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Oh-ho-ho, I guess it's about time I posted onna these shiny Personals threads. I have a lot of characters all dressed up but very few places to go, and as I also have a lot of "RP-Concept Orphans" on my hands I am (generally) unwilling to make new characters at the moment. This may come as a surprise to many (or a few, who knows!) but I am quite shy when it comes to asking for RP from others -- even within my own RP 'comfort zone' friend group. However, I like to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone whenever I can, so for that I'll need your help!

I don't idle as much in-game as I used to (been rather busy, so I only log in for GM duties~!) but I am readily contactable through Skype, PMs, or a response here. I also relish Skype RP :3.

The Characters + Brief Intros!

Xanthe -- My current main character. She's a blood elf hunter with two worgs -- Tyr (Big Worg) and Ruka (Young Worg) -- as well as some other fun animal friends (namely a white lion and a wooly rhino). "What's she good for? I hear she's too lovey-dovey." Quite right, Xanthe is a staunch pacifist, but she is good for Adventure RP (she loves to travel and learn new things, and prefers to be in the wilder places of the world) as well as Social RP -- she gets along with most people and she's an active employee of The Love Exchange; I would also enjoy Draenei RP as she's trying to learn all she can about the culture and the people -- she is conversational in the language. What she's not good for: Combat RP, Arena RP, Crime RP (unless crime is being done to her).

Caravan Fairwinds -- "The Most Interesting Gnome in the World". My former main character and my namesake. She'll do just about any job that pays (and some that don't), is morally ambiguous (She just does what she wants), and is now trying to figure out life as a middle-aged gnome. She is currently taking care of one or two rambunctious Orc orphans. What's she good for? Adventure RP, Crime RP, Tavern RP, Drinking Contests (though she has no limit, be warned), and General RP. What she's not good for or available for: Romance RP (forever alone), goody-goody RP (If it doesn't jive with her), Stormwind RP (After a run-in with the Stormwind kingdom, she avoids the area).

Calloway -- "Got a few screws missing." She's a non-Black Harvest Forsaken (shocking, right?) who is part of a "good works" circus that operates a Forsaken retreat (it's a Lake house!) and carnival grounds. She's very odd, refers to herself in the third person, really loves moths and insects, and is an overall sweet individual. What's she good for? Comic-relief RP, Non-serious-face Forsaken RP (it exists), Play Performance RP, Storytelling RP, Game RP (Twister, anyone? Yes, I built a board in-game. Let's do this thing!), Carnival RP, General RP. What she's not good for: "Serious >:((" RP, Combat RP, Arena RP.

Lobelia Falkenrath -- "An Iron Fist", she's my Black Harvest [Officer] Forsaken. She's also my only blatantly unfriendly character, as she was made as a challenge to myself (most of my characters are friendly and social so as to facilitate RP). I love her, though. What's she good for? Serious Forsaken RP, Combat RP, Sparring RP, Black Harvest RP, People-who-want-to-get-into-a-tussle-with-Black-Harvest RP. What she's not good for: Tavern RP, Chitter-Chatter RP, "FEEEEEELS" RP (It's not open for general people. Any feels has to be worked for with Lobelia), Romance RP (Ha. :| ).

Rewella Wrenchboot -- Gnome Steam Warrior. After Lobelia, she's my next least-social character as she usually prefers to be around machines, bombs, guns or other sorts of engineering bits of awesome rather than humanoids. She's a Gnomeregan/Alliance pride character, too, and has a delightful racist charm :|. What she's good for: Ironforge RP, Gnome RP, 'Can you please fix this for me' RP, Awkward Tavern RP, Combat RP, Pursuit-of-Knowledge RP, Trying-to-get-out-and-see-the-world RP. I swear she's funny in her own way. What she's not good for: Chitter-chatter RP without doing anything. Depending on what you're looking for, I'd have to see if she'd fit without being too awkward!

RP Orphans:

These are characters that I created either by request or for storylines/guilds that ended up dying for one reason or another. With a little bit of finagling, they could probably work well with anything you need assistance with!

Villainous Characters: I don't enjoy playing full-villains on CotH for personal reasons (will play full-villains for friends on request) but I do enjoy playing villain minions! Caravan frequently falls under the "villain minion" category but she's already been mentioned. Some of the aforementioned characters (or later mentioned) could be Villain Minions if needbe. What I like to do as a villain minion? I quite enjoy supporting the villain and giving their "power and fear" some credence -- I don't mind playing the shuffling, scared assistant or right hand (While not listed here, I have a few "shells" of characters that I can adapt to become an Assistant).

- Milo Thistle -- Gnome warlock. Happily served the felsworn Sangreala for quite some time, serving as her "safety net" and confidante. She frequently has a bored/disinterested air, but isn't wishy-washy when it comes to loyalty.

- Catalina Stiletto -- Normally known as "the Falcon" for ImagenAshyun's Red Glove, she's a master thief and assassin. She's also a sort of "faceless assassin" as she's very plain and physically unremarkable - she does not stand out in a crowd and is frequently forgotten (by those who don't know her personally). She also freewalks! *Note: I will not be removing her from Red Glove, so she won't be joining any guilds officially. I'm still quite interested in Red Glove.

