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Vacation in New Hampshire (Dec 17 - Jan 4)
I am going back home to see my family and I am taking Rigley with me. It's a bit of a long visit but necessary to keep the fare low.

We're going to put CotH on Rigley's laptop but I personally will likely stay off the site and not rp during the time.

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you all enjoy yourselves!
Merry Christmas to you too, Wuvs! I hope you and Rigley have a good time, and stay safe. :)
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I think I had this conversation before. We should be safe*, it's New Hampshire, like middle of nowhere xD

* Except there's two snowstorms going back to back so I don't know how flying/driving is going to work.
I just meant it as a sort of farewell thing. xD Considering the weather's been crazy all over - snowstorms included.

Either way!
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Heh, well thanks anyways. Hopefully the snowstorms will pass before we fly over there. QQ
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As a note we are returning on Friday this week!

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