18), and if he wasn't a Warsong or a Frostwolf he would be able to learn shamanism now as his chains were broken. Two years later, the orcs would steal a large amount of boats and set sail for Kalimdor (year 20) - this is the beginning of Warcraft 3, if that helps.

After the events of WC3, which basically solidify the Horde and most of its lore (for example, the trolls and tauren joining the Horde, taking over mulgore, durotar, the barrens, fighting the night elves, defeating Archimonde at Mt. Hyjal, etc.), Durotar would be free for the orcs to live in, which would allow Uhgark to be there at about 31 years old.

From there, the events of WoW, TBC, WoTLK and Cata would happen, which Uhgark can react to as he chooses.

I hope this wasn't too confusing. The orcs have the longest and most complicated lore of any race in WoW - even the night elves, since while they're a bajillion years old, their history only covers a fraction of all those years - so it can be a little tough to get a grip on it all.

If you need any help, please post here or PM me!
thank you for reading my story and giving it so much thought.
I never thought there would have been so less time between the different milestone of the lore.
But having lived all that would make Ugnark a complete different man.
On the other hand starting up with level 60 does require some background story
I will have to rethink the whole character ...

an important question for me is how long would it take for a character to progress from level 1 to 60?
all this age and timeline discussion starts with this question ...
If you mean the 'in character' progression from zone to zone, we don't really have adventurer characters on CotH, so it's difficult to say. I don't think the player's level in gameplay means much, especially since all characters start off at 60.

If you could go further into what you mean, I could help more, I think.
Here on CotH, we consider levels purely out-of-character. They've no bearing on how powerful your character is, nor how old, wizened, or experienced they are. They don't factor into any of that -- everyone's level 60 solely for ease of access into the world.

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