- Asphodim Seregon -- Blood elf. Not actually an RP orphan at all (he's still very much in use with a personal storyline for Sadron's Thalion Novalight), he's my only 'true villain' character who isn't a minion or support. Need someone toyed with and broken down? It's his recreational activity. Need a wicked drinking companion to exchange snide remarks with? Asphodim!

The Not-Villainous and the Good.

- Charity Goodwin -- Human Priestess of Northshire Abbey. She was created as an event character, but she developed a bit of personality as well. She enjoys fine wine (tasting ALL THE WINE!), reading, manual labor, and doing good works. Not available for villainy, possibly not available for corruption.

- Hadassah -- Shy, old, and semi-feral Night Elf Hunter. She has a fun and frequently-comic-relief bear, Zhirayr. I'm a little shy about Night Elf RP, and Hadassah does best in the wild Night Elf territories -- it would be very rare to find her in a city or town unless she was there with a (somehow made) friend.

- Lieutenant-Commander Beliria Ironraven -- Lieutenant-Commander among the Sentinels (Night Elf, clearly), she is mostly an Event Character. However, she would be good, I suppose, for combat RP within Ashenvale, where she is currently stationed. She is not good for tavern RP as she is not a social nor casual character.

- Ashaila Ma'Lid -- Human Priest, former Scarlet Crusader [Inquisitor]. She's an obsessed a highly-devoted Light follower and was originally made to be a villain. However, when that became a huge trend, I toned her down. She's usually seen in the presence of Orthander, but I can play her on her own. She's usually looking down upon others with righteous condemnation or writing/preaching sermons, but it wouldn't be a huge stretch to put her in some sort of combat situation.

- Bijir -- The local friendly ukulele-playing fishertroll. She's currently pregnant, I think, and is the mate to Mokaku (HAWK WHERE DID YOU GO, BROTHAAA??) and she's usually for casual RP. I didn't explore her much with other trolls or other Hordelings.

I have other assorted humans, gnomes, draenei (I have three: Uri and Bihotz (a married couple) and Gaude (an unplayed vindicator), tauren etc. What I do not have is an Orc and as such, it would be the only new character I'd be willing to create if someone wanted to help me figure out Orc RP.

For the Dragonsworn players: I am open for dragon RP, Flight-centered quest RP, etc. Please bring me your ideas, I would love to discuss them and see what we can do. Hug

If you don't want to RP with me but require my assistance as a GM: Send me a PM or contact me on Skype. Send me your ideas, let's see what we can do to make it happen!

Thanks for reading, best wishes, and have a nice day!
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Your main character and Bhaal would have a great time RPing! I look forward to it! Crazy
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  • Caravan
We could work out or plan something through Skype, my user is jack.noble85, I don't have much more energy or time to specify who would be a compatible character with whom, but yeah.
Hand me some feedback!
Quote:I don’t want you to protest,
I don’t want you to riot,
I don’t want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to write.
I don’t know what to do about the depression and
the inflation and the crime in the Streets.
All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.

You’ve got to say:
I’m a Human being God damn it !
It'd be interesting to RP with Ashaila again with the new version of Cassius I've established.
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Quote: - Milo Thistle


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I'm always down for some RP with Cristovao and Xanthe, or Gantrithor and Xanthe.

Also, Hrodebert and Caravan. They gotta reunite and go on swashbuckling shenanigans.

I also owe you a certain event with Lobelia (you know the one), and would like more RP with Charity as well.

Ashalia also interests me, and if I ever get off my ass and get into NE RP, I'd be interested in yours.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
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Tun'kar and Remyl both miss Caravan. Jonoth would probably like to meet her too. And Dunkhaan and Xanthe would prolly be interesting, as he generally distrusts BElves but more formal interaction could help since they've already met.
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We never get to rp together and I think we should fix that. :P I'm always up for helping people get into the swing of Orc rp since it is my favorite. Apart from that, I have a Priestess named Liselle who might end up getting into some fun shenanigans with Charity.

Maybe I'll make a Night Elf again. It's been a while. o_o;
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(04-07-2013, 08:43 AM)Jonoth Wrote: Tun'kar and Remyl both miss Caravan. Jonoth would probably like to meet her too. And Dunkhaan and Xanthe would prolly be interesting, as he generally distrusts BElves but more formal interaction could help since they've already met.




Happy Adventure Funtimes :|

Also Gantrithor and Dunkhaan should both hang out with Xanthe. All the manly goat RP!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
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I'm liking where all of this is going! I've been in and out of my house all day, so I've been unable to respond to some of you, but I am sending out little PMs/Skype IMs ASAP to start setting stuff up!

Thanks so far, all! Hug
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Xanthe should meet Clupeus if she should ever choose to be in Silvermoon City. Clupeus is an arcane golem who is immensely concerned with how happy everyone in Silvermoon is.
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Xanthe is very, very infrequently in Silvermoon what with her controversial marriage and disownment by her family, but I can find a reason for her to be there so such a meet-up can occur! I imagine an arcane golem would be just the creature she'd enjoy speaking with. :)
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