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Upgrading to Mists of Pandaria?

I know I didn't check every single post, but I glanced over a few areas where I figured this kind of topic would be and I found none.

I remember from somewhere that CotH works with Trinity WoW emulation or something like that and I decided to Google up if there are any MoP versions of it and I stumbled upon this:

Considering I don't know anything about servers, I was wondering why aren't we upgrading to MoP(an extra race and class, plus new locations)?
Would it be too much work to transfer everything over or would it be impossible to do it in the first place?
I think the general consensus is a mix of the following points.
--The current core that they have for MOP is too unstable. Imagine RPing with DCs and server crashes every five minutes. It'd be impossible.
--We're not done with all the storylines. Hyjal, Uldum and Twilight Highlands are all started and not yet finished, and a host of other areas haven't even been touched yet. There's no use rushing to MoP when there's still plenty of RP to be had with Cataclysm.
--There's no real big push for Cataclysm. Most of the server seems pretty content with Cataclysm, so we really don't need to go to MOP when we're still satisfied as is.
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We haven't even finished the Cata story yet, so there's not much of a point to actually even consider upgrading yet, even if the core works.
There's also the fact that we like to play safe and stay at least a full expansion behind Blizzard retail, just for an added precaution. WoD hasn't been released yet, so we won't even be looking at MoP until a bit after that. Besides that, what these other two said.
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  • Kenert, Kaghuros
Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying.

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