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*Walks In Through The Door* Oh.. Hey There..
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Hey there, My Names Dan.. I'm Seventeen years old.. I come from Stevenage in the U.K, I've left school and currently taking a plumbing course at NHC (Lovely...)
I'm A Fun RP'er I'm looking for new experiances in RP.. Most terms of "heavy" RP now days, Is used badly, Because from normal servers, It isn't heavy RP..
Me:"Oh hey.. I'm new round here.. Do you know anywhere to meet new people?"
"heavy rper": "Lol.. U new? try goin 2 the pig in the SW"

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
England, English :3
How did you get into Warcraft?:
Well.. Years ago i went round my friends house, and he was playing World Of Warcraft.. Just by looking at it, I knew this was a game i must play, I got the game a couple of months afterwards, No i didn't start RPing right away, I was a noob, But hey we've all had that momment, I saw Rp'ers around Goldshire.. Trust me back, then it was brilliant Roleplay like now, And that got me into RPing and i've been doing that for a couple of years now.

What made you seek our server over others?:
Well, Servers i've used before are rather dying out, Not many RP ones left or one with players, This one was suggested by a friend, So i think they've made the right choice in doing so, And i think i have done aswell..

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I've lived my share of all types of RP, From tavern RP to fighting, to criminal etc. All types of RP are fine by my standards, It's just best for abit of mix and match.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
I Don't really think i have a favourite, I've played Humans and blood elfs.. They're both fine by me in all honesty, But its just the way people look at them in RP and how well built out they are with Lore.

What are your expectations of this server?:
I'm hoping to have a good time here, With great Rp'ers.. One such as myself *Grin* Its just time for a change..

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
I like the idea, Of banning on OOC subjects being turnt into IC subjects aswell as its played out, For example.. Rape not a very nice subject, IC or OOC

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
It was the average night in South Newhaven, The only difference being the man in leather, chased by a smaller man in leather, chased by a city guard shouting “ELRICS! GET BACK HERE!” It'd save some time if they just stopped and handed themselves over, Instead they kept running, Leo, the shortest (and well known for it) was a lot slower due to this, One guard actually catching him only to be stopped and brutally murdered by Atraiu, (the tallest and most mature, Maturity being a natural requirement for an Assassin). After this, They managed to elude the Guards by vanishing into a back alley. “You didn't have to kill him!” shouted Leo “Stop whining, You're like a baby!” shouted Atraiu, grinning under his mask. “I'll show you baby!” Leo yelled, quickly sprinting into Atraiu.

The two then proceeded to fall about thirty feet off of a ledge, landing with a loud ‘Thud!' on something soft. After a couple of seconds, Atraiu got up, offering a hand to Leo. The soft object quickly grabbed it and they soon found that the soft object was in fact a Dwarf, One drunk enough that if you put a match to him, he would light him up like a burning Christmas tree. “Ehh…Is ‘e alright?” said the dwarf, shaking the top of a beer bottle, the base smashed on the floor from the impact. “Me beers gone!” he shouted, as Leo slowly pushed himself up with a groan, slipping on the beer coating the cobbled ground. “Actiually, the bottle smashed in half and the content of the bottle is on my armor.” said Atraiu, peering at the dwarf. “…Me beers gone!” he shouted, as Atraiu helped Leo up.

“Who's the short guy?” he said, peering at Atraiu. “You or the dwarf?” laughed Atraiu. “The dw- ...Oi!” Leo said, whilst being dropped due to Atraiu dodging the punch. A splash could be heard as he hit the beer soaked ground. “Sorry about hitting, you... Eh…” apologized Atraiu. “So. Who're ye two?” asked the Dwarf, trying to drink from the smashed bottle. “I'm Atraiu Elric, and this is my brother, Leo.” said Atraiu, “Me names Borrador, Ye can call me... Eh... Borrador.” nodded the Dwarf. “Right. Sorry for falling on you, Dwarf.” said Leo, quickly gathering his lost effects from the floor as the Borrador picked up a small bottle of liquid used to make the drinker sleep (Commonly used by Assassins, whom would use it as a way to simplify kills, usually by putting it in the targets drink. Drinking a whole vial had the likelihood of keeping a person down for a minimum of eight hours.) And downed the lot. “This ‘ere's some… Strong...Thing…Ugh... bugger.” he groaned, before passing out with a loud thudish splash as he hit the ground. “…Should we help him?” said Atraiu, looking at Leo. “Well, We did loose the guards…” he replied. “I suppose. And we did land on him.” said Atraiu. “Alright, Lets get him a room then.” And so they did. It cost three copper coins and was about the cheapest room they could find in the town. Assassins are not known for their generosity. In fact, an assassins most generous act is mostly a quick death. And even that is only reserved for friends. After a nights of rest, two rogues and a soft object carrying a lot of beer were leaving the town, headed to the capital city of the continent of Ghandia, Westlight. A city built of wood and stone, as with most at the time. The city was well known for its smell, especially on a market day, when the smell of Meat, Fruit, Urine (From the leather stalls), Smoke and melting copper perverted the air.
The journey to the city had been dull for Atraiu, listening to Borrador's drunken tales of fighting, mining, drinking, fighting over drinking, drinking over fights, and mining to buy more beer with which to fight about. Atraiu was not a fan of stories; In fact he hated most of them, especially those told by short drunks. He had had much experience of these from Leo whilst he was growing up. Leo was a heavy drinker whilst depressed, an issue for a man who goes through a girl friend a week. In fact, even he couldn't count the amount of times he had been injured via drinking incidents. He was also well known for mood swings. A good word to describe him would be “Psychotic”, However in these times psychotic was more used as a term for the village idiot (Not to say that Leo isn't a village idiot.), A term he disliked. Being a height-impaired psychotic assassin may sound odd. It really is, As he is the only one known. Most assassins are well mannered gentlemen who enjoy fine dining and heroic swordfights. These ones tend to die. The smarter, lesser known assassins carry guns. This is what Atraiu and Leo come under. Assassins without guns have a high chance of being heard and, most commonly, killed. I best digress here as discussing the characters for the next several pages would be fairly dull. In short, They were raised in the capital, and decided to train to become assassins after Leo blew up the mage's guild with a misfired fireball spell. They then became well known as good assassins before Leo became a heavy drinker for a while and they became known as common assassins and eventually thieves after Leo stole from a tavern, and Atraiu from a black smith. They are now wanted by most small towns, luckily the capital is more or less lawless. Criminals are, however, killed by other criminals for their wrong doing. And this brings us in full circle back to our main story. After arriving, they were soon approached by two mercenaries. Cohen and his companion Seth were well known mercenaries, both carried rifles along with pistols, daggers, swords, poisons and other weapons. “Look what we ‘ave here, Seth. The two Elrics come to steal more beer?” grinned Cohen, adjusting his knuckle-spiked gloves. “What do you think you two are doing?” said Seth, peering at the two, before noticing the dwarf throwing up on his shins. Although not advised, Dwarf punting is a fun sport. However, Borrador decided he didn't agree as he flew into a hay bale across the street. Stabbing could be classed as a sport, as it caused pain and usually if done enough improved ones finesse and agility. Along with muscle structure.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Nothing that i know of thanks, I'll just try my best ^_^

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