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Universal Trade Union
(Music I found fitting-ish! Big shoutout to Aethon for the amazing banners!)

Because travelling with your goods all alone, is such a dangerous task.

The Smuggler had been seated for a few hours, watching the fires dance in the stone fireplace. The fingers of her left hand wrapped around a thin glass of wine, as her right idly lay on the chair. This was the good life; No fears, no enemies and cash that slowly trickled in.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. She needed more to keep up with this lifestyle, she wanted more. The question quickly become "How?", "How will I obtain more wealth?" and after a few more hours and glasses of wine she found herself smiling over the word 'trade'. No matter how it will be established, one side will always benefit from the other. And that was exactly how she wanted it, an organization where one would always benefit no matter what.

[Image: ilikethisoutcomebro.png]

Universal Trade Union

Because everything and everyone has a price.

If you are reading this, then you the reader have stumbled upon the guild thread of the Universal Trade Union! Hereby after referenced to as U.T.U. The guild welcomes everyone that wishes to use the IC currency resource available on the server, by providing the gathering and producing of goods, as well as services on the side!

It can house (and hopefully) will house both legal and shadier merchants that need a cover to operate under, where as the goods will be as varied as possible; Striving to offer anything and everything IC-wise through GHI and TRP2 items! Everything has it's price, whether it's that beautiful amulet you've seen in the stall, or the information that will bring down a Noble house.

Money talks, or in our case; It screams to be given. To us!

Our merchants will strive to produce top quality resources, goods and services. For that, we need a clientele; This is where you may choose to come in! If you do not wish to roll a merchant of your own to sell goods, maybe you find joy in roleplaying a gatherer of sorts to give the merchants resources to work with! Or perhaps you wish to roleplay an auctioneer who sells speciality goods in (to be confirmed) upcoming events. The strength of U.T.U lies in the varied GHI and TRP2 items, as well as offering those all over the world. Literally. We plan to move around and set up shop during other player's events, as well as host events of our own to get the goods that you need and want.

Still don't want to deal in goods? That's fine, we managed to get our hands on an Assassin who can make you change your thoughts. who can take care of the people that stop you from purchasing our fine goods. How do we achieve this? Oh we certainly won't pester the people into giving you more freedom; Oh no. Say, be a dear and buy those good from us?

In short, U.T.U shall strive to provide both legal, illegal goods and services to the playerbase that are purchasable with IC money only.

The player fills up the roles, the Organisator strives to arrange interest for said role.

While I can not gaurantee that U.T.U will give your character a direct form of constant RP, I can gaurantee that I will strive to make it happen! The events you can expect from U.T.U to be held could vary from bazaars, to auctions, to gathering events, to combat events all depending on the interest! The world is unsafe, and we strive to protect our merchants but sometimes; There's just that darn pirate that boards your ship and takes the goods. We'll get our finest men on returning said cargo, intact if we can! (Or hire people that don't throw up at the sight of danger!)

[Image: duskwoodillegaltrading.png]

Neutrality, not required but definitely profitable!

I think that one speaks for itself; You do not have to be neutral! The guild extends membership to all that wish to be involved, but out on the bazaar where you sell your wares; Play your character! Meline hosts the bazaar, but she won't tell you whom to sell your goods to; In the end, it's your money that's at stake! If you raise your prices by 20 copper a piece just because the buyer is a Dwarf or Orc she won't complain! A good merchant can make a good deal, and part of the profit of that deal goes to Meline.

So you take a cut from each sale, what for?

For starters, because she hosts the event! She will throw all her organisatorial skills into the play to get that perfect spot in Ratchet on the Rocks, or to get those stalls set up just outside Booty Bay. Depending on the playerbase, she might even strive to give Stormwind it's monthly 'Market Day' or perhaps go as far as to give the whole of Azeroth a "Day of the Coin" where merchants are encouraged to give slight discounts and sell more goods!

So in short, what can we expect?

In short:
- Bazaars, and hopefully auctions offering rare goods that you can't obtain through other means.
- A whole array of GHI/TRP2 items that we will try to give as many options as possible.
- Services that hopefully, over time cover everything from Assassinations, to information gathering, to barbers and potion makers.
- Goods being sold from house decorations to weaponry, armor to edibles, crazy inventions to children toys.
- Events specific to your task within U.T.U. Gatherers will gather, merchants will sell, Providers will provide; And that all for a cost.

Pseeecheeeen, shut up already and tell me how to get involved!

Getting involved is quite easy! So easy that Meline has pre-written contracts laying ready in her desk drawer all you really need to do is contact me in-game! Look at the forums for upcoming events as well as the calendar if you do not intend to sell goods or services. If you do, give me a nudge in-game and I can set you up with a short contract meeting and send you an invite!

My full toon thread can be found -here-! and my contact details are -here!-. Heck, if you read all this and I made you cry your heart out because it's just that awesome then feel free to toss in your feedback -here!- and last but not least; U.T.U has their own subforum -here!.
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Little details not included in the main post directly:

- GHI and TRP2 items will try to represent most if not all goods sold!
- The forum version of TRP2/GHI will be used, you can find it in the download section. Be sure to have the compatible version! GHI and TRP2.
- IC Currency talks. Don't got it? Try to get a loan from someone ICly or do the daily quest!
- The guild is currently in a 'cooperation only' state to allow for the economy to spark up. Later on we will be open for competition as well! (Details to follow)
- You do not have to join per se, but I encourage it! If you are in an other guild yet wish to offer services or sell goods; We can set up an individual contract!

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