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Valicor's Entirely Legitimate Vacation Critique
So! Since newly returning from my vacation spot, I decided to make a thread dedicated to a review of the camping place I went to.
If I camp again, I'll revisit the thread and update.

Vacation place; Knoebels!

This campground/amusement park is located approximately three hours away from my home (by car).

Upon entering this establishment, you're suddenly surrounded by HUNDREDS of people walking on foot. After you sign in at the Registration office, you go find your campground on the roads named after states. (Oklahoma Avenue, Hawaii Avenue, Canadian Provinces, etc.)

You've got a choice in camping, ranging from tent sites to cabins. Prices can be found here for said camping. Go find your site!

When you find your campsite, you've got a few basics. Picnic table, fire ring, and...a wooden deck! This campground was smart enough to incorporate wooden decks into the mix, and this is what you place your tents on. (Nails + Hammer can be obtained from the Registration office for tents.)

After setting up your tent(s), then you're off! You can either sit around and enjoy the atmosphere of the campground (which is thoroughly crowded as well), or you can begin your walk to the nearby amusement park!

When you go to this amusement park, the first thing you need to do is buy tickets in exchange for real money. The tickets are also in increments of $1, $.50, and $.25. When approaching rides, you're asked for a certain amount in tickets. ($2 in tickets for a roller coaster, etc.)

Now, the critique of the rides.
I rode several rides at this amusement park.
These rides include (videos!);
The Phoenix Roller Coaster

The StratosFear Drop Tower

The Satellite

....to name a few. Over all, I was pleased with the rides. Some were uncomfortable seating, but that's only because of such high security inside the ride itself, which is a good excuse. Some of them, such as the StratosFear, gave me a very good rush of adrenaline.

Besides these "thrill rides", the amusement park also offers "family rides", "kiddie rides", and "attractions". (Seen here)

Now, onto the food and service at the amusement park. There are many, MANY places to buy all kinds of food all over the GIANT amusement park. Some of the food that I had was good....but more over, not so much. Some of it wasn't cooked properly, or didn't give all that was promised. I had a "bison burger" that was the equivalent of a star-shaped piece of baloney.

Nearly all of the food at the amusement park was thoroughly overpriced, and that got to be a bother. (Water bottle for $3, a slice of pizza for $5.)
But the service. All of the places I visited, I was served with a smile and a very helpful attitude! As far as staffing and service is concerned, I was very pleased with Knoebels in this.

About the other shops. Along with food, drink, ice cream, and almost any other edible thing you can picture, there were also various shops around this amusement park where actual money is spent, and not ticket money. One of these shops in particular caught my eye.

It was an airbrush studio. For all whom do not know what an airbrush studio is, it is where you can go and get shirts custom made. Even more, this shop offered many different things! Spray-on tattoos, auto-plates, dog tags, key chains, shirts, hats, many things! All things in this shop were decently priced, and I did enjoy the great service I received there.

+ I also made a purchase of a dog tag. I avidly collect Monster Energy cans and attire, and I've got a pair of earrings. $11.95 wasn't a bad deal. (Warning, large picture.)
[Image: 2drvx2x.jpg]

Let's close this right up! For Knoebels Campground(/Amusement Park), I'm willing to give it an 8.5/10 stars. I had a great time in the four days I stayed there, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody curious to stay there. Great time, good rides, good service, interesting things.

But that's only my opinion. Party on!
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]

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