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(W)Rigley's Winter Writing

I'd like to have some input on some of my winter writing, which you can find here.

I'm curious of what people think of this stuff, mostly since it's coming out from my own custom setting and the like and I'm a good deal less confident when writing about that sort of stuff. But! If you have any input I'd love to hear it. Currently I have two stories going in the thread, but I'll likely be writing more as things run on. It'll probably be my main go-to thing for downtime while I'm on my vacation, after all.

So! Please, go ahead.


Anytime now.

... /nod.
Read all through and I like it.

It gives me that beginning-of-book feel that's quite exposition-centered. That's executed quite well here.

That said, not being a very patient reader, I usually rush through that part of every book, the first 20-50 pages, to the bigger plot conflict points before I decide if I'm going to read a thing to the end or not.

The setting seems nice and gritty-realistic. By my taste, I would love to see the 'chaotic scoundrel' typology executed in such a setting, since it follows (to me) that such would be generated plentyfully by such a world. Another thing I could do with more (again by my taste) is more audio/visual/smell grit. The mood and action and past-referencing do induce a feeling of quiet day-to-day tragedy. What would reinforce that further would be even more of the odd sensory detail thrown in every now and again.

To me, one of the things that makes low fantasy valuable is that the 'high' parts of a 'low fantasy world' feel all the more credible. I'm looking forward to seeing the gritty kings and petty nobles and perhaps even the religious-or-magic-ish individuals of authority.

Will be looking to see where it goes if it goes (and backfeeding as I think of things), good stuff.
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My thanks! I'll keep this all in mind as I carry on. Especially as we start heading towards more fantastical elements.

On another note, while I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the 'chaotic scoundrel', I may have another work in progress bit that would fit that rather well. I'll have to see if I can get a good narrative down for it first though.
Very nice Rigley. I especially enjoyed Tasha's interpretation of silverware and cups. I think you have done an excellent job in regards to describing Darkling culture through her interactions with her "trove" and in the way she approaches the act of journal keeping. I would caution that while you started off with a very strong sense of "show don't tell" in relation to the setting, it does seem to fade just a bit throughout the later phases of the story, keep this in mind as it is a common occurance in many writings.
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