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What happens when...
...A couple of Elves get bored OOC?

First, they try their hand at vanquishing Lakeshire. They fail horribly.
Next, they follow the path to the Burning Steppes and prove just how much better than "Hahk'Zor" they are.
Finally, they were joined by another Elfie, (Keldamir), and they basically ran around Desolace killing stuff. Fun!

( Now, you may ask, what's the point? Fun, my good sir or madame, fun. Galorath, Keldamir and I basically did nothing for a few hours and had a blast. Have a few screenshots! )

Galorath and I in Lakeshire. Shadowstep and Slow Fall allowed us onto a roof!
Us again, looking down on some silly Blackrock Orcs. /Flex?
...Erm, /plead?
Let it be known that Galorath and Aeonar have more hahk'z than Hahk'Zor.
...They can also swim in lava. /roar.
And finally, Keldamir, Galorath, and Aeonar enjoying a peaceful moment with their faces in a demon portal in Desolace.

...Yeah, we were bored.
Good times. Even though I was only there for the last one. LOL

I look like the floating cat head from Alice in Wonderland.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